Confronting the CEO of YouTube

Confronting the CEO of YouTube

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00:00 a gift from Susan
01:10 How to be a good CEO
02:16 why are you here?
04:23 “Do you watch YouTube”
06:46 Guess the emote
08:42 Does Susan watch livestreams?
09:28 The YouTube ranking system and statistics
13:23 Salary
17:57 Why YouTube removed the dislike button
23:20 NFTs on YouTube
31:23 Shorts monetization
38:41 Ludwig’s dream
41:22 How Content ID works
44:50 “Do you regret signing me?”
46:26 How the YouTube algorithm works
50:16 How the switch to YouTube has been
51:53 Changes that Ludwig would like to see
54:43 Another gift from Susan

#ludwig #theyard #youtube

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51 Responses

  1. iShinobi says:

    it’s honestly really cool seeing how open the literal CEO is about talking about this kind of stuff

    • Mike Coxlong says:

      She needs to get her house in order

    • SirWetBiscuit says:

      She says some good things then does basically everything wrong with her platform

    • ScreenTea says:

      Really? … I mean … yea it’s nice that she does this. But there where maaaany instances where people where outraged because of changes and f’ups from youtube that where never adressed by anyone. It’s the first time seeing her for me talking about this stuff… how long does youtube exist? Right… That’s the exact oppposite of what you call “open”.

  2. WadZee says:

    Susan is so lucky to learn so much from YouTube’s greatest CEO

  3. Luigikid Gaming says:

    Honestly, it’s pretty Poggers to see Susan openly talking to one of the greatest CEOs of all time like that

  4. StarInSky says:

    Still don’t understand their logic with dislikes. Creators can see them anyway, makes no difference to them, but makes it difficult for a viewer to gauge how good the video is before investing a lot of time in it.

    • Aryaan Basu says:

      @SerialElf I mean sure before you could see the like:dislike ratio in a couple seconds, now you probably will have to go through comments for a minute. I personally don’t support Susan’s decision, but at the same time don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

    • Kyle Esdon says:

      I think the idea is that people were contributing to dislikes performatively and they wanted to stop that. Think Rebecca Blacks video Friday or the YouTube 2018 rewind. People would downvote it for the meme of giving it a big dislike bar (some genuinely disliked it, but there was a performative meme element that added to it). This was negatively effecting some creators, and importantly brands. So to curb this they thought to hide the dislikes, because it would lose its meme value to make a big dislike ratio if nobody can see it.
      The downside is that informational videos are now harder to determine as trustworthy or good
      But the theoretical upside is creators are getting a more accurate representation of the like to dislike ratio for their videos

    • Mats M says:

      “Otherwise there are to many toggles” is also a bad excuse

      There are only 3 ways to interact with a video like, dislike and comment
      It would be logical to have a toggle for those 3 tings.
      How would that be confusing ore to Manny toggles

    • Hugh Jazz says:

      It’s to protect big corps, and Lud was obviously told not to ask her about that. And it worked — look how many comments are about how cool she is, as if anyone wouldn’t come off well when allowed to spin themselves in a positive light.

    • cefffylbott says:

      if it doesnt have dislike counts anymore, WHATS THE POINT OF DISLIKING?

  5. Kyle Gonzalez says:

    I love how whenever Ludwig cracks a joke when she is explaining something she just adapts to the joke and incorporates it into the explanation.

    • Limerency says:

      I need a forbs article explaining youtube monatization thats taken entirely seriously and uses her quotes about goose ass as reference without context

    • Demon59424 says:

      This might be in my head but I think a lot of the questions stemmed from outrageous counterclaims for her to explain their true view rather than arguments. As well as maybe alleviating some stress she seemed to have been choking on her words a little bit and he would interject around the same time.
      Edit: lud 5headed the CEO someone make it a vid

  6. Ali Hashem علي هاشم says:

    really cool to see the CEO collaborating with content creators

  7. John Congelli says:

    This was a wild ride. Two CEOs both equally as powerful. One rules with fear(not your friend) the other cooperates with you for the betterment of the platform(comrade). A Socratic seminar of the mind

  8. Ludi et Historia says:

    Susan must have been so excited to meet her favorite youtuber

  9. BextoMoose says:

    I was laughing like a young child this whole interview. Susan’s really chill, laid back, and humorous, and bounces off Lud really well while still providing information. I’d love to see a part 2 in a year or two, although idk if that’s viable

  10. CrypticFox says:

    What would be great (with respect to the statistics discussion around the 10 minute mark) would be if YouTube had an option for anlytics data to be user set widgets. They could have a default view of what they want to show, but allow the creator to change the presented tables/widgets so that you’re effectively serving both people that want a given stat shown, and those that don’t.

    • Deckmeister535 says:

      @CrypticFox That’s my idea the ability to look at it. (not change it just look)

    • CrypticFox says:

      @2011killjoy Kind of. Its not uncommon for anytics applications to have widgets that you can choose that are moveable and cuustomizable. Google even supports development of them for other applications and uses but just not in YouTube.

    • CrypticFox says:

      @Deckmeister535 How would you know what the dashboard layout of the other creator is? You don’t see anyone else’s dashboard.

    • CrypticFox says:

      @Zachariah Nelson No that was with respect to thinks like showing dislikes or not. Some people like the default views shown in the dashboard, but others would like to see something different shown there. Having customizable widget choices for the dashboard isn’t that big of a leap since they have all the data analytics available behind the scenes anyway.

    • CrypticFox says:

      @Arnold I was saying that the dashboard is just a collection of reports that they’ve chosen to show in their own little widgets. They’ve decided what to show people in that dashboard, as opposed to letting the user customize the views (something which is common enough in reporting suites). I just think it would be nice to have customizable reporting widgets there. Start with a default view, but let the user change what they see to reflect personal prefence without having to manually run different reports.

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