Condiment Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Condiments | Price Points | Epicurious

Condiment Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Condiments | Price Points | Epicurious

In this episode of ‘Price Points’, Epicurious challenges condiment expert Scott Norton of Sir Kensington’s to guess which one of two condiments is more expensive. Scott breaks down ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, ranch and BBQ sauce before making his guesses!

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Condiment Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Condiments | Price Points | Epicurious

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77 Responses

  1. Cory Newsom says:

    Can never get enough of these. Keep em coming!

  2. Sativum Coalho says:

    Nice, but come on, give us an expert in olive oil already!
    Maybe Gordon, but very unlikely.

  3. Mark Mallecoccio says:

    This is fun, but is it Daniel Whittington tasting whisk(e)y? No, no it isn’t.

  4. Srionti Maitra says:

    Love this, as ever – especially since condiments are daily-use items (or close) that make so much of a difference to pretty much any processed food or sandwich. Could we please have an episode on tea next? You’ve kept us waiting t-oolong. Pretty please, teas?

    • Srionti Maitra says:

      +pipesmokingtom PST do you too feel pu’er-er for the lack of a tea video my friend

    • Leov says:

      Omfg a tea one would be awesome, especially if they used a variety of loose leaf vs bags. Maybe throw an iced tea or instant powdered tea in there too

    • Srionti Maitra says:

      +Leov Agreed! I’m from West Bengal, the state in India where many of the various Darjeeling tea varieties are grown. We’re also Assam’s neighbours, so we reap the benefits of their tea cultivation as well! ^_^ We tend to drink exclusively loose leaf back home in India, but I’ve been living abroad and it’s a lot more cheap and convenient to use bags here. They always lose their fragrance in transit, so I’d love tips (hehe tips get it like tea I’m sorry) on how to choose tea bag teas that keep their fragrance. I cannot count the number of times I have made awful tea puns on this channel asking for a tea episode ahahaha – hopefully this pekoes their interest.

    • Elizabeth Larson says:

      That’s a truly beautiful pun

    • Srionti Maitra says:

      +Elizabeth Larson Thank you random citizen <3

  5. tonniterska says:

    What series of paths do you need to choose in your life in order to become a ‘condiment expert’?

  6. Sarah da Estrela says:

    Never thought I’d voluntarily spend time hearing somebody talking about the sheen and glossiness of ketchup lol

  7. SweetMeatball 95 says:

    I love his ways of speaking about condiments

  8. Sarah da Estrela says:

    I never thought I’d ever learn about my emotional connection to ketchup, either.

    • Goddess Ahh says:

      Me either but he was right! I even had a flash back of me excitedly reading for the ketchup bottle for the first time to put on my hotdog… it was also the moment I realized I hated ketchup on my hotdogs.

    • creativmindplay says:

      what, pray say, did you think about instead? we’re dying to know.

    • DioneN says:

      Goddess Ahh mustard belongs on hot dogs not ketchup I agree. I’ve know this since I was a child too.

  9. Raka Rachmanda Putra says:

    Tea expert / tea product expert please…

    • MrAranton says:

      +Robert Coffey I was joking about literal crap (as in the stuff that comes out the butts of animals and people) that I hope and think are not in tea. “To verb-of-your-choice the crap out of something” is a weird expression that’s spilling over into contexts in which I find it’s use slightly disturbing.

    • PotatoTomato T-T says:

      Raka Rachmanda Putra

    • Najib Rahman says:

      Tea is flavourless and just for caffeine unless it’s chai.

    • Varun Chhibber says:

      It is coming in saw the board for it in the artists Instagram

    • Kathleen 168 says:

      Does anyone know of a good shop in Southern California that sells exotic teas?

  10. Ranson Rivera says:

    I liked when you guys posted a bit about the experts in the ‘about’ section of the video. Much like how the Spice Expert and the Meat Expert both own their own shops, etc…

  11. Culinary Frank's Food Channel says:

    Guys, I need suggestions for Christmas condiments ??

  12. Marcus Williams says:

    Ill never look at my condiments the same again

  13. ratha bun says:

    this guy KNOWS his stuff, these experts amaze me every time

    • sgt kumpel says:

      I guess he meant “almost 9 times *more* expensive”

    • hacklex974 says:

      This is prepared to a point you can’t even imagine.
      Youtube channels like this one don’t do unscripted, and the amount of knowledge that you’re getting from it is not off the top of his head.
      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that he doesn’t know his s**t, i’m just saying that he knew what kind of s**t he would have to bring up to amaze you

    • Chris Dimas says:

      Ben Worthel exactly

    • Lbolting005 says:

      ratha bun it’s fake & scripted, like WWE. It’s not reality, or even actuality, but is actually fake, gay, and scripted just to make a video. They just read from the script and pretend to know what they are talking about.

    • Don Ziolkowski says:

      +hacklex974 I really don’t think your right. They might get told in general some things. But this guy owns a business that deals exclusively in making condiments (sir kensingtons) and he’s one of the founders who created it in 2010. Which basically means this guy has dedicated the last decade of his life to doing exactly what this show is.

      I assure you when they went to make a ketchup he spent tons of time taste testing ketchup to decide what made a great ketchup and since he literally runs the business, he’s acutely aware of what it costs to make things like ketchup and mustard and mayo.

      He spoke confidently on the price of mustard seeds, not because they told him info but because he’s a man who shops for and purchases mustard seeds as a routine business expense.

      He spoke about exactly what the ketchup needed he said “doesn’t have enough salt doesn’t have enough… etc” which he said because he’s a man who makes it.

      I don’t think it’s scripted, I think he just knows this stuff in the same way that a math person could easily JUST KNOW pi to like the 20th digit.

  14. Efe Açıkgöz says:

    Who do all these experts have such great voices?

    • Tycho Wozniaki says:

      Because most of them are leading huge businesses and to make it big you have to get people to support you which is easier with such a pleasant voice.
      That would be my guess at least.

  15. GhostRid3r says:

    Watching a guy eat ketchup at 2am. Worth it.

  16. R. says:

    After watching these videos, I walk around feeling like a god. I have all the expert knowledge on condiments, knives, bacon, ice cream, and more. Now, I just need to find a way to put these skills on my résumé.

    • Robert Coffey says:

      If you think you understand knives then you have much still to learn. I am kidding, a bit. There is a lot of minutiae in the proper manufacturing and care of knives, from the choice of steel(s), handle shape and material, inclusion or exclusion of an integrated bolster, whether or not to have a plunge grind with a blunted heel, the specific characteristics of the primary grind, the angle of the secondary and/or tertiary grinds, the fineness of the final polish on the edge, the overall shape and balance of the blade, etc. There is a lot to consider regarding any one knife.

    • Tycho Wozniaki says:

      +Robert Coffey Well I know that a knife is generally not kept sticking out of the victims midsection, so there’s that

    • creativmindplay says:

      or, alternatively, not.

  17. Ben McInnes says:

    You need to get a whiskey expert on

  18. LovelyDumplings~ says:

    “Pardon me for double dipping” you’re the only one eating it you’re fine

  19. Ryan Ristau says:

    That was the nicest way of saying the expensive ketchup was a waste of money

  20. zatstar says:

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…… and nowhere is that more true than ketchup”
    2018 Quote of the year

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