Conviction – An Anthem Trailer From Neill Blomkamp

Conviction – An Anthem Trailer From Neill Blomkamp

From Neill Blomkamp, Oats Studios and BioWare comes a live-action trailer of survival set in the world of Anthem, decades before the events of the game. For more info:


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67 Responses

  1. kerbal666 says:

    I want more Rakka and Firebase! Also what was that Giant about plus a conclusion to Adam! Please make Aliens vs Predator based on the capcom beat em up! Pleeeease! ❤❤

    • Christian Franco says:

      Unfortunately, the full firebase movie was not crowd funded like they originally wanted, however Rakka and Adam definitely need conclusion, and this trailer needs to have a full length movie

    • kerbal666 says:

      +Christian Franco That’s a pity as it was a great concept.

    • Alaric Balthi says:

      I need more God-shorties! That one was hilarious! 😀
      Edit. My god, there IS a second one and i have missed it somehow!!!

    • GenMVeers says:

      +Clare Chenoweth *Troll.* You miserable attention-begger. You seem not to know that there *are* other ways to end a comment than with a “LOL”… How sad that Replies to your lazy-ass comment are the *only* way you’re getting any validation. *Unless* you are serious. In which case you Truly. Know. Nothing. Go watch Uwe Boll or Kurt Wimmer—”Ultraviolet” is *the* shit! Oh, or Tommy Wiseau! =D In *either* case, I will *not* be back here for more. Reply if you want, I’ll never see it.

    • Victor Manuel Enriquez Diaz says:

      I think they are actually doing a Firebase full length. Such a badass story

  2. Thaddeus says:

    Awesome! I love everything Oats Studio does and Anthem is awesome(even though we only gotten a taste so far). Can’t wait too see what this will be!

    I wonder how many evil grabbits will be taken out? Hehe.

    Oh, and cracks me up to see the “Hates all things touched by EA trolls”.
    Actually, it’s kinda sad…

  3. Rofi Juliansyah says:

    Holy shit!! Neil blomkamp?!! It will be more amazing than the game!

  4. EckhartsLadder says:

    Hmmmm. Would’ve definitely preferred a unique horror sci fi story like we’re used to, but this should be cool!

  5. ElysiumCity says:

    If only we could have gotten that Halo film.
    …yeah, I’m still on that.

    • tom foolery says:

      we were promised a halo film from microsoft/bungie and instead we got some anime shorts about halo. watch EA cut us short if they ever promise something like that.

    • CavemanFTW says:

      Yeah, I’m still salty about that too dude. Landfall was such a great video

    • ElysiumCity says:

      I remember reading about script disagreements and who knows what else.
      They couldn’t pull the trigger on the project so the budget that was allocated for it went to producing District 9.
      Who knows if any of that is true, but that Landfall short was SUCH a tease.

    • Gabriel Leathers says:

      same want halo to be made from Neill Blomkamp

  6. MrGadiukino says:

    Please, make ALIENS and RoboCop great again!

  7. torq21 says:

    Don’t care much about the game but I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!

  8. The Moderator says:

    Netflix please hire Neill Blomkamp for a TV series or a movie

  9. peepoSad says:

    I would pay to watch this movie. Looks amazing

  10. Deadly Dose says:

    now whenb is the full length movie comin out cause with that presentation i better damn well get a freaking movie….if only dreams came true 🙁

  11. fyrTV says:

    That was incredible! I wonder what the budget was for this short. It could easily become a movie.

    • yooka333 says:

      +Armada Films A short film tells a story. This is a trailer (and a bad one at that).

    • Tensolin01 says:

      I would watch and pay for a 5 part series of like 40 min episodes. Thais would be amazing.

    • Henrik Andréason says:

      +ultraben619 Series is killing of movies slowly. Even the marvel movies have been made in that format ment to span years. There will come a point where they can make series in the quality above fairly fast if technology is allowed to progress in the speed it is currently holding.

    • Brady Patterson says:

      +ultraben619 i actually would like to disagree… in my opinion (not saying anyone’s is wrong) movies tend to be better than tv shows. Most tv shows i watch anymore are packed with unnecessary info and i cant stand it when some shows just go on for too long. I feel as though the right director (as this director is, considering the masterpiece of District 9) can do just as much as a show can with a movie, without the added scenes that drive away from the story. This short (in my opinion) would be much better as a movie, and if you want the same level of special effects, it couldnt be a show anyways. It would be way too expensive.

    • Rasher Gaming says:

      Sign the petition:

  12. LogicalTech says:

    “Hello Neill, this is HBO. We’ve got a proposition for you…”

  13. SinfulKnight says:

    Coming to Syfy this Spring.

    Reminds me of the Expanse. I would totally watch this.

  14. Super Ammo says:

    I want to see more! This was very intriguing and awesome.

  15. kcwizard72 says:

    Now I would rather have the MOVIE instead of the game!!! LOL!!!

  16. Jbomb628 says:

    uhh…Id go to theatre and pay money to see a full movie in a heart beat. That looked badass.

  17. ceegronlee says:

    this was absolutely amazing! I need more!

  18. Christian Franco says:

    Ok we need a full length movie, let’s start the petition

  19. Cody Nelson says:

    I’m going to need a Netflix series for this right away!

  20. Neonridder8 says:

    This short probably had a bigger budget and production team than the game itself

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