Controversy Around My Recent Videos | Responding to Comments #14

Controversy Around My Recent Videos | Responding to Comments #14

We are back at it responding to your comments and questions via this monthly video series. I love reading and responding to your comments and as you can tell I’ll jump into the comments section with a reply or a heart quite often. If one of the questions I answered was not detailed enough or you want more info on the subject please let me know so that I can make a dedicated video giving you all of the info!

A few favorite topics from this video are:

1. John Oliver Criticism:

2. Jonathan Haidt Criticism:

3. MD Vs. DO Differences:

4. My Blood Type

5. What happens in a seizure

6. Surgical Anxiety

7. What happens when you stay upside down?

8. Send me nuts

If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in-depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Memes/Medical Drama Reviews/Responding to comments in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/episodes you’d like for me to watch. Love you all!

– Doctor Mike Varshavski

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63 Responses

  1. Redmoon383 says:

    Ha, pre surgery anxiety. My first surgery was an appendectimy and when reading the “if you take anesthesia you can die” text was funny to me.

    Hmm… die while asleep… or die in pain and from septic shock…

    Sleep please.

  2. Ashley Neinhoüs says:

    Please do that video on pre-surgery talk. Im looking into an ablation for the second time

  3. Yari says:

    Damn, I wish I were this eloquent when responding/clarifying criticism

  4. none of your business says:

    Yes, pleeeasse. Do a pre-surgery video. Can you talk about the side affects and ivs and all of that stuff?

  5. Pavla says:

    I would like to see video about allergies. Can this happen?

    • Abigail Phelps says:

      Pavla yessssssss. I’m allergic to all mugs, cherries, wasps, animal dandruff, and pollen so uh ya. And some medicines

    • Sara Casadiego says:

      Yes!!! I would love a video about allergies. I was never allergic to anything, then one day I woke up with awful topic allergies, would live to understand why this happens.

    • Monika Dziadkowiec says:

      Yes I would love this! I’m currently struggling with unknown allergies. I’ve been breaking out in hives for the past three days, going to urgent care and taking steroids. I hate that I can not identify what is causing this reaction as I haven’t done or ate anything new or used any new products recently.

  6. Kate Padilla says:

    On the lab/insurance not covering blood type tests: If you donate blood through the Red Cross they will send you a donation card with your blood type listed on it.

    • Marisa Packer says:


    • zeldahime says:

      Not everyone can donate blood, and not just “high risk” people whose blood would get refused.
      I can’t donate due to health problems, not because my blood would be bad for other people but because the lack of it would cause damage to my own health. (I wish I could explain better, but doctors never really explained it well to me, so…)
      I know I’m AB-, though, because I needed a blood transfusion when I was born.

    • Riquezmann says:

      This is random but in Mexico citizens are asked their blood type when applying for a drivers licence and parents must provide their children’s blood type when registering their children in school. Thus, a child starting kindergarten in 2019 should have access to their blood type. Interesting, right?

    • Ann Walkup says:

      The Rhode Island Blood Center also gives you a donor card with your blood type when you donate. Go Lil Rhody!

    • Cari Gordon says:

      Currently in school for Medical Laboratory Science and I got to type my own. ?

  7. lepjee says:

    Dr. Mike, like seriously, endometriosis??? Wth is that about

  8. Hot Cpaghetti YOU WANT?! says:

    I just love how you reply to critical comments in such a calm, open-minded and understanding way.
    I wish more people were like that!

  9. Dakoda Southee says:

    Can you do a video talking about endometriosis and pcos, I’ve just been diagnosed with pcos and am currently going through more testing for endo but I don’t really know much about it

    • YoungDymisty says:

      I have pcos too. ? Multiple cysts on both Ovaries. It seems to be genetic because both my sisters have it and my mom had it. I find when it comes to any medical condition doctors don’t really explain a lot about it they just tell you what you have and then expect you to do your own research that’s always been my case anyway. I’ve been told I should be a doctor because I’ve managed to diagnose people’s ailments so many times. Lol I also wanted to find out if I had endometriosis as as my time of the month is considered abnormal in the average sense compared to others.

    • Lucero Idalid Cordoba says:

      Yessss we need this video.

    • Dakoda Southee says:

      @YoungDymisty I have 14 on one and one of them is 22mm and I have 17 on the right one, and at the point of my ultrasound I had an endometrial thickness of 9.8mm and it shouldn’t go over 5mm

    • Jovi Siagian says:

      @YoungDymisty I’m interested with this as I’m a doctor myself. My standard of operation when it comes to explaining what my patients have is always on how they get the disease, how the disease gives the symptoms they’re experiencing, and the potential harms they might get if it’s left undertreated. I think most doctors do that as well. What other information do you, as a patient, expect to hear from your doctors?

    • hil jayde says:

      yes!! i recently got diagnosed with endo and it really needs to be talked about more!!

  10. Jivy Dremsa says:

    Dr. Mike: Something came in the mail today…

    Me: What?

    Dr. Mike: Deez Nuts! Got em!

  11. Suey 1910 says:

    I love the fact that Dr.Mike actually takes criticism well and will explain himself instead of being offended.

    • I like Potatoes says:

      Dude he seems calm in this scripted video but you should watch how many holes he punched through the wall. That’s why his boyfriend left him, he has a violent temperament. Some guys might find that hot but when it’s 24/7 it’s no fun.

    • Diane Thoroughman says:

      @I like Potatoes he didn’t punch any walls. Quit slandering.

    • I like Potatoes says:

      @Diane Thoroughman Prove it.

    • Brett Hazelton says:

      @Nicolas Marchant Mjøs
      Who needs friends that have to be coddled and protected from offense?
      Nor do I care about influencing people by sweet talking them with bullshit.
      I call it as I see it.
      If you don’t like my brutally honest opinion, that’s fine.
      But I’m not sugar coating it for you or anyone.

    • Nicolas Marchant Mjøs says:

      @Brett Hazelton it’s not about that, it’s about viewing things from other people’s perspective and finding genuine motivators. It’s not sugarcoating, it’s effectively explaining ones perspective while affirming someone else’s.

      You may find satisfaction from telling people off and being “brutally honest”, but when have you ever learned anything new or changed opinions from people treating you the same way. The difference between a debate and a yelling match is the part where people listen and learn, regardless of difference in opinion.

  12. Pablo Soto says:

    My props to you for making this video. Instead of apologizing for what you said or doubling back on what you said, you instead apologize for misunderstandings and explain what you meant.
    Keep up the great work.

    • I like Potatoes says:

      He took option G which stands for gayyyyyy

    • Bright feather says:

      @I like Potatoes, hating on people is not going to help people, instead it is going to set you back. Please consider thinking how this may effect someone before posting it. Good day

    • Brett Hazelton says:

      @Bright feather
      Screw ’em.
      I’ve had enough of these pansy snowflakes dictating how we communicate so as not to damage any delicate fee-fee’s.
      Grow the fuck up for fuck sakes…

  13. Ehriykkah says:

    Video ideas:

    Paleo diet
    More mental health (cuz there can never be enough of it)
    How water affects the body

  14. Mariam 2004 says:

    Let’s get that pre-surgical clearance video!
    By the way, love your videos!

  15. mayella says:

    Dr Mike i would love a draw my life or i think it would be interesting

  16. TheOriginalsquish says:

    an intelligent, respectful and patient response to critique.

    Take notes ‘influencers,’ this is how you do it.

  17. Mike MacEntee says:

    “What’s in the box?????” Omg you really went there didn’t ya LMAO

  18. Queen Nickie says:

    I think you’re humble, assertive, educational, and caring like doctors should be. This channel has been great since I’ve found it. Thanks for what you do.

  19. Nerd Monkey says:

    Those addicted to outrage will find offense in whatever they can, no matter how they have to twist your words around.

    • Brett Hazelton says:

      If other people are “interpreting” your words incorrectly then that’s their problem, not yours.
      I could care less about people who interpret words instead of comprehending them.

    • Riaz Hamdan Malik says:

      Bookmouse – fuck off to your safe space why don’t you then?!?

      It’s not his job to interpret how those watching his videos interpret/understand what he’s saying !!! He has the choice to treat his friends and family like this but not random brainless fucking imbeciles that want to feel like a victim!!


    • Riaz Hamdan Malik says:

      @SINAMORAS – exactly!!

      It’s beyond disturbing how many people are playing the victim and professional offendees!!
      Desperate for any attention, clearly unstable, uneducated morons. And this is the type that should be listened to so others are forced into filtering what and how they say just incase one of them starts spazzing out?!?

    • jireh tamiing says:

      Bookmouse that’s just catering to sensitive people.

  20. Nadia23Evan says:

    I’d like to see a PCOS video (don’t know if you covered that already) something different

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