Condom Challenge – The Slow Mo Guys

Condom Challenge – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan have witnessed many on the internet doing the condom challenge. But never has it been so slow…
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Filmed at 1000fps with Phantom Flex 4K
Condom Challenge – The Slow Mo Guys

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20 Responses

  1. jt gunner says:

    I fkin love u guys!!!!!

  2. MrSuperUrahara says:

    4:40 Dan’s O-face!

  3. Korvox says:

    Epic hahahhaa

  4. Rasa Produções says:

    Cum in slow motion!!! NOW !!!!!

  5. Nathan Stevenson says:

    The real question is if you can put it on your dick with this method

  6. utuubee says:

    that guy is excited because he finally gets to use a condom

  7. Zak Saeed says:

    “Not on YouTube that’s filthy”
    Where else then????

  8. thatguyyousawinasda says:

    We need more footage of Dan’s body parts being sealed inside of large latex
    sacks of water.

  9. axon589 says:

    5 seconds into Netflix and chill and she gives you this look 3:05

  10. Aaron Kennedy says:

    The last time I came this early I realised this is a video about condoms

  11. vadamask says:

    Русские есть?

  12. TheSailingTrombonist says:

    Watching your gradual change in facial expressions as things develop,
    especially when it’s something you don’t expect, is equally entertaining.

  13. poisoncuisine says:

    this is probably the most unflattering video of Dan ever. poor guy.

  14. Tonelius says:

    His face. PRICELESS!!

  15. Remy Robards says:

    Awesome beard Gavin

  16. Fusion1013 says:

    What have you done to youre face?!?

  17. Subject KGB says:

    That “boing” noise at 3:07 was perfect!!

  18. Dani roldan says:

    His face was so funny ?????

  19. Kane Mr duckling says:

    Next time make Gav get the dare !!!

  20. A S T Y L E R E E L by Shannon Kylí says: