Confirmed! Daniel Craig Will Return As James Bond

Confirmed! Daniel Craig Will Return As James Bond

‘Logan Lucky’ star Daniel Craig saved a big announcement for his appearance on the Late Show.

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20 Responses

  1. robhartjr1993 says:

    Lets be realistic. So far he is the best James Bond. The best most realistic fighter in the series. He will get old and will be replaced by 2025, but he has set the new standard for what James Bond should be. Not just suave, but a freaking fighting machine.

  2. ahepperl says:

    I’m a fan Mr. Craig make this one good. Casino Royale was great, Quantum of Solace was bad, Skyfall was great, Specter was bad. Make this one great god dammit.

  3. robhartjr1993 says:

    Lets be honest. Daniel Craigs bond would whoop every other bond in a real fight.

  4. MM 1992 says:

    probably getting paid shit LOADS of money

  5. Jo Dus says:

    Even if he’s not the perfect Bond, whoever gets the job next is going to polarize people. Either not British (or not British enough), or not white, or too young, or too tall. It’s been the same since Moore took over from Connery…

  6. New Message says:

    Best Stormtrooper ever.

  7. sexy korean girl says:

    the next bond movie: the golden shower

  8. The Gunslinger says:

    “Lets be realistic” In england, actual fans hate new bond. New bond is just fighting and edgy shit. Look at kingsmen instead, that’s real fucking bond right there, and it’s protagonist is a goddamb chav for christ’s sake. When a chav is more fucking suave and bond than a grown man playing james bond, it’s nailed the coffin to most people in britain. But I know the americans love craig so eh. I just hope bond doesnt die or change too much in american hands.

  9. Specsome Ideas says:

    Tom hardy or Henry cavill for next bond

  10. Andrew Escobar says:

    This is disgusting, the next James Bond should be a black gay transsexual woman. Anything less is the patriarchy!!!!

  11. Scott Murray says:

    Sorry, but Craig’s 1 dimensional “acting” makes him one of the WORST actors around. Sorry, but he has 1 facial expression and a monotone. Boring.

  12. hognigk96 says:

    Didn’t he say he’d rather slit his wrists than play James Bond again?

  13. Jill Faucher-Ross says:

    Daniel Craig looks more like a Bond villain to me. I like Connery the best.

  14. Marc Norton says:

    “Spectre” was VERY disappointing, but Craig was most definitely not the problem.

  15. Buenomars says:

    So, he’ll play James Bond for the fifth time… Has anyone played James Bond that many times? And to think there were protests when he was first cast, just because he wasn’t tall enough and his hair wasn’t dark enough!

  16. Strong guys says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Christian bale would be perfect for next bond?

  17. Alan Parker says:

    Probably the most natural and smooth interview I’ve seen in this show.

  18. Azhria Aulia says:


  19. Sven Vee says:

    Best James Bond ever.

    *grabs popcorn*

  20. Bryan Stahl says:

    Daniel Craig has been the best Bond ever…he’s fricken awesome ?

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