Conor McGregor has a message for Floyd Mayweather — if you wanna talk smack, “SAY IT TO MY FACE!”

We just shot the UFC superstar on the streets of NYC — where he’s still getting all sorts of love from fans — and told him about the comments Mayweather made about him Monday.

McGregor called full B.S. on Floyd’s claim that he didn’t watch UFC 205 — and then Conor straight-up called him out.

Full Story:

Mayweather Video: Floyd Mayweather Says ‘Don’t Compare Conor McGregor to Me’… ‘Total Disrespect’ | TMZ Sports


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20 Responses

  1. juan meza says:

    lets make boxing rules with mma glove with 4-3 rounds with a Boxing ring
    with no kicks,elbows,knees, takedonwns, and of course submissions. I think
    is fare that way but we know how Mayweather he wants everything his way

  2. ufcismma says:

    Exactly come and tell him that to his face. Conor would bitch slap that
    idiot in a real fight.

  3. Denis Corlotean says:

    forget about Mayweather.. we want to see Connor vs Khabib!

  4. Kurt Pullen says:

    If it was boxing, Floyd would win.
    Everyone who is a genuine sports fan knows this.

    If it was a MMA fight Connor would win, everyone knows.

  5. iAM_TeNKo says:

    professional shit stirrer… where can I apply?

  6. Master Bates says:

    I would rather see Conor vs Canelo Alvarez if we’re talking boxing.

  7. UniiQuee says:

    baiting connor for views and stirring shit, what a sad bunch of faggots

  8. Gyan Singh says:

    @.44 seconds The driver at the end looks exactly like Eddie ..

  9. Adriana Francesca Lima says:

    comparing apples with pears

  10. male person says:

    Tmz are the ultimate suck ups

  11. Tom Smith says:

    Conor has so much patience. If I were in his shoes I would probably slam
    those TMZ idiots upside the head, or at least cuss them out and tell them
    to leave me the fuck alone.

  12. kwizzen says:

    Conor would kill Floyd if he said it to his face

  13. PenG says:

    0:15 another photo waiting to be cropped

  14. Jaqen H'ghar says:

    Floyd would easily bear Conor in boxing!

  15. HerrNilssonTheMonkey says:

    Does that TMZ person drink helium for breakfast?

  16. Ol' Whitey McWhiterson says:

    Good grief TMZ you’re such trash. You clowns are so desperate for
    controversy you’ll do absolutely anything to instigate an argument that you

  17. ABC 123 says:

    In Boxing Mayweather whoops Conor

    In MMA Connor Whoops Mayweather

    Both maywather and Conor fans know this, All this trash talk is just EGO’s

    Connor is now playing the tough guy, in a street fight no rules connor also
    wins, That said you will never get in a street fight with floyd, he has
    epic security, Forget the tough guy attitude, the baddest men on the planet
    are little men that sit behind desks controlling armys.

  18. UltimateWarrior206 says:

    Moment anyone hears reporter say from TMZ they walk lol

  19. memyselfandi says:

    I’m gonna lay you out punk can’t wait

  20. TheAz943 says:

    4 oz gloves in a boxing match and Conor KOs him in the first but with
    boxing gloves he KOs him in the 4th