Conor McGregor Got His Start As A Plumber – CONAN on TBS

Conor McGregor Got His Start As A Plumber – CONAN on TBS

Before he became a world champion MMA fighter, Conor had an epiphany that he was meant to be more than just a plumber. Then he worked his butt off to make it happen.

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20 Responses

  1. Matteo Zoccheddu says:

    Even if i was obsessed with basketball i would never be an NBA player
    because i’m a short white guy not a tall black guy. Checkmate Conor

  2. Maria OBrien says:

    *I’m from Dublin (Lucan), and I know Conor.* Funny how he glorifies his
    “life”, when in fact he is one of the biggets scumbags I have ever come
    across. First off, he never “worked” as a plumber, he started an
    apprenticeship as a plumber, which lasted for a few months, until he quit.
    Ever since then he lived of social welfare. He and his girlfriend both
    never worked a single day in their life. Due to a loophole in the Irish
    social welfare system, it’s possible to never work and just get 180 euro a
    week… for ever!. That’s what Conor and several of his friends did. On top
    of that, he lived in a social-housing, which is a house given to unemployed
    people for free.
    Instead of finding a job, he was constantly in the gym, always very
    aggressive, unfriendly, assaulted people and even blackmailed them. Typical
    low life scumbag.
    So stop with the bullshit Conor, people who grew up with you, know how you
    really were. You were living off Irish tax payers for over 7 years and you
    never had a single job.

  3. shineson chen says:

    I dont really agree with his philosophy about talent. Yeah you can work
    your ass off to become great at something but the talented guy will also be
    great if not even better but he doesnt have to work as hard because it
    comes more natural. Another example could be about producing music or song
    writing. Some people have the creativity and ear for creating music while
    others may study for years and still not be able to create something good.
    I guess hard work just lessens the gap between talent.

  4. CrazyCow500 says:

    I really like his outlook as it applies to his work but you can’t just
    spread this kind of philosophy steadfast. You can’t go up to a cripple kid
    and tell him that its not about talent and that if he just works really
    hard he’ll be in the NBA. Its more complex than that.

    Everyone starts with some level of talent. The ones that usually get to a
    world class level before they’re 30 are usually start at 6-7 and work their
    way up to 10. If you start at 0, its very improbable that you will ever
    reach 10 before you’re 30.

  5. Mason Cusack says:

    He’s absolutely right. Only those with low self-esteem believe in talent to
    make themselves feel better. It’s a ridiculous concept.

  6. mamatea says:

    Hard-work is important but i think genetics, luck and many other factors
    are at play here, what if I’m a 4 foot 1 inch blind man who is really
    obsessed with being a professional NBA player and work really hard by
    practising many hours in the court everyday.

  7. Yanni75 says:

    “All men are created equal” – Conor McGregor Esq.

  8. WeGottaSituation says:

    Conor McGOAT!

  9. LEROY JENKINS says:

    If you really work hard as a plumber, maybe one day you’ll find coins lying
    everywhere, and start to have an italian accent, plus multiple games to
    your name, if thats not success i dont know what is

  10. Sandy Bourbeau says:

    Hahahaha! I can’t sing no matter how hard I work at it!!!!

  11. no username says:

    hmmm…red and blue suit…a plumber turned fighter…Conor McGregor =
    Super Mario – CONFIRMED

  12. Matt Britzius says:

    “The skill does not match the will” — Conor McGregor. A little bit of a

  13. iDontGoOutside ! says:

    Proud to be Irish!

  14. MouseCrusader says:

    God gave everyone a talent. What makes you better at you talent is your
    obsession for it.

  15. Jeff Faust says:

    “Hard work > talent”

    A nice feelgood soundbite, but it’s straight up bullshit, unfortunately.

  16. American Patriot says:

    His going to get his ass whoop by Diaz

  17. dl moore says:

    That dude is HOTT!!

  18. Fork lesnar says:

    conor mcflincher

  19. zygi22 says:

    It’s not just passion……for some careers you’ve got to be cut out
    for/have talent.

  20. Jam Jar says:

    every late night show is set up exactly the same