Congratulations North Korea!

Congratulations North Korea!

North Korea is claiming that they successfully detonated their first hydrogen bomb. You’d think that the idea that they might have an H bomb would be somewhat alarming to those of us who are here on the West coast, but we went out on the street and it seems like if you ask people a question in a cheerful enough way, we will offer congratulations for just about anything.

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Congratulations North Korea!

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20 Responses

  1. Fallout_guy88 ?? says:

    This is staged by North Korea

  2. Christian Miranda says:

    Their acting is sooooo bad!

  3. jerome duncan says:

    and this is why most people hate Americans because they are too arrogant…
    this is actually very serious… a country like North Korea with an H bomb?
    yeah I am NOT taking this lightly

  4. weirdo s. s says:


  5. SR Real says:

    Just shows how social experiments are irrelevant.

  6. jj jones says:

    lol dumbass americans

  7. m venusaur says:

    This is scary. Dumb people doing what is told. They don’t think for
    themselves. It is one of these moments where you just wish a giant asteroid
    smacks hard into the US, and wipe away every person for the good of the

  8. nick jones says:

    I don’t know what is more stupid , the people who congratulate North Korea,
    or the people who think this is real

  9. woah says:

    That’s just because you guys are in the west coast, and everyone on the
    west and south is…well…a bit undereducated.

  10. chad story says:

    As if we all hadn’t already lost faith in California…

  11. ekene paschal says:

    This is very sad…Americans lack coherence.

  12. Ahmad K. K. says:

    American people are (mostly) uneducated in politics.

  13. Noah Robert Graves says:

    Is this for real??

  14. amanda a says:

    The video was funny, but why do people from other countries come to the
    conclusion that all of our citizens are dumb? I think we have had a lot to
    do with how the internet and many other products came to be so accessible.

  15. FOUAD HIPROCK says:


  16. Kevin Needham says:

    Only in NYC people are this foolish

  17. aoakeen says:

    What’s scary they will be voting.

  18. JeRic says:

    Is this sponsored by the movie The Interview?

  19. Shueeb Mohammed says:

    another one…

  20. TheKing says:

    This better be fake