Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Confederate symbols are still celebrated despite the ugly history they symbolize. John Oliver suggests some representations of southern pride that involve less racism and more Stephen Colbert.

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20 Responses

  1. patrick johnson says:

    What about people burning the Lincoln statue

  2. Humzah Hassan says:

    Putting up a confederate statue is worse than putting up a statue of osama bin laden

  3. Artorias Abysswalker says:

    i think they should take them down and preserve them in museums for historic representation. I don’t promote anything like southern independence. I just think history should be in context

  4. William Denison says:

    Whites are, justifiably, forced to face the fact that their ancestors might have done bad things. Will blacks ever be forced to face the fact that the slave trade was heavily aided and abetted by Africans who would literally sell each other to white slavers? Many slaves were prisoners of war from tribal conflicts who were subsequently sold to whites. One west African village was even known for selling all of it’s ugly women.

    I fully support people understanding and accepting the universal potential for evil among human beings. Everyone has evil in their family if you go far back enough. I’m ok with human guilt; I’m not ok with “white guilt” which targets ONE race as the main offenders of history.

  5. TheRealDanBond says:

    Actually though, make those first two at 19:35 statues. I researched them a bit and they’re really awesome.

  6. StevenM801 says:

    being pretty much an hour from dollywood.. its pretty lame

  7. Steve Brisendine says:

    Okay, but those trees were tripping me out, man.

  8. Rabano Doom says:

    10:30 Anderson cooper is a fucking gem, oh my god

  9. Meagan Dickey says:

    How do I get the gator statue?? I would love to put this in the place of the confederate statue the city of Gainesville removed recently.

  10. Jasmine Buckner says:

    It’s the NATIONAL ANTHEM you know like Nation so if your nationality of ppl aren’t being represented or protected by these rights why should you stand the history behind why we do what we do is more relevant today then it’s ever been KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

  11. agentd36 says:

    Is England tearing down statues from their past? Anyone idolized over there that treated the Irish like 2nd class citizens

  12. Da Cashman says:

    Decent episode but you never addressed the real problem. Slavery was the only time the South was prosperous. It was the only time Southerners were not a lower caste. So of course white Southerners want to commemorate that time period. Until elitist Northerners stop condescending and start reconstructing like they were supposed to after the Civil War, talking down confederate monuments is saying that Southerners do not deserve to be happy. And that’s fucking unacceptable.

  13. Ben Albeyta says:

    I understand the desire to forget about the wrongs of your family in the past; I’ve never seen the appeal in that, I’m directly related to Robert E Lee as well as many other large southern plantation owners and people who fought for the confederacy in the civil war, and I hate everything they stood for. But that doesn’t mean that I shy away from acknowledging that history, or that I idolize that part of my family heritage even though I know many other members of my family that choose to do either of those two things. Because if I did I would be allowing the opportunity for the wrongs of history to repeat themselves.

  14. Nietzsche's Moustache says:

    What if we keep the statues, but only if their heads are removed? Like, we make it a law.

  15. MomsBiscuits says:

    In st.louis there are giant billboards visible from the highway. One saying how evolution is fake And another on that says to stop putting faith in hospitals and start putting faith in god because “only god cures cancer” Can we please take those down too?

  16. Arthur Tripp says:

    Lincoln who was a genius knew that he needed to start the war to keep the union together, made sure union troops would not leave fort Sumter so the confederacy would have no choice but to fire on them. His goal before the war wasn’t to free the slaves it was to stop the expansion of slavery. Freeing the slaves became a goal later on the cripple the confederacy. It’s too bad he was killed because the reconstruction period was ruled by southern democrats and that’s why nothing got done and somewhat why we still have the problems we have today.

  17. Sean Jesky says:

    This show has such a huge budget, I think that last statue was Narendra Modi, as a hologram, as Stephen Colbert

  18. BlackKnight03 says:

    I find it ironic whenever someone claims the slippery slope of, ‘First it’s Robert E Lee, will they take down statues of George Washington next?’ Of course not, why? Because George Washington considered himself an American before a Virginian. When given the same choice, Lee considered himself a Virginian before an American and then took up arms against it.

    Take a guess at who should be honored by America.

  19. Trash King the Mighty Ruler of Garbage Town says:

    They can’t even actually use “my family was too poor to own slaves” because people who couldn’t afford to BUY them, RENTED them…

  20. Kvng Zero says:

    “When history is forgotten we are doomed to repeat it”

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