Continuing coverage of Vermilion Parish teacher arrest- KATC

Continuing coverage of Vermilion Parish teacher arrest- KATC

Continuing coverage of Vermilion Parish teacher arrest- KATC

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86 Responses

  1. Joe Reyes says:

    Girl civil lawsuit! Your opinion does not deam it legal to cuff you. Unlawfuldetention mental cruelty. Go girl!

    • Shadowshonor1 says:

      38 thousand dollars a year rise . The uncut video shows she had almost no time to leave . Before she was slammed to the floor . This feels like fluff pieces to make the school board look less bad .

  2. Abby jedlicka says:

    Idk these people or that teacher. But I call BS-BIG TIME! She had every right to be there and voice her concerns. Her civil rights were violated!

    • John ramon Daniel says:

      Abby jedlicka . Ya they where makes me sick

    • hubbleISS says:

      I can’t imagine there not being a civil suit in her future lest she just lets it go..

      But the sad thing is that $30K alone wouldn’t go far to help hundreds and hundreds of full time teachers. According to what seems like perhaps outdated statistics, as she said its 29:1 student/teacher ratio as this other data states 18:1, these other stats also state there are ~671 full time teachers. With a number like that, the $30K allocated to the SI would afford less than $50 each to all of those teachers. Who knows, it could be that there are 1,000 teachers now, I have no idea. But using some figures below and comparing to an hourly wage worker at 40 hours, with 671 FT teachers, that $30K could mean $1.12 more/hour ~$44.8 dollars with the suggested average salary of ~$37,600.

      The actual salaries maybe more, Idk.. But if you equated that salary to an hourly worker to figure the weekly pay, that’d be less than $20 shy of $800/week gross pay for a standard 40 hour work week but of course we also know that teachers except where they may, don’t work 5-7 days a week every month of the year, minus holidays like most other workers do. For the schools which let out for the summer season, clearly teachers are not required to be at work 8+ hours/day 5 days out of the week.

      At any rate, they’d need to find more money to add to that $30K for those teachers in order to make a significant contribution to their salaries because after withholdings the teachers won’t see much of that “$45” in their net pay. And again, there could be more than 671 FT teachers thereby lowering the amount each would receive.

    • Abby jedlicka says:

      hubbleISS. Thank you for all that info. Really puts it into perspective. They could at least use the money to buy extra supplies for classrooms. Teachers struggle with that too.

    • Black Dragon Gaming says:

      She’ll sue and the school district will settle in a heartbeat.

  3. thatweridtree says:

    I’m glad that the teachers aren’t going down without a fight

  4. lovelion2001 says:

    is it a coincidence that 2 women and 1 person of color voted against the raise and 5 old white men voted for the raise.

    • sdguy123 says:

      Easy there asshole.

    • phanatic215 says:

      Darkhorse6 let’s think critically about this. Do you think it would have been pointed out if a black superintendent received all the black votes and female votes and none if the white male votes? Whether it’s black people voting racial or the white people voting racially…that I can’t say, but there is something fishy about that voting. If he was truly deserving of that raise, why wouldn’t the vote be unanimous? The voting here seemed truly one sided and decided before this meeting every started. After hearing that very valid teachers complaint, not a single one of those voters changed their mind about giving the superintendent a raise. Like the OP said…”good ole boys network”

    • Ghost Crew says:

      lovelion2001 shut up libfag

    • Kyle Junkunc says:

      Yes u fucking racist/sexist.

    • Anita Tuesley says:

      My thoughts exactly. The teachers are overwhelmingly women too – a few good men among them.

  5. S Blair says:

    You make 6 figures and you are whining how you rank vs other superintendents and not having a raise in 5 years vs those that make 5 figures and haven’t had a raise in 10 years? You need to be slapped. Hard.

    • Cathy Hudgins Arnett says:

      S Blair he’s a narcissist

    • Savannah S says:

      That’s what I’m saying
      “Oh wah, you make double or more of those peasant teachers… that’s just not enough because someone else makes more” cry me a freaking river.
      These dudes need to carefully remove their heads from their butts and get over themselves.
      Those teachers do the work, they deserve a boost.

    • Candide Thirtythree says:

      He is a republican, all of the admins in the state are, they are not elected, they are all given the jobs by friends or family members, not a single one is qualified for any job in education.

    • Sabrina Adaba says:

      S Blair AND the teachers do most of the heavy lifting. This is shameful on so many levels.

    • Linda Meade says:

      Candice, I am a conservative and I think that the job of superintendent should be an ELECTED office with 2 year terms, a TERM limit, and performance reviews at which the public is welcome to speak openly! I abhor that school board’s actions!

  6. r dodge says:

    They dropped the charges because they realized it was an unlawful arrest.

    • Andre Barbosa says:

      Authorities making arrests like this harm our constitution

    • Diane Pinson says:

      I couldn’t hear the audio very well – but I never heard anyone on the board ask / tell her to sit down OR ask that she be removed. Did I miss that?

    • sara jacobson says:


    • stevejh69 says:

      Yes it IS his fault. He is supposed to uphold the LAW. Not do as his pupet masters say.

    • Walid Azami says:

      Completely is his fault! You can remove her, but you don’t have to arrest her. He chose to escalate the situation, not the people behind the desk. The people behind the desk are crooks for other reasons but HE arrested her, HE removed her from the room, HE had the choice of saying that he’d remove her IF she broke the law, HE had the choice of booking her, HE signed up for that job, HE took her to the station, and HE put the school district on the map. HE needs to lose his job and RIGHT NOW!

  7. Raeth says:

    she is going to get paid. to bad it wont come out of the 30k raise for the stupidintendant. how is a 30% raise for anyone in public service justified? when was the last time a janitor got a 30% raise?

  8. TheDyingSun says:

    There aren’t really mixed opinions. People are overwhelmingly in support of the teacher and condemn the actions of the officer and the board members.

    • Breanna Morgan says:

      TheDyingSun because it’s a poor white person being on the end of police brutality by a black cop. & since blacks don’t determine sides by skin tones all of us are on her side & of course whites are. You only see mixed opinions by whites when it’s a black person being done wrong that’s when you get the
      “That thug deserved it”
      “We don’t know the whole story”
      “All lives matter”
      “Back the blue”

    • atrain 34007 says:

      Breanna Morgan has to cry about race. Get the fuck over yourself.

    • Adammrtl27 says:

      atrain 34007 I’ve seen her comments on several videos now. Always the same rhetoric

    • Christian Ovesson says:

      Breanna Morgan “since blacks don’t determine sides by skin tones”

  9. eaunan says:

    a petty personal attack?? Ms Hargrave was concise, articulate, factual, and polite – and only spoke when recognized by the board…THAT’S a petty personal attack?? This man needs to GO with prejudice!! He may be on the school board, but he has ceased representing the entirety of school’s education providers and instead decidedly focused on the bureaucracy, hierarchy, and elevation of boards administration. This man is disgusting.

    • silversaint says:

      Some guys’ egos are easily bruised by stronger women, especially when armed with the truth

    • Danny Dine says:

      I have a feeling there going to end up regretting this.

    • Necramonium says:

      The personal attack to him, as he saw it, was that she was about to touch his money, his future pool!

    • Candide Thirtythree says:

      They won’t, here these rich white male republicans never pay for anything, they literally get away with murder.

    • Michael Johnson says:

      I’m curious as to how you know this man’s political status? IF you wish to speak of greed, perhaps you should look on the other side of the fence. I can name a few Liberal Democrats who are quite wealthy AND greedy. Should I continue?

  10. MsPopRouge says:

    Actually the problem is the President Fontana whom appointed a yes man after the death of a school board member who was AGAINST the raise. Prior votes were split at 4-4. If anything was personal it was on Fontana’s side. Same sad story, old white man not able to take a woman disagreeing with him. Shame on Vermilion Parish.

  11. Kristopher Bilbrey says:

    I too recently was arrested for ‘Disorderly Conduct’ for speaking up in a PUBLIC City Council meeting. (On 11.27.17).

    I was put in cuffs, jailed, booked… yet when the Special Prosecutor reviewed the case he stated that he WOULD NOT FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST ME.

    In his decision he held that my speech was constitutionally protected political speech!

    I was specifically targeted due to my staunch opposition of a project that my city government has been trying to jam down the throats of citizens for the last year!

    Others spoke up and out, both before and after I did… for longer times and at louder, more ‘disruptive’ volumes… yet only I was arrested!

    (Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana)

    I STAND WITH Deyshia Hargrave!!!!!!!

  12. Patrick DeCambra says:

    It’s pretty bad when American citizens get arrested for questioning there Civic leaders this doesn’t sound like America anymore

    • Scott Gordon says:

      he is just a school board super. nothing more. not a civic position

    • jlb2171 says:

      Will you… exactly correct. As long as the government tells people were are a capitalist free enterprise country, they will believe it. Then they call us dumb, when we state the obvious. Capitalist countries have small governments. We take people’s income and divide it up. We bail out the banks and other ‘too large to fail’ companies. It’s only a free enterprise for those competing with the government and large multi-national companies.

    • Seppi Seppsen says:

      You mean, it doesn’t sound like white America anymore? Treating Afro-Americans that way was the norn for centuries in slave-holder America and it is still risky to speak up publicly for Afro-Americans as BLM has amply documented. What would have happened when the teacher had been Black?

    • SFO14 says:

      *”Think of all of the times you have behaved like this and think of all of the times someone has responded with “My goodness! You’re right! Thank you for lifting the veil from my eyes” or something similar.”*
      Anne Boleyn getting beheaded comes to mind.

    • Gerry Nightingale says:

      Uh…one mistake you’re making here…NONE of the people on a ‘school-board’ are ‘Civic Leaders’.

  13. Kristopher Bilbrey says:

    A petty, personal attack on the Superintendent? WHAT??? lol

    • G. S. says:

      Kristopher Bilbrey wwwwwoooww… I have no words

    • mark99k says:

      In the Deep South, everything that upsets an old white man is a ‘personal attack.’ Public shaming of this corrupt school board needs to continue until all 5 of the scumbags who approved the ridiculous raise resign.

  14. Hannah Wheatcraft says:

    Sad that the superintendent cares more about money than kids. Really exposes the character of the people in charge. Additionally, she was recognized and was expressing her freedom of speech, which they arrested her for once she began to voice opinions opposing to their own. Deeply saddening, teachers definitely need more recognition and reward for all they do to raise a intellectual future generation.

    • Vash The Stampede says:

      Aaaal ! we need people with both of those traits

    • 11cabadger says:

      Careful Hannah, you’re making too much sense. Everybody knows people with the most money are deeply moral folk who never speak out against their own kind, let alone THINK. That’s why there’s a war on teachers all over this country, not just Vermilion Parrish. It’s people like you and that Louisiana loud-mouth who want kids to read, write, and imagine $140k doesn’t equal $48k — white men gotta make more than women & minorities or our American tradition of unfair pay scales will get all fouled up. What a relief that “mall cop” is still on the job (as is the FBI), protecting the caring school board members from all the chaos & dissension that went on in that room. Whew!

    • 드루와이니 says:

      Boards and suprintnts dont know about teaching and dont care about schools but money. We dont need these money eater scumbags but more teachers who really work and support for kids.

    • Hannah Wheatcraft says:

      11cabadger that was sarcasm, right? Lol

    • 11cabadger says:

      Hannah Wheatcraft These days it’s hard to tell. Keep up the good fight.

  15. JessieBanana says:

    Poor dude, how are you going to buy a yacht on a measly $110,000/year. So basically he looked around and said…wait other superintendents are being rained on, why am I not and demanded what amounts to almost an entire teachers salary as a raise. Most people don’t get 30% raises.

    • IslandGirl 9152 says:

      Amen brother. I am a teacher so this is personal. And the fact they refused to talk about the benefits “package”. That usually amounts to about another 30 grand a year in compensation because it usually means a free car to use, school district credit cards, expense accounts, travel all over the country and world which the privileged always get. So you can see why they wanted to skip over that part.

    • Robert Johnson says:

      Nobody ever deserves a raise except those at the top. It’s the American Way in action.

  16. dkwroot says:

    Land of the free … yeah right.

  17. Robert Blevins says:

    Arrest a teacher who questions a $2,500 a month raise. Have to get tough sometimes to get your hot little hands on all that cash. The superintendent should be fired, as well as the board members who voted for the contract. Teacher should bring suit under civil rights violations, First, and possibly Fifth Amendment violations. Fire the cop as well.

  18. PackingMessyCans says:

    I didn’t realize it was a competition to see which superintendent gets paid the most in poverty riddled Louisiana.

  19. Angel Ortega says:

    Citizen: Why was I arrested?
    Cop: For resisting an officer.
    Citizen: Yeah because you were arresting me without cause.
    Cop: I was arresting you for resisting the arrest.

    I see this train of logic alot with cops, always wondered why they went to the academic for.

  20. feelsomething inmusic says:

    Progress really?not because of this bastard! Because the extra hard work of the teachers students and staff!

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