Conor McGregor — Respect for CM Punk … He’s Not a WWE P****

Conor McGregor — Respect for CM Punk … He’s Not a WWE P****

Conor McGregor may have had a dog in Saturday night’s fight between Mickey Gall and CM Punk, but he still has respect for the person he rooted against.

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20 Responses

  1. Yu Toob says:

    Typical McGregor

  2. Tushar Gosain says:

    He’s wearing his grandma specs

  3. dat boi says:

    you think cmpunk should stay in ufc? Conor : I think I am the greatest..
    p4p no 1, bow to me, I am ur daddy tmz…

  4. Shiv Patel says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like conor is in love with the coco

  5. Yrtha07 says:

    Conor Vs Eddie Alvarez @MSG UFC 205..hope this happens!!

  6. DenkOps - says:

    Brock lesnar will beat yo ass.

  7. Thad Campbell says:

    Dude gave his bodyguard that new gold lighter he just bought right before
    walking towards the camera, I guarantee he was just lighting up & is
    completely baked in this video.

  8. Justin B says:

    You’re telling me CM Punk beat the undertaker but lost to this gay looking
    kid? UFC is so scripted and fake.

  9. Jalal Khurassani says:

    the cunt was high af lmfao start talking about himself how he is the
    greatest HAHAHAH love his cockiness

  10. Prabz Rage says:


  11. The_Angry_Raccoon says:

    Man, the Irish are white Niggas

  12. Rayne says:

    Where did this whole *”WWE wrestlers are pussies!”* thing even come from?
    So, what, if you’re not a UFC fighter, then you’re automatically a pussy?
    What kind of logic is that?

    It’s not as if WWE wrestlers are trying to convince people that they’re
    legit fighters. It’s a scripted show. It’s solely for entertainment.

  13. armand de ridder says:

    Well remember this one quickly, Cm is a white belt and Micky bitch face is
    a brown belt in jiu jitsu so for cm to stay on the ground for over 2 n a
    half minutes is actually crazy. CM wil be back better

  14. ShinxXRyu says:

    He doesn’t get respect imo, we knew he would most likely fight. But he
    didn’t do any better than anyone thought he would do, he got embarrassingly

  15. smash crooks says:

    dam conor has some serious style that outfit is on point. The man has good

  16. Frank White says:

    Hahaha the ending was awesome . Out of nowhere : ” i think im the greatest
    , im the pound for pound number one ” Haha

  17. Frank Lampard says:

    CM Punk beat John Cena, but he can’t beat this faggot? UFC is clearly
    scripted and fake.

  18. knowledgeisthepower1 says:

    Conor ‘cocaine’ Mcgregor

  19. OK says:

    Totally. Respect isn’t only earned through winning. It’s earned through the

  20. Marius VanDamme says:

    Funny thing is, CM Punk would probably beat the shit out of anyone else in
    WWE in a real fight now. Exept Lesnar offcourse.