Confessions of Fast Food Employees

Confessions of Fast Food Employees

🍔Still love fast food but hoping more businesses put their food lines in a position where customers can watch their food being made. Might give those of us who want to eat more fast food (but don’t) peace of mind.

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69 Responses

  1. Angel0921 says:

    Swoozie:*About to give homeless man food*
    Homeless man:*Goes over to get it*
    Swoozie:*Drives away*
    Homeless man:”What a douchebag*
    Swoozie:”My goals are beyond your understanding”

  2. Aka Alyssa says:

    It makes me so mad people actually do stuff like this

  3. It’s Latasha says:

    Stories like this makes me think they should give psych exams to people who work in fast food. Something has to be wrong with you if you think it is okay to mess with someone’s food.

    • Effie says:

      Okay, I worked 10 years in hospitality, (food industry specifically) It’s not about whether they’re crazy or not.
      Try to work 10hr + shifts, become doormat for customers as well as crappy managment for minimum pay possible and as little perks as there is possible.
      Work on 20 minutes breaks, no staff room, on your feet all day, saying same thing on the loop, in a horrid uniform made of some sort of plastic waste surely.. surrounded by people who think less of you because, damn.. you messed up somewhere (or it’s a part of your journey to something bigger and better) and you happen to be on the other side of the counter and the entire evil in the world has been caused by you. YOU and noone else. Its ALL your fault.

      Go try.
      Try not to spit in burgers. Or whatever.. piss in fanta.
      Trust me when I say this, some individuals deserve it.

      Job in retail is quite literally modern slavery, so why dont you go and try it out for yourself, hm?
      Then please, preach about psych exams for those who somehow got stuck in the system that turns them into human punch bags.
      Who needs exams to check their heads is those who approve minimum pay.
      (2 millions people in UK are on minimum wage, statistic for 2019.
      In London price for a room a mnth is 600£.
      Minimum wage is 8.21. Should I do the math for you?)

      Oh, please now tell me they dont have to do it.
      They dont want to do it. Noone wants to do it. Ever.
      But sure, for some reason life made them do it. I worked with people who had PhDs, all sorts of degrees, some wonderful people..
      And I’ve seen them all get abused for no reason what so ever. Again, and again… and again.
      Because it’s okay.

      I would say theres as much wrong with abusive customer as there is with misbehaving fast food staff.
      Uniform dehumanise only on the outside, inside we are just a human. We react like one too, you know?
      And we will mess with your food if you treat us like piece of s$#t.

      Behaviour breeds behaviour.

    • Kianna Hill says:

      It’s Latasha naw fam i will easily spit in every persons food that’s nasty af and i know some of these people be nasty cause my mom is the nastiest LMAO

    • mmyoungg says:

      @Effie stfu 😊

    • It’s Latasha says:

      Effie I’ve worked in both retail and fast food. I’ve had customers, employers, and coworkers I didn’t care for. I never wanted to spit in someone’s food nor face.
      I said what I said. If YOU think it is okay to spit in someone’s food, YOU are a gross and disgusting person. And you shouldn’t work in a field that you obviously can’t handle.
      And that’s a you personally AND a general you.

    • Antonio M says:

      @Effie You don’t know your customers, who they are, or what they’ve been through. They might be exactly in your position for all you know. So if you wouldn’t want it done to yourself, don’t do it to others.

  4. Kiki03000 version 2.0 says:

    *Finds out that Swooz ALSO lives in Orlando AND has West Indian blood like me:*
    (Surprised Pikachu meme –> YEEEE!) Also, YAY, a new vid! Yay, I’m early!!

  5. Honey XOXO says:

    If somebody in drive thru is being rude I just give them less napkins

  6. Shadow Kissed says:

    We all need to remember even though fast food is considered “essential” during this pandemic it doesn’t mean the employees do not have feelings. We all are scared in one way or another. Be kind and thank a essential worker. My husband and I had to go through a drive thru the other day. When we thanked the drive thru worker she started to cry. Not only is the stress of working during this pandemic on her shoulders but at least 4 or 5 different cars before us were impatient and rude to her. One of the customers went as far as throwing the food in the bag at her face because the order that was given to them was meant for the car behind them. We do not know what anyone else is going thru even if the situation seems to be similar it isnt. Please keep that in mind and be respectful and kind to those who are having to work to make sure that you and your family has the essentials you need.

    • Aingeal Jackson says:

      I am so glad I left fast food, I work retail now and have had a few people come into the store I work at and pick fights with other people over the stupidest shit. I’m a small 5’4 scrawny nerd who hasn’t touched a weight or done a push up since high school I’m not built nor paid enough to break up a physical fight between grown ass adults 9/10 men in their 30’s-50’s…

    • ZhinZhaw Gourneau says:

      You spit in my food im calling the cops AND suing you, the manager and the company. Some dude just got charged with bio terrorism because of that petty mindset.

    • Shadow Kissed says:

      @ZhinZhaw Gourneau who said they are going to spit in your food?

    • Tabor1721 says:

      I feel that I work at hyve Chinese and in my town we’re the only Chinese’s place open, and we only 4 employees there the rest cook I’m the only one that serves so I have to deal with 8 people wanting the same thing at a time and it takes almost 10 minutes too so there order, also the cooks leave at 8 and I have to close by myself so I work till 10-10:30 and we close at 8, so yea I feel that, when I get people that are assholes I just make them look very dum, like one guy got mad because we ran out of bowls and lids and he said y are you out of everything, and I said because we get a lot of orders and the supply truck isn’t here yet.
      Edit: sorry about rant I’m still butt hurt from how shit work was last night

    • Kiki Bridges says:

      On the other side of that coin is, fast food workers please stop being jerks to customers that are polite just because a couple other customers were rude to you. And, there is never an excuse to do something disgusting to anyone’s food no matter how crappy a day you are having.

  7. Gandalf Odinson says:

    The “Ronald’s” I used to work at would never allow that type of behavior, the worst you would get would really old or really sloppy food for being rude, but we would never sabotage it, I thought about it only to once to this asshole dude, but I didn’t, because I’m better than that, the one your friend worked at was probably so bad because it was at a mall in a big city, at least that’d be my guess…

  8. ImYouButDifferent says:

    Good thing everyone at my “Ronalds” are actually the nicest people in the world

  9. RNA AK says:

    Swoozie: were gonna call this Ronald’s. Me: riding pass McDonald’s

  10. Merry Marauder says:

    sWooZie: *Loves food*

    Me: How is this man’s not fat

  11. jaysolo says:

    That homeless guy was Jesus and you had one shot 😂

  12. Flo Dez says:

    I used to work in fast food and I can honestly say I’ve never done anything like this, like I’ve never messed with someone’s food, I’ve never seen any of my coworkers do it ether…the worst we did was talk shit about the person after they left. It’s still rude but it’s not as gross as getting someone sick.

    • ViciousKisses says:


    • PC Gamer DttV says:

      @rare yes not spitting in someone’s food is the most basic standard of human decency. Also don’t make excuses like ” I’m young “. I’m 17 and ik better than to spit in someone’s food. U disgusting piece of shit

    • rare says:

      @PC Gamer DttV yo chill u act like im poisoning them i would only just take the meat out and give em the bun lmao and im 14

    • Brianna Sebree says:

      Flo Dez the worst I’ve done is too flat out refuse service to a rude customer 🤷🏾‍♀️ if you’re gonna be rude and disrespectful I don’t have to serve😂 either get somebody else or GO SOMEWHERE ELSE

    • BPD World says:

      You are a good one! 💜💜💜🤗

  13. Mewnii says:

    “Ooh gurl i finna get fired today i swurr ta gooor”


  14. SpeedHomeAttack says:

    Imagine poisoning someone all because they were mean to you, and then being proud that you did it.

    Anyone who does that deserves to get punched in the face by Dwayne Johnson wearing brass knuckles.

    I worked in retail and fast food having to deal with many rude customers, so dont try me with the “You wouldn’t understand” crap.

    • Gordon Roehrig says:

      SpeedHomeAttack they need get hunted down (last blood) Rambo

    • DeciNarx N/A says:

      See, your failure was that you didn’t qualify HOW mean. There’s a limit, and if you do something mean enough to show you are without a doubt a piece of shit douchebag, then you deserve poison. But by your logic, someone could come to the window, and spit in your face for fun, and not deserve to be poisoned.

      My point is to always have perspective, and not let your self-righteousness cloud your judgement 🙂

  15. Xeniqsシ says:

    “negative zero” that is a mathematical impossiblility

  16. just_ yas says:

    “Pierre Want Me!”
    “Ooh, girl Pierre?”
    “Yes, girl, yes Pi-ERRE”
    “He cuter than a mug, I SWEALAGAWD!”


  17. Monkey D. Zoro says:

    *Had a best friend who worked at McDonald’s, told me his coworker spit terribly in someone sprite🤦🏾‍♂️ *My Boy was able to switch out the sprite with a new one but she also spit on the McDouble that he couldn’t switch…* NEVER HAD A MCCHICKEN AGAIN!!!!

  18. KoolAidKid says:

    I literally work at a McDonald’s in California and no matter how rude ANYONE Is, I would NEVER do anything to mess with their food, and neither has anyone that works with me. Idk what kind of immature people swoozie was friends with but I’m hoping people don’t start thinking all fast food restaurants are like that.

  19. Maple-boy 1641 says:

    Hey Swoozie (or anyone who reads my comment, thx for taking the time… it’s a long one and sorry for the rambling if I do) Big fan I just wanted to say first, I love your videos and I love your stories… I got some of my friends hooked as well. I love each and everyone of your vids and I get a good laugh. But this one hit different. (Not in a bad way I still liked it a lot) my point is that what you said about trust and how it’s hard to get it back, that hits hard for me. Rn I’m a dude in gr11 that is know by everyone as (and I hope people see me this way) the nice kid, the guy that’s reliable, the dude that wants the best for everyone. Because that’s the truth, I wish no bad on anyone without reason. But I’ve had my trust in girls practically destroyed. I have mostly all guy friends except for 2 goddesses who I’ve know for a long time and i love each of them like family. Both know about my trust issues with girls and don’t give me reason to not trust them. I should probably explain. When I was in elementary school and still to this day, I’m a bigger guy, but I didn’t let this define me. I worked my ass of to build a reputation to be nice and i still do my best to uphold it to this day. But i wish no bad upon them and i don’t want to hurt them… but the girls in my grade… right up till I went to high school…they saw me not as someone who’s overly nice but someone who is stupid. So they seemed to love to rip into to me… not in the good way. They made fun of my traditions, my interests and my body. They loved the fact that they thought I was too stupid to understand that they were making fun of me, but it was that I was too nice to say anything. Even to this day, the years of the crude comments, the humiliation of their pranks, and their laughter at me from behind my back… from around the corner… or right to my face… even after all that I don’t wish them anything but the best. So even to this day… 3 years since I was able to escape those comments (and they still love to make fun of me) I’m always cautious about when I hear a girl say my name… not that it happens often but when I hear a girl likes me or maybe I get a sign about her liking me… I’m reminded of those times, and I push myself away… I’m sorry if I hurt ur feelings, but like swoozie said, it’s hard to get that trust back. It doesn’t help that all I want is to spoil the hell out of a girl, sneak up on her and give her a hug from behind, make her feel like nothing can harm her, make lunches for her, and cuddle with her till my arms hurt… sorry I got sidetracked. I want nothing but to be the reason why someone’s smile shines the brightest when they see me. I want to be the person who changes a person’s mood for the better as soon as they see me. What I mean is… thanks for being a good person swoozie, you help me stay strong and keep being nice when it seems too difficult to be… and thanks for reading my comment (if it’s you swoozie or another fan.) I hope you have a great day and I hope that you make someone smile today… in a good way. Love from Canada ❤🇨🇦

    • sirslimesey says:

      You know you are rambling don’t lie

    • Harsh Singh says:

      @sirslimesey Can you give me a Tl:Dr version

    • DeciNarx N/A says:

      1 they were bitches yes, but forget them, they’ll probably end up accidentally beaten to death by their abusive, muscle head husband’s anyway. Or something Else horrible 🙂

      2 did it occur to you that they were just too fucking ignorant to understand you? Or too caught up “fitting in” to give you a chance? That means they were bad seeds, there’s a lot of em in the world. And they’re Not just women I GUARANTEE it

      3 don’t let this disgruntle you. Instead accept that this experience made you better at spotting asshats, and you can now interact with others without fear because you’ll know if you run into an asshole and can promptly tell them to fuck off, or just not interact with them anymore.

  20. Michael Wong says:

    Note to self* Make sure to be behind Swoozie at Best Buy for checkout.

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