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47 Responses

  1. Alise Heller says:

    His mom reminds me of a non-evil Rowena

  2. Britney Vick says:

    3:15 😱 It looks like shane in 5 yrs

  3. Jacob Perek says:

    The pics of his dad looks just like him

  4. nubsimple says:


  5. MaxFloz says:

    On the next episode of Dr. Phil..

  6. Random Stuff says:

    πŸ‘πŸ»Shane πŸ‘πŸ» marry πŸ‘πŸ» RylandπŸ‘πŸ»

  7. iAmHana says:

    Your mum is so sweet ☺️

  8. Seiko Nagase says:

    You got this queen. Stay strong πŸ‘‘β€

  9. Hannah Letellier says:

    Shane…tf…why are our pasts so similar. It’s kinda weird and crazy that they’re almost identical (not shitting you ) but it’s also comforting. Watching this makes me feel a lot better about my family situation and it kinda makes me not feel so alone. Thanks for making these videos ShaneπŸ’•I appreciate it a fuck ton.

    I’m not trying to like say this for likes or your attention either. When I was 7ish, my father left us because he was abusive towards my mom and she filed for divorce. When they went to court, he got everything we had except me. We used almost the last of our money to move, and because of that we often had to get extra money from loans, get food from programs, for a few Christmas’ my school had given stuff for the needy (like clothes and food) and I later found out it all went to me. We almost became homeless because of eviction. Since all that shit is stressful for a child, I also stress ate. I’m still trying to get rid of all the damage and weight I did to my body since I’m still young (17), but it’s difficult. I grew up kind of taking care of myself since my mom was dealing with the divorce and getting extra money by staying at work late, and stuff like that.
    So yeah….these videos are truly inspiring ShaneπŸ’•

  10. Allison Lujan says:


  11. Wolff says:

    I haven’t talked to my dad in a few years. My parents divorced and my dad was the same way, and mom my pretty much being both parents. I’m not ready like Shane is to talk to my dad, but I always think about wanting to meet with him.

    • Renee Leese says:

      Wolff mine would disappear for years at a time but luckily i had an amazing step dad who was better than 200000 of my real dads combined.

      But now I try to forgive my real dad and build a relationship but he keeps screwing me over, and he even once said that he was trying to see me and my mom wouldn’t let him which is total BS!!! Like at least take responsibility so we can move forward-the truth is that my mom told me I’d be expecting my dad to pick me up after school on a Friday and I would sit on the stairs for HOuRS waiting for him and he wouldn’t show up and she said her heart would break every time.

    • Dumbass Paula says:

      *Wolff* Well, my parents divorced when I was 5 ,I was very young and I didn’t really think of it. My mom took care of my older siblings (who were 11-15), my younger brother and I alone. Last time I saw my dad was 4 years ago, I was is still young. I also feel I’m not ready to see my dad again since I’m not the little kid he knew or anything but I still think of meeting him again and stuff.

  12. Carolina Forssell says:

    Your mom is freaking amazing

  13. POTATHOE CLIK says:

    *stop keeping us from seeing the rest😭😭😭*

  14. Alexis says:

    I love how your mom is so supportive of you. Love you and momma Dawson❀️❀️

  15. KaraIsabella says:

    I don’t tell people to get married often but please marry Ryland <3 <3

  16. Princess Sarah says:

    Ryland allows Shane to be the best man he could be. They are perfect for each other.

  17. Bonnie 215 says:

    Mama D lookin like a shhhnack πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

  18. michelle says:

    Your mom is very strong

  19. Emily Castro says:

    Damn can’t wait till tomorrow.(:

  20. Brittany and Michael says:

    Man this little series is gonna make me bawl. I hope it went well Shane. ❀️

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