Connor Heyward’s Amazing Catch vs. Michigan | Big Ten Football

Connor Heyward’s Amazing Catch vs. Michigan | Big Ten Football

The best catch you’ll see by a running back all year – Connor Heyward hauls in the Brian Lewerke catch.

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31 Responses

  1. Xeon Vines says:

    Wasn’t a catch

    • Lol Mike HaH says:

      2,000,000 subscribers With no videos what so ever “doesn’t have respect for us” acting like ur apart of the team😂

    • Andrew Patterson says:

      Alex Feng I know he did, I also do agree that was disrespectful but still, he got hurt, respect that he was out there doing his best and got hurt while doing it.

    • Andrew Patterson says:

      2,000,000 subscribers With no videos what so ever umm, because he got hurt. Why wouldn’t you have respect.

    • Spartan Dogs says:

      Andrew Patterson I’m glad he was OK I don’t want to see anybody get hurt I don’t care what team they’re on all of these kids are playing hard for their schools and fans

    • Xeon Vines says:

      kristin lampart it’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine!

  2. Michael McCaffery says:

    Give the kid credit. That was a great catch.

  3. Brady Pawlik says:


  4. I dont know you says:

    Michigan sis 💙💛

  5. David Ellis says:

    Stadium being evacuated due to Lightning. Going to be a long day. 12.45. EST.

  6. Bryan Zachery says:

    Very good catch.

  7. Jed Mook says:

    The ball bounced on the ground before he had control how the F is that a catch…….

  8. Jeffrey Ip says:

    13 Michigan fans disliked the video

  9. Maura Donnelly says:


  10. Spartan Dogs says:

    Michigan State is looking pretty depleted with all of these injuries Davis getting hurt was the worst possible thing that could’ve happened

  11. Jason Milliman says:

    Ball hit the ground

  12. Tylarious says:

    Go Bucks!

  13. Amaya Hilton says:

    STATE ALL DAY!!!!!💚💚💚

  14. Michael Hegyan says:

    MSU..back to the little kid..Michigan takes them back to the woodshed..

  15. yasmeen gomez says:

    GO BLUE !! i’m so happy they won <3. 💙💛

  16. Pussy Demolition Inc. says:

    Yeah it was a nice catch but it’s not “UNBELIEVABLE!”

  17. Kadz says:

    Now this is epic

  18. Brilliant 513 says:

    He also caught an L

  19. I like Avocados says:

    We still won tho and that’s what matters

  20. Emanuel Andrews III says:

    No. There weren’t any one of handed catches until OBJ.

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