Console Pack-In Games – Scott The Woz

Console Pack-In Games – Scott The Woz

Scott gets a deal (wet rat).
Limited Edition Merchandise for Charity:


Music Used:
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51 Responses

  1. Barry Sweaty says:

    I am constantly impressed with Scott’s ability to make retro subjects out of thin air

  2. Ratchetxtreme 65 says:

    Gotta appreciate Scott for keeping us entertained until he releases his big 10th anniversary Wii U video 😁👌

  3. SliceofPi says:

    It wasn’t enough for Scott to launch his charity event with 57 trading cards and exclusive videos, 2 sets of the mysterious game of crypticism with a pack in CD and comic, and tons of poster and t-shirt variants. He also uploads a 30 minute video within the same 3 days!
    We don’t deserve this man.

  4. SolidSkullz says:

    Scott the woz back again with that peak Scott the woz content that really feels like Scott the woz. Thank you Scott the woz

  5. devinhuang says:

    Man, Scott The Woz is a great YouTuber to watch when you are tired or bored

  6. Joe Shmoe says:

    Truly one of the best “Scott The Woz Console Pack-In Games” videos of our generation

  7. Count Dooku says:

    This man could talk about a singular M&M for 17 minutes and I would hear him out with no hesitation

  8. Red Duck says:

    This guy always has fresh ideas.

  9. deathsyth8888 says:

    This guy should should have his own segment on a premium cable TV channel!

  10. LeafyNiko says:

    If scott was a console he’d come packed with pepto-bismol and an extra long manual to read on the ride home.

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