Congressman Says Critics Of Indiana Law Should ‘Get Perspective’

Congressman Says Critics Of Indiana Law Should ‘Get Perspective’

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20 Responses

  1. socialism.rules says:

    xtians have killed gays for two thousand years with impunity
    they are just mad now cause science is destroying xtianity

  2. Steve Q says:

    Xtians are really scary people. Dangerous.

  3. Curtis says:

    Shorter Tom Cotton: “Just be glad we aren’t hanging you homos!”.

  4. Don Casto says:

    They are killing Christians in Kenya. Maybe Christians should keep things
    in perspective and leave gays alone. At least we’re not killing them.

  5. iliterati says:

    Yes, good point: because Iran has nuclear weapons, Americans should be
    allowed to discriminate against LGBT people. Because you are murdered for
    being gay in Iran, Americans should be allowed to discriminate against LGBT

  6. Jason ok says:

    This is why we shouldn’t let sociopaths in the government.

  7. Rob Benighted says:

    The Saudis have domestic slaves and kill homosexuals and they’re allies
    with the United States 

  8. maxx1000 says:

    RFRA is good because… Iran?

  9. Corbin Schmidt says:

    Is there a little planet we can ship all of these narrow minded individuals
    so then they can have all the fuckin religious fun they want and leave the
    rest of us in peace?!?! 

  10. e james says:

    why does HUSSEIN obama and al shabbab hate christians so much?
    maybe obama thinks he is god………….??? could his ego be that massive?
    either way, it’s not good for amurca.

  11. cri7ica1 says:

    What an absolutely terrible man.

  12. sigmagym61 says:

    Unbelievable what disgusting low IQ politicans.

  13. Dat Sneefa says:

    Maybe we should start treating our politicians the way Iran does


  14. Rumchug says:

    Baking cakes for gay wedding’s isn’t so bad. In Iran Christians get
    executed. Lets let Iran set all of our human rights standards!

  15. Skooter McGoo says:

    If this fucking cumstain thinks he is man enough to kill me
    because…..god. Bring fuckwad, your god will not save you. GOP the face of

  16. DeathandGrim2 says:

    Get perspective? You slippery, snakelike afterthought of a man. If we don’t
    flat out bang on your doors and jam the phone lines in your office you’d be
    very close to making your own “Kill the Sodomites” bill behind our backs.

    You’re trying to duck and dodge because of the horrors of Iran that you and
    your Christian wackjobs are trying to actually bring us closer to. Remember
    black discrimination? Said nothing about truly harming us as a law, just
    separation, but that didn’t stop the idiots now did it?

    And spreading the Gospel of Jesus is fucking annoying here. Why on Earth
    would you do it in Iran? Why not just dress up as Uncle Sam while you’re at

    Your lack of common sense is so disturbing. You’re in public office. You
    have power. My little sister has more common sense.

  17. DaBest Styles says:

    This attack on Christianity is being lead by Ignorance. They cant prove
    their point. They tried to find someone being hateful and found a small
    town pizza shop. Twistered it words and causes financial harm. Gay is just
    another Religion/Culture in my book and should not be using the governent
    to boss others around

  18. evrn blue says:

    what a zealot nut job !!

  19. 1313ard says:

    disgusting political double talk… evades the question posed…

  20. jam1870utube says:

    Senator Cotton is conflating the issues of discriminating against same sex
    relationships in Arkansas and religious persecution of Christians in Iran.
    There is no direct correlation between the two.