Conor McGregor Exclusive Interview with Megan Olivi | The Ultimate Fighter Season 31

Conor McGregor Exclusive Interview with Megan Olivi | The Ultimate Fighter Season 31

Former two-division champion Conor McGregor sat down with Megan Olivi to discuss coaching this season, fighting Michael Chandler and what’s next in his career.

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40 Responses

  1. Unlucky Gamer says:

    Just from the pose of Connor in the thumbnail I can tell this is going to be nice Connor

  2. Zero Man says:

    I’m happy to hear that he recognizes that he hasn’t been consistent. That’s been the biggest detriment in his career. I truly hope he can remain healthy and try to fight more consistently in the latter part of his career. He is going to be 35 years old in less than two months. It’s now or never Conor.

    • Ciaran Walsh says:

      It wasn’t his fault he has been inconsistent, the ufc wouldn’t give him a fight during covid because there was no spectators allowed, that’s why he organized a charity fight against Dustin

    • PackTriots says:

      @Ciaran Walsh – nobody said anything about “fault”……. He’s just making an observation,, and he’s correct…..

    • Beyonce's Middle Finger says:

      ​@Ciaran Walsh Conors inconcistency started at the Khabib fight tho.

    • K9 Team Zagreb škola za pse says:

      Heeis hungry but not angry so I don’t know what will going too hapend . But lion is hungry give him the gazel 😂

  3. βancrofty says:

    Even if Conor loses his next 3 fights, we are all watching every single one, Even if you don’t like the guy, he’s pure entertainment in the octagon.

  4. Tommy Mccane says:

    Love this interview, love this comeback even more

  5. Blade says:

    Whether u like conor or not, u gotta admit he has something about him that makes you want to tune in, even his interviews, truly a unique individual

    • wreckshop says:

      I think he used to when we believed he could win fights. I don’t think he could beat anyone in the top 5 of 155 or 170

    • wreckshop says:

      I think Chandler might actually send this dude off to retire for good

    • Blade says:

      ​@vanillaguerilla a case can be made from ur viewpoint, only time will tell the night this fight potentially happens

  6. UnicornStar80 says:

    It’s good to see Conner back. He just drags the UFC up to another level. True legend of an era, 1 in a billion.

  7. DaJuice says:

    This is Conor’s , Justin’s , and Dustin’s , last run at a world title.
    Let’s enjoy the final ride boys 🙏🏽

  8. Jared H says:

    Conor… I’d like to see him strike greatness again while doing it humbly. He brought so many eyes to the sport, if he could redeem and make his legacy mean something more I’d like to see it. His head has to be all in, his body has to be healthy.

    We’ll see what his last real chance looks like I guess

  9. Chuba Longchar says:

    If he does come back and get a win against any ranked guy, I think he deserves all the respect.

    • Friedrich Eizenberg says:

      Sadly he won’t. Chandler will rip him off. RIP Conor

    • Chuba Longchar says:

      @Friedrich Eizenberg well, Chandler isn’t the most intelligent fighter.. so I think Conor has a good chance.

    • tubbyrainbow111 says:

      He deserves all the respect right now mate, dude changed the entire game and ate through two divisions.

    • Little Al says:

      He deserves all the respect regardless. He beat Mendes with a fucked knee, then destroyed Aldo and alvarez. People cry he never defended, why should he, he fought Mayweather in a showman fight and probably made more in that one fight than all the current champs have made in their entire careers 3 times over.

      He might not be the GOAT in terms of skillset but nobody will ever do more for MMA than he did.

    • Penaldo Tapinaldo Benchnaldo says:


  10. Bankssotatted says:

    If u can look past his antics and even his set backs he still have a love for the sport good to see

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