Containing the Worst Nuclear Disaster in History: Chernobyl’s New Confinement Structure

Containing the Worst Nuclear Disaster in History: Chernobyl’s New Confinement Structure – – Deep in rural Ukraine sits what was once the V.I. Lenin Nuclear Power Station. Now, it’s the site of the worst nuclear disaster in human history: and one that still needs to be contained, thirty years later. How do you deal with something that’ll be this toxic for so long into the future?

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20 Responses

  1. He Ka says:

    Great info as always!
    But why do you sound like you’re out of breath in every video?

  2. Chris Harrison says:

    Sorry to be pedantic Tom, but surely the “worst nuclear disaster in
    humanity’s history” was Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

  3. ALAKTORN says:

    Why the re-upload?

  4. richifie says:

    Someone should time lapse the movement of the cover. That would be super
    cool to see.

  5. dubtat says:

    This guy talks like Mr Bean.

  6. fun911s says:

    Containing the Worst Nuclear Disaster in History: Chernobyl’s New
    Confinement Structure

  7. Roland Gharfine says:

    Hello Tom, great video as usual. A little suggestion for future material,
    my country has been going through a little bit of a crisis in terms of
    rubbish disposal, I hope you can show technologically advanced methods that
    are used in the UK or any part of Europe to recycle and generate power from
    the collected solid waste. I hope you’ll read this. Cheers!

  8. hitforhelp says:

    In a 100years time they could be looking back on this as archive footage
    talking about how our generation knew and understood what a colossal mess
    it has been dealing with it.

  9. itchykami says:

    On the plus side, the worst of the radioactivity will resolve itself in
    ~210-300 years more or less give or take.

  10. Nerve Clasp says:

    Hey, Tom, welcome to Ukraine)) a bit too late to say that, but still))

  11. julio hernandez says:

    he should wear a condom to being there

  12. duded B says:

    I mean if they find a great way to dispose of nuclear waste we wouldnt need
    gas or oil anymore.. people have looked into.. its hard and not 100% that
    throwing money into research will yeild the results you want to hear.
    Unlike this dome. It will give us time. Time will let the radioactivty die
    and im sure this was discussed and disputed many times before the dome was

  13. Ricardo Llamas says:

    Where did the money came from?
    was it a local thing or was it worldwide contributions?

  14. albert servant says:

    an even bigger arch to house the old one every hundred years

  15. Zach Ashton says:

    I want to go here.

  16. Peter Harris says:

    what happens if a meteor hits then the sparks will fly..

  17. The Lords Lounge says:

    Q/. Why shouldn’t you walk around a Russian nuclear power station in your

    A/. Because Chernobyl fallout!

  18. Callum Barnes says:

    Who paid for it?

  19. The Lords Lounge says:

    How Russia is still dealing with the Chernobyl disaster…

  20. jeff4justice says:

    Doesn’t Japan need one too?