Conjoined Twin Challenge

Conjoined Twin Challenge

Thanks Jeana and Jesse from BFvsGF and Ricky Dillon/Kian Lawley for making me laugh so hard and wanting to do this

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20 Responses

  1. Cat Hart says:

    you should straighten his hair in a video!!!

  2. wodnyrak says:

    This was ridiculously funny, my abs hurt XD

  3. Sumaira Wahab says:

    My 4 year old sister thinks Julians a girl! ( sorry Julian but it is true )

  4. kidfromthehaven says:

    The splits looked hilarious! Jenna your poor neck looked so red at the
    end. Hope you weren’t hurt.

  5. Anton Iskra says:

    I was waiting on this painting on the left to fall down.

  6. Ha Na says:

    Your lashes……..

  7. LiLi says:

    That looks very uncomfortable, sweaty and ew… I could never do that.
    Funny video tho :)

  8. Vanessa B says:

    I’m crying from laughing so hard. That spilt was on point lol

  9. venturaine says:

    you all look a like. Even the dog ahah love it ! good video to lol :p 

  10. Emily Grace says:


    the screenshots from this vid >

  11. MultiBobo90 says:

    I laughed so much i got hiccups

  12. Julia Iska says:

    hahahh so funny. best couple ever :)

  13. Edie Del Carmen says:

    There are people who actually ARE CONJOINED. They were born that way and
    they HAVE to live that way and they don’t have the luxury of it being a
    Yotube challenge for kicks. It is a REAL challenge for them EVERYDAY. I do
    not find this in good taste!!

  14. Gil Aly Allen says:

    I can’t get over how happy you guys seem together. That’s just so cute :)

  15. Gabriela Babi says:

    its my life……………………………………..

  16. Stacey King says:

    This ish was friggin hilarious!!!! Love y’all!

  17. Miranda Paredes says:

    Relationship goals right here!!! You guys should do a Conjoined Twin
    Challenge Dog Edition! +JennaMarbles +Julien Solomita 

  18. dana94a says:

    The split was the best part 

  19. TheNeveFringe says:

    Imagine if we got the holy trinity doing this XD is it possible? MAKE IT XD

  20. Georgia Desiree says:

    I love your eye makeup!!!