Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein died by apparent suicide overnight in a Manhattan jail cell

Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein died by apparent suicide overnight in a Manhattan jail cell

Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein died by apparent suicide overnight in a Manhattan jail cell. Epstein was being held without bail pending a trial on child sex trafficking charges. On Friday, thousands of pages of documents were unsealed in federal court from a lawsuit filed by a woman who claims Epstein kept her as a sex slave.

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57 Responses

  1. Moonsister Moonsister says:

    NO WAY! Jeffrey was WAY too grandiose to off himself. He’s blackmailing people to have them help him escape the country. Anybody checking to see where those private jets are????

  2. Triggerz McKnickers says:

    As instructed by their Globalist masters, Globalist media will accept this “suicide” narrative without question… because they are not real journalists.

  3. Life is short says:

    Toxicology report please. I think he was knocked off because
    he was going to talk.

    • 734gman says:

      @Jon K lol court records….. This guy had dirt on everyone and that info is not in court. Guarantee he was trying to use it as leverage. The only questions now are, did or will the govt lapdogs find it n keep it hidden? does he have a contingency plan with someone else paid to hold n release it if something happened to him? Can said person be bought by the people who killed him?
      Then, even if released, will the people watching tv believe corporate media that whatever independent journalist reveals it just call them a liar. Will that journalist be incarcerated for releasing it?

    • Robert Blackford says:

      Trust me there will be an extensive autopsy and toxicology report. All performed by a doctor with ties to the former Clinton administration

    • Michael Gale says:


  4. Jody Sephus says:

    We the people aint buying this load of horsecrap!!


    Remember when they use to say this was a “conspiracy”??? Gnarly

  6. Christopher MacIntyre says:

    Brexit takes 3 years, but Jeffxit is right on schedule.

  7. Christopher Casey says:

    Sounds like a hoax, I wanna see his dead body. He got a lot rich friends who have pull in the media. He tried to hang his self once, y’all let him succeed this time!? With what did he hang himself with?

    • The Opinionist High Quality Opinions says:

      Not only that, but there’s no place to attach anything like a sheet on those prison beds. It’s impossible to hang yourself in one of those cells. A head dive might do it, but he’s not really dead anyway.

    • BeBop Aloola says:

      He dind’t ! Was Bludgeoned to Death with a Dora the Explorer Lunch Box ! The good kind Metal an Aladdin Thermos included !

    • The Opinionist High Quality Opinions says:

      @BeBop Aloola You’ve hit the bullseye! ? Now why on earth didn’t I realize that?!! ? ?

    • ThisIsLotso says:

      *ahem* They aren’t allowed to show his body! It’s an FCC violation!

  8. Cliff Bellas says:

    This was undoubtedly a political hit as he could have brought down to many politicians with him.

  9. 10,000 Subscribers with two videos? says:

    When the news report only has to be 26 seconds long, it’s gonna be interesting

  10. Richard Hermida says:

    But remember people…conspiracy bad. MSM good. Conspiracy bad. MSM good. Interesting that the “trust the MSM with your life” crowd is mysteriously silent today.

    • Rechtsgedanktes Radikalgut says:

      They have to get their scripts in order. They’ll appear in time to shout down on you for “hate speech” and circulating “conspiracy theories” to get you banned.

    • RamboNambo (aka Sorpresa) says:

      The fact that the media tries to shut down conspiracy theories and says that they are false is odd. If they are false wouldn’t they not care about shutting down the theories to begin with?

    • ezrsaidndone 1 says:

      Obama reinstated the Smith-mundt act

  11. Diana Ely says:

    Media has lost all credibility !! I don’t believe anything they say without proof they lie every day

  12. Los Critics Supreme says:

    Nothing to see here folks.. Just Suicide, by a person in maximum security and already on suicide watch….

  13. Bernadette Kennedy says:

    The most famous prisoner in the world and they couldn’t keep him from committing suicide, especially since he tried it before. Hard to believe.

  14. jerry sanders says:

    Yea RIGHT. The most VALUABLE witness in decades of crimes that would implicate CLINTONS and MORE, so CONVENIENTLY dies on a Saturday WHILE ON suicide watch??????

    • Franco says:

      The Clintons? You are effin crazy. It’s trump who has the most to lose at this point. He has already allegedly raped an underage girl while in the presence of Epstein and another man.

    • Nicos Frangeskou says:

      jerry sanders did I saw some tapes of him with Trump ? You know the rapist ? How many women came forward ? Oh wait . All of them are lying give a break.

    • Joel Grey says:

      Never saw him in a picture with Clinton, but I did see him in a picture with Trump. Trump supporters are projecting again.

    • Matthew Mosier says:

      @Joel Grey I’ve known for years Clinton’s connections to Epstein. They’ve been well known. Trump’s first term and he’s finally arrested. I don’t automatically assume Trump’s got much to be exposed, but that’s pure logic.

  15. Aaron M says:

    Jeffrey “Chapo” Epstein?
    Yup, the camera was malfunctioning last night so unfortunately there is no video him “killing” “himself”. Next!

  16. Dave Sandlin says:

    Latest word is they found a gallon of Clorox, a noose, and a Subway sandwich in his cell.

  17. b says:

    stop asking for footage and “proof”…if they could get into the prison to “suicide” him, do you really think it would be that hard to manipulate some footage of a body with his face on it or even footage of him apparantly hanging himself? This is the digital age, you can no longer believe what you see with your own eyes. Assume he’s either really dead b/c he had too much dirt of the elite or that he’s living on remote isle with the blessings of his elite buddies; either way, don’t expect that we will be *handed* the truth. If we’ve learned anything, it’s to not trust anything that comes from the government or those who stand to benefit from lying to us.

  18. Dan Wipper says:

    CBS dispersing the fake news for our corrupt elite. Again.

  19. Kyuss Qotsa says:

    Reports are saying the cam in his cell malfunctioned during the incident…how convenient.

  20. Michael Owens says:

    Time for a facelift and a new life in Israel. The mainstream media are accomplices in these false flag hoax events.

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