Conway reacts to Trump firing Comey (Full Interview)

Conway reacts to Trump firing Comey (Full Interview)

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Kellyanne Conway discusses President Donald Trump firing of FBI Director James Comey.

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19 Responses

  1. Smooth kriminal says:

    The Bitc…Witch is back!!! Who has some holy piss water?

  2. TROLLGUNNER666 says:


  3. Daniel harvey The chocolate kyle kulinski says:

    I don’t understand why would they even ask for her opinion ….dont get it

  4. Eduard Barker says:

    where in the world is Kellyanne Conway? ?

  5. Alena Art says:

    She is going to Jail pretty soon ! LockHerUp

  6. Filipe Cunha says:

    it’s now official. Trump’s becoming the first american dictator.

  7. Carmen Ortiz says:

    this woman looks very creepy

  8. E K says:

    stop giving this cunt a stage to spread her horseshit

  9. ame7272 says:

    Dracula’s bride is back…scarier and liar than ever.

  10. Josh Forrest says:

    That Eye roll 10:19 lmao!

  11. J Lang says:

    That lying bitch

  12. Philip Ngo says:

    Why do you guys still interview her? She gives no answers to the questions you ask.

  13. Ricardo Garcia says:

    why is Anderson trying to cut her off, let her speak

  14. Walt Miller says:

    Who cares what this MORON thinks! Why cant AMERICANS hear from TRUMP? RIGHT NOW?

     This is complete and total bullshit! Donald Trump is a lying, arrogant, malignant narcissist!!

  15. Deno Cavut says:

    These Trumptards are in full damage control seeing Trumps ship beginning to sink. Find your safety pin bitches.

  16. Johnny Sythe says:

    Why is the Queen of Alternative facts still on television?

  17. Jerry Robitaille says:

    Why is this woman still being interviewed as a serious or real person? All she does is lie! Careful CNN.

  18. Henry The Heartless says:

    The dumb blonde is back ? her answers are so idiotic

    Waiting on trump supporters hate ?

  19. James First says:

    Hillary must be shitting herself right now… we know what’s coming next.

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