Conor Lamb’s Win, Trump’s “Space Force” and #NationalStudentWalkout: A Closer Look

Conor Lamb’s Win, Trump’s “Space Force” and #NationalStudentWalkout: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Democrats racking up another major win, #NationalStudentWalkout and President Trump musing about weaponizing space.
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Conor Lamb’s Win, Trump’s “Space Force” and #NationalStudentWalkout: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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88 Responses

  1. Lily Darkmoore says:

    THANK YOU to those students who are trying to make a difference in this world. We are proud of you!

  2. ExitStay says:

    Trump Jr open mouths with his tongue out before taking bites of ice cream. Must be used to having his mouth open and tongue out with Putin and the NRA.

    • cosmos says:

      I am a huge liberal….but you are a retarded moron….

    • Anna Muller says:


    • Michael Strange says:

      Notice Liberals are the first to stoop to false baseless unprovable accusations and petty insults and Name calling. All in the liberal arsenal. Can’t win votes… lie! Can’t win a debate? Call someone a name disparaging name. Great job liberals! You are getting Trump elected again!

  3. Jose Garza says:

    Space Force? With Trump leading it,It’ll be Lost In Space. Never Fear… Trump is here.

  4. Warm Brother says:

    Wait !? Did they swap out the Asian man behind Trump for an African-American woman ?? Always in that same seat – the only non-whites that I’ve seen at any of Trump’s rallies.

    • Holly Bardoe says:

      It goes back and forth throughout the speech.

    • Warm Brother says:

      Hi Holly, I know right ?? It’s like “Minority Roulette” 😉

    • Diwata Luna says:

      They get bathroom breaks when on the job.

    • Sentience says:

      Warm Brother, they have about 5 (spanning most ethnic groups) that they rotate in that seat. As soon people caught onto the ‘Blacks for Trump’ dude who was being paid a lot to visit these rallies, they started using an asian, a mexican, and a black woman and a different black guy. Always in the same seat and always the only one at the rally. Its hilarious to watch how uncomfortable the white folk are around them too hahaha

    • Judi O'Regan says:

      Sentience – it’s like Token Ethnicity Roulette. So blatant it’s tragic. And look at the size of that woman’s hat! Has she been dragged away from a wedding or something to fill the quota? Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. XD!

  5. Deeree Rorn says:

    Did anyone else notice the Asian guy behind Trump turns into a black woman?

    • Holly Bardoe says:

      Yes, and thankfully others have noticed it too. Wonder how that came about???

    • Tetsujin says:

      He fell into the spring of the drowned black woman, someone in the audience spilled their drink on him and so he changed.

    • Amani L. Lee says:

      Tetsujin Ranma 1/2?

    • Sentience says:

      Tetsujin soooo funny. I think its also funny how you disregard the fact that minorities are being paid to be on camera in all of Trump’s rallies. I’m sure you wouldn’t disregard the far fetched idea that all of those womens marchers were paid by george soros LOL take the blinders off you cuck

    • Judi O'Regan says:

      Holly Bardoe – it’s probably down to Token Ethnicity Roulette. Gotta tick those quota boxes somehow.

  6. camelshit says:

    ” I want my Space Force ! ” – says the guy with zero force in the space between his ears

  7. Serai3 says:

    Democrats didn’t “appear to” rack up another win – we DID rack up another win.

    • Serai3 says:

      And by the way, it’s 3 FOR 4, not 2.

    • Safehouse says:

      I love how some Republicans are trying to spin it in their favor like it was an “alternative” win for them. Lamb is a more centralised democrat with some conservative/right wing beliefs. Because of those beliefs some of them are making claims like he is basically a republican and won because he used conservative stances and won a democratic district (its far from that due to unlawful gerrymandering that district was deemed unwinnable to democrats)

    • Anna Muller says:


    • TheFabledWolf says:

      Hes also a former prosecutor that never pleas out. So add pro prison industrial complex …Why do you think the father of the violent crimes act spoke for him? Lawyers Guns and Money… Big win for the people

  8. deomtt says:

    Man, he likes to take credit for everything. Sorry sir, not the rockets you see going up left and right, not the current thrust to go to Mars. That is all private enterprise which was not started by you. That’s all happening in spite of you. That’s the vision of gentlemen like Elon Musk and Richard Branson. Did you have anything to say about a distinguished scientist and thinker who passed on today?

  9. William H. Baird says:

    Go DEMS and the BLUE WAVE! Now, Trumpf’s endorsement Sinks the GOP candidates! The guy is “Lost In Space”

    • Dez Perkins says:

      William H. Baird how did it work for you in Texas ? blue wave hilarious you’ve lost 3 out of four how do you survive in fantasy land

    • Sentience says:

      Dez Perkins isn’t Texas even more red than PA? so what is your point? the blue wave is coming because people are realizing that the only Trump supporters left are angry uneducated men like yourself. And as a Trump supporter today, you can’t tell people that THEY are living in a fantasy land LOL

    • Judi O'Regan says:

      Sentience – hilarious isn’t it. Oh yes, it’s a happy jolly time here in Fluffy Trumpyland, where the trees are made of cotton candy, the rivers run with Koolaid, kangaroos live in trees and eat pencils, it rains cute little pink monkeys, wood has been declared a drink, and Trump is a decent President and human being. Oh yes, it’s all twinkly and wonderful in Fluffy Trumpyland. :/

    • Malacath says:


    • J Springs says:

      I’m all for Reps losing control but it’s time for Dems to pull their head out their butts and figure out how they’ve lost control of the country to a party that serves special interests, lobbyists and the top 2%, and lost the presidency to the most beatable candidate ever…..The Dems need to get back to serving the people and THEN we could see real change

  10. Edgar Madking says:

    6:50 did trump really just take credit for Elon musks work?

    • Spectrum UK says:

      Anything he does wrong, blames Obama. Anything done right, he’ll take credit.

    • The Legend says:

      I mean Trump did provide the government funding for the most recent launches

    • Harry Depova says:

      @The Legend provide funding how? All subsidies were provided during the obama era. so that leaves what… contracts? Thats the equivalent of taking credit for creating a box of cereal because you bought it at the grocery store.

    • Alyssa In This Gig Dot Com says:

      The government has no money to spend on health care or education, but there is money to send rockets and people to mars…PRIORITIES CHILDREN, PRIORITIES!!!

    • Anna Muller says:


  11. Makai Post says:

    Why is no one calling trump out on that assertion that Elon Musk sending up a rocket has anything to do with him?

    • Adam Greenan says:

      What’s the point? Trump & his base are too stupid to understand that Trump didn’t build/design/fund the rocket.

    • Judi O'Regan says:

      Makai Post – if they called out that out of control narcissist Trump on taking credit for every single achievement that had absolutely nothing to do with him, then they wouldn’t get anything done.

    • Makai Post says:

      +Adam Greenan
      By that logic, what’s the point of Seth or any of the other comedian talking about anything? It’s all pointless. They should just pack up and get real jobs.

  12. PalmerEldritch666 says:

    …..Mr. President, i got it……a see through wall…… about an invisible one!!!!! You can build em as high as you promised and Mexico WILL gladly pay for it too……

  13. TheHua89 says:

    Did you notice how they swapped out an Asian guy for a black woman, standing behind Trump halfway through the rally.
    See all the minorities love him🙄

  14. MrNoSleep OSRS says:

    Wouldn’t be going to hell either Lmao

  15. Dianna Shepherd says:

    You know what scares me? Those young girls sitting in the background rooting for trump.

    • Dez Perkins says:

      Dianna Shepherd smart girls

    • Dianna Shepherd says:

      Dez Perkins do you mean smart like trump thinks he is?

    • Sentience says:

      Dez Perkins would you call those girls smart if they were ‘oohing’ and ‘aweing’ at everything Obama said? lol Trump gets a rise out of his sheep just by saying names, never once has he given details to an actual plan or policy at his rallies so as far as I can tell, you can’t call anyone at a Trump rally ‘smart’

    • Sentience says:

      Dianna Shepherd Dez is just here to troll, he is not interested in having intelligent discussions or providing meaningful feedback

    • Judi O'Regan says:

      Dianna Shepherd – they’ve been paid really well, plus there’s the goodie bag with a MAGA hat, a stick of gum, standard issue horse blinkers, a voucher to get a free bucket and bag of sand at your local hardware store for shoving your head into when their hero is once again called out in his bullshit, a complementary can of hogswill beer, oh and a coupon for All You Can Eat Nite at BillyJoeJimBob’s BBQ & Grill. Y’all come back now! :/

  16. Adegbite Aderinola Stephanie says:

    I’m in shock. How did Americans vote for this guy? Even in Nigeria we don’t have this kind of president. Lol.

  17. Drm R says:

    Orange fuhrer is not interested in talking about others unless he’s insulting them or using them to prop himself up.

  18. e1lioT says:

    Don the con.

  19. Trevor B. Lewis says:

    Could we please just send Trump to Mars.

  20. Tiffany royalty says:

    This is the President of the United States of America… acting like an ass and a bully on television. I am beyond embarrassed

    • Tiffany royalty says:

      Dez Perkins who is Barry ? If you are talking about Obama I’ve never seen him in an interview being a bully , calling people out of their name. Trump is a ridiculous and so are you

    • Sentience says:

      Dez Perkins when did Obama act like an ass or a bully? He gave the orders to kill Osama and yet not a single tweet, just a national address. I bet if that were Trump, he would be bragging about it on twitter while the soldiers were inbound. Its so fucking funny that old farts like you are so defensive about a man with such insecurities that he tweets EVERYTHING as it happens. Trump is an old man trying to act young and old hard asses like you suck his dick? weird

    • Mark Hunt says:

      Don’t worry, Dez Perkins, that brown stuff you took will wear off in a few hours.

    • Michelle B says:

      Tiffany royalty Most of us are embarrassed, but hopefully he’l be out soon!

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