Congress And Trump Admin. Scramble For Coronavirus Aid Deal As Pandemic Causes Panic | Nightly News

Congress And Trump Admin. Scramble For Coronavirus Aid Deal As Pandemic Causes Panic | Nightly News

The deal would include expanded funding for paid sick days, shoring up safety net programs like food assistance, and funding for free coronavirus testing. Sources say House Speaker Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin are “close” to an agreement. The CDC says that Europe is the new epicenter of the coronavirus with 70 percent of new cases originating there. Ireland has reported its first death from the coronavirus, and Italy’s death toll has risen to more than 1,000 causing panic from Americans abroad as they scramble to get home before the ban takes affect. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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Congress And Trump Admin. Scramble For Coronavirus Aid Deal As Pandemic Causes Panic | Nightly News

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83 Responses

  1. Re Winford says:

    So people are still finding a way to get around the travel ban by flying in from a country not on the restricted list. Way to go government 🙄

  2. adrian lacey says:

    This Coronavirus has done nothing but stress me tf out man.

  3. Capricorn Queen ♕ says:

    2 months to late

  4. Vanisa Campbell says:

    I hope and pray that this virus covid19leaves as fast as it came smh!🙏

  5. Tuwavvy Tony says:

    its crazy how reactive instead of a proactive this response is! should have been done 2 months ago

    • IL-Matt says:

      @Vance Watley He’s not a dictator like they have in China. Trump has to get approval for spending and if DemoRATS wont say yes, then his hands are tied. Funny how after blocking everything he tried to do, they now blame him.

    • IL-Matt says:

      @Clash Raider I agree, Bush was scum. He brought us the Patriot Act which still to this day is used to violate our rights on a daily basis.

    • prevail223 says:

      Thats the government for you.

    • Howard Roark says:

      @Vance Watley Trump has done plenty … he did a lot more than most people thought he should do about 2 months ago. The media is purposely misreporting on his actions.

  6. NPAMike says:

    Until we get to draconian levels were only just delaying the inevitable.

    • IL-Matt says:

      Yeah lets usher in full blown communism while we’re at it. If you let the US government go draconian on us, they will never give up that power and you can kiss any and all rights you once had goodbye.

    • mrsulaiman19 says:

      Ok so let’s keep dying, so the idea of the government wont let that power go. Simply isnt possible in america, we kn ou e our right, the government relies too much on capitalism. Means we gotta go back out relive our lives again. We need to take drastic measures

  7. Stevens Adventure says:

    Banning large gatherings all it takes is 1 person too get it.

    • Antonio Renteria says:

      goal isnt to stop it, its to slow it, so the health system can process people over a long period of time rather than having a spike of people getting it.

    • Toad Phillips says:

      Hard to do when you work with a 1000 people. Then we have meetings saying stay away from large gatherings, while the meeting itself is a large gathering.

    • DecMist says:

      I live in Washington state where this virus is one of the big issues our government is not banning large gatherings they are allowing them up to 250 people including in the schools!

  8. Anna M. says:

    Los Angeles county has only one place to test ! UCLA ER in Westwood. What a shame!

    • Icelantic Skis says:

      What a F*CKING shame

    • Valentine69x 69ers says:


    • Kam Iam says:

      Are you sick? Then why do you need tested? Don’t go around sick people. The stupid people die. Traffic will be better.

    • Crystal Laner says:

      The governor expressed irritation at the Fed’s over the lack of kits. Apparently many of the kits we were sent were missing components. Which is ridiculous. He said kaiser didn’t even have kits and won’t til next week.

    • Anna M. says:

      Crystal Laner other problem is that asymptomatic patients can’t be tested in America. The current testing kit what we have in America is focusing on fewer cough and heavy breathing that is not the case for every infected person.

  9. Tony Montana says:

    Get ready for Cabin Fever in the summer.

  10. Mac Mcleod says:

    And no protection gear at all for those National Guard.

    And China and Korea soldiers were wearing full protective gear.

    The us is going to have the highest infection rate in the developed world.

    • DecMist says:


    • Kelly Owens says:

      @andrew30 + The media, & elected Democrats have been blaming the President for this country’s response, which has objectively agressive, significant, & effective. Perfect? . . .
      Of course not. The Chinese communist government bare’s
      much blame, in almost every aspect, for the spread of this
      global pandemic. But I encourage anti-Trump political
      zealots among you, to continue to politicize this disease
      outbreak as loudly, & as often as you can. The only people you will convince, are people who will choose not to support the critics of this country, our career public health officials, & the governments response. Keep it up guys. You NEVER seem to realize, that your deranged, constant criticisms of Trump only increase his popularity in the polls. Exploiting a disease outbreak, that was made much worse by the Chinese, to score craven political points, will only backfire just like the Russian Collusion Hoax did, the Impeachment
      Hoax did, like the unreasonable criticism of this country’s response to a foreign pathogen, will undoubtedly do also.

      Specifically . . . what incompetence would you point to.
      What exact mistakes you lay at the feet of the President, that
      are his fault, personally? You might want to avoid mentioning the cynical media Fake News hoaxes, that have been manufactured about the President’s response to this disease outbreak. The idea that our President EVER called Covid 19 a Hoax, is a provably ridiculous smear, repeated by
      our politically corrupted media establishment. The idea that President Trump said a vaccine would be ready in months, is a patently untrue falsehood, because the context for those statements was the AIDS vaccine, which IS only months away. But if you have some specific criticisms that this President is responsible for personally, you would think they are easily identified. This country’s results, in the low number of cases, & our small number of fatalities per 100,000 of population are far ahead of almost every other developed country, with the same level of exposure to the disease. I always judge any President’s performance by
      the actual results they are able to achieve, not by Don
      Lemon’s latest freak out.

      that be. We have far fewer cases, & fatalities, {almost half of which have taken place at a single senior care home in Washington State.}

    • Rui Lima says:

      On the bright side, if that happens Mexico might indeed have to pay for that wall.

  11. Carmelita Good says:

    Draconian measures are necessary when you find yourself in a biological attack.

  12. Exhibitbrightkeen says:

    After so many months and countries like China and Korea already work out so many methods to contain the virus and yet the US still consider themselves as moving into uncharted territory.!

    • handsoffmygun MF says:

      Ex – But how do we know those other countries really contained it? When a government’s economy starts losing billions per day over a virus, there’s a lot of incentive to hide the truth.

    • MAGA: Manipulating America’s Gullible Assholes says:

      Exhibitbrightkeen exactly! The arrogance, incompetence, and ignorance of this administration!

    • Edward Blodgett says:

      Its almost like they wanted us to all get infected. 😷✌

  13. eckiuME23 says:

    They should have places where one can go put themselves in quarantine in case u live in a crowded busy home where u cant just self quarantine.

    • Saltponds239 says:

      @Victor And whose fault is that?

    • Victor says:

      Saltponds239 1 I’m not complaining, I’m responding to a complaint I’m simply offering suggestions for what he’s asking for! And there’s nobody at fault it’s called having a family,

    • Martin Conta Gets Banned says:

      @J Gilmo and a gun….

    • Saltponds239 says:

      @Victor I agree it isn’t anyone’s fault. However, common sense must be used by all because the government can help only so much. Families are families for a reason and need to help each-other out – especially in time of need.

      Someone sick? Do they have the flu or Corona? Take precautions. To me, the worst place to go is to the hospital because you cannot control your surroundings.

  14. R Khan says:

    It’s time for wallstreet to pay back, 2008, 2020!!

  15. Miguel Garcia says:

    Why toilet paper???
    What about food or water!!!

  16. Carolyn Griffin says:

    They spend way too much time debating what they should do 🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. Noordam says:

    Getting tested for the virus is like trying to get cable set up in the US.

  18. yootoober2009 says:

    All of these because someone said this is just a flu…it’s contained, go to work, we have 15 now, it will go to one, then go away like a flu.

  19. Sunny Days 35 says:

    They need to have the military wear medical protection.

    Student loan payments need to be halted if people are quarantined until people can get back to work.

  20. Joralemon Virgincreche says:

    Actually self-quarantine sounds extremely appealing. Relax with books and glasses of wine for two weeks and never have to see anyone face to face.

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