Conor McGregor is eager to return to the UFC: Exclusive interview with Ariel Helwani | SportsCenter

Conor McGregor is eager to return to the UFC: Exclusive interview with Ariel Helwani | SportsCenter

UFC lightweight Conor McGregor joins Ariel Helwani on SportsCenter for his first interview since October of 2018. McGregor proclaims that he is ready to return to fight in the UFC and is very eager to do so. He also tells Helwani that he is wanting to come back to fight for respect and redemption after his recent run-ins with the law.

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69 Responses

  1. ImpatientTurtle says:

    Hes out of breath having a conversation, that Conor cardio kicking in.

  2. deeshmond says:

    Convenient timing. Just trying to stay relevant now that he sees MMA fans don’t care if he comes back or not. We want to see REAL fighters like Diaz and Masvidal

    • Chris Malinowski says:

      Yeah because I watch all ufc cards, not cause of Conor. Would love to see him fight again but at this point most fans can take it or leave it he did this to himself

    • Kancerous Kingg says:

      @Bred For The Game Yeah I forgot, losing to Mayweather (an undefeated boxer) is the same as losing at MMA and life! Bruh you talking [sorry] typing mad shit but you are a bandwagon fan of a guy who never won a belt, has lost half of his UFC fights, and been beat by every wrestler he fought besides Askren. You don’t like Conor for his out of the ring antics, cool but if you wanna talk achievements in MMA, you look like a fool.

      Dude was the first champ champ, smoked every featherweight, snatched the belt off of the guy who took it from his rival RDA, made the sport as big if not bigger than boxing and WWE, fought the bigger guy who called him out, lost, came back to beat him and have Khabib his first lost round. What has Masdival done again? Gtfoh boy.

    • Kancerous Kingg says:

      @Bred For The Game “champions” defend their belt! That’s such retarded logic. That’s like me saying the Eagles were never super bowl champs because they didn’t win it back to back. You win a 1st place trophy, it means you won 1st place dumbass

    • cap alot hard ona laptop says:

      This interview makes u wonder… Just how good was Joe duffy

    • Lorin Lankins says:

      Despott this is true

  3. Séamus Ó'Catháin says:

    Just hours after he finished up a Coke binge…

    • Craig M says:

      Séamus Ó’Catháin completely agree
      The Mmmms Mmmmms..his eyes..stuttering/stammering are all clear signs of substance abuce

    • Beth Rumble says:

      Bollocks he always talks fast have a look at his older interviews

    • Vajrahaha Shunyata says:

      Go look at his early interviews. He was lighter, quicker and it was apparent that he was having fun. He looks strained and forced now. It changed during the mayweather lead up. I feel that’s when his ego got the best of him. He was different from that point on. He went from being funny with his insults to just being insulting. Again, my opinion. I cringe when I listen to him now. His off game shenanigans have made me lose respect for him. I hope he comes down from his high horse and can get back to fighting and training like he used too. Sometimes riches destroy the hunger it takes to be a champ.

    • Kevin Fleming says:

      Irish people talk so quick we basically created a different version of English.

  4. OptimusD says:

    Come back, get a solid win in and built it back from there. Forget Khabib for now.

  5. Obitrice For life says:

    I’ll be fighting ( tapping) until the day I go out~ Conor

    • High All Day says:


    • Michael McDonald says:

      So, I dont like Connor, but I dont understand what’s so shameful about tapping. The shit hes done is shameful, but tapping? Seems stupid not too..

    • tea bag says:

      I’m not a huge conor fan or anything, but this is how I know you’ve never trained submission grappling, everyone taps….everyone.

    • Michael McDonald says:

      @tea bag that’s what I’m saying lol. You know people can shit their pants when they go out like that? I’ll just tap thanks lol.

    • twinktoiletsbestfriendsmomscancer 69 says:

      @Michael McDonald right ? Everyone like talking smack because he tapped out acting like they wouldn’t tap.

  6. Carlyons Customz says:

    Conner McGregor made a Great Point on “Why cant he voice himself he’s a Fan as well McGregor Loves the Sport just Like anyone else”

  7. Harry Lloyd says:

    He sounds almost jittery, the exuberance is long gone.

  8. Andrew Bukata says:

    Did he injure his hand on some old man’s face?

  9. Baba Jaeger says:

    Coke is one helluva drug.

  10. Robert Zhukovski says:

    Conor McGregor versus Charlie Zelenoff for the Champion of the Universe.
    Thumbs up for Dana to see.

    • Mark Jones says:

      Charlie is stupid enough to actually consider that! He loved attention, so he would probably do it, knowing he has no chance. He would get hurt so bad, though, it might cause the UFC to fold. He would either get killed or permanently injured.

    • Mark says:

      I had charlie on instagram. That guy is fucking funny hahha

    • MultiMarleyman88 says:

      Yes mate you know that! Let them two clowns fight it out

    • Ronald Stonecipher says:

      Mark I don’t know at this point with all the blow and alcohol Conor would probably gas out in the 3rd and let Charlie take his back.

    • Mark Jones says:

      @Ronald Stonecipher That’s a good point. I think Connor knows that if he doesn’t stop partying and living a rebellious lifestyle, his legacy is going to be destroyed. I think he’s going to humble himself and take what he has left in the tank, and make the most out if it. He MUST be around the right people who care about him, or it won’t work. I think he has another Championship run left in his blood, but can he be disciplined enough for a lifestyle change? We shall see, but I wouldn’t throw in towel on him yet…

  11. The MemeMan says:

    Nate Diaz had 3 year lay off and came back looking great and improved human, and took matters in his hands. He’s an athlete though; he never stopped training, running, cycling etc. He’s been like that all his life. Conor shows up after 1 year lay off and looks and sounds like shit, like he’s off coke binge or smthg. It’s nice you’re inspired by Nate’s comeback Conor, but compared to him you’re a bum.

  12. Bobby p widjoyo says:

    Ariel: how did u broke ur hand?

    Connor: an old man say no to my proper 12

  13. Rhys Peregrine says:

    He’s not convincing me when he says he thinks he can beat Khabib. I don’t think he’s convincing any of the fanbase, to be honest. Or Ariel, or the camerman, or the lady who makes the coffee.
    Shit, he’s not even convincing himself.

  14. Simon glassbegg says:

    McGregor vs Rose namajunas Winner fights brock lesnar LETSSSS GOOO?

  15. IFFI says:

    ” I I needed..I need..I needed my coaches who learned me how to punch old fellas in the head”- Connor’ punches senior citizens in the head’ McTapper.

  16. suseno anwar says:

    Most wanted fight in UFC:
    Khabib vs Ferguson
    Diaz vs Masvidal
    Conor vs The old little man who has steel chin

  17. JDT says:

    Red under the eyes an McGregor response just ain’t the same ffs gutted

  18. Krakkin 89 says:

    Amazing how much conor has changed in a matter of a few years. He’s a broken man. Gonna end up skint

  19. Kong de l'Afrique says:

    Correction; ‘i’ll be tapping until the day i go out.’

  20. B real B real says:

    Don’t try talking shit to Ariel lad he knows yours finished ???????

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