Cooking A Turkey on a Car Engine

Cooking A Turkey on a Car Engine

Why cook a turkey in the oven when you can use Uncle Jim’s sweet old car engine instead? GMM #1223.2
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65 Responses

  1. Negamare says:

    Mythbusters already did this.


    Its not boiled for safety

  3. Pettson says:

    Please fix the colour settings

  4. corey mathews says:

    I’m a vegetarian but I still eat turkey on thanksgiving lol

    • Victorian Secret says:

      I’m vegetarian and I eat vegetables on thanksgiving 🤯🤯🤯

    • Jordan green says:

      “I eat dead carcass because tradition dictates I should but I hypocritically pretend to be vegetarian every other day of the year lol” NEWSFLASH: you’re not vegetarian so don’t call yourself one because you are still contributing to factory farming and the suffering of animals even by just partaking on that one day. Stop pretending to be something your not.

    • Jordan green says:

      Stephanie Ann No. That is not vegetarianism! It’s a pesco-pollotarian which is completely different. There is really no point in that diet if you truly care about the impact on animals.

    • Jordan green says:

      Murica 1776 because a living being was slaughtered inhumanely via factory farming…do you not realize what you’re eating is DEAD and therefore was KILLED.

    • Internet Guy says:

      Come on guys, he’s a vegetarian 364 days of the year is what he’s saying. I’m a vegan and I think that’s great. Rock on, Corey.

  5. Hykal Yusry says:

    omg the unfunny jokes y…

    please get the old writers back gmm pls

  6. Bee Mhmm-yupp says:

    You guys let a car idle for 3 hours?! Not cool, guys.

  7. Arlife GM says:

    How to cook a turkey 101

  8. L J. says:

    Not sure if Link looks hipster or country in this 😅

  9. Mohammad Rahmany says:

    Youtube original yet its so unoriginal 🙁

  10. Daniela07 says:

    you know what i want…I WANT BTS ON THIS SHOW!!!!!!

    • Glasses&Mouthplates says:


      We want to see the Behind The Scene of Buddy System season 2.

    • dueldu says:

      “how the hell am i embarrasing kpop fans if im a fan myself. I LOVE BTS AND I LOVE GMM , i would love GMM to have them on their show. HOW THE HELL IS THIS EMBARRASING .”
      There are different kind of fans.
      Just look at BSD fans. Some are really cool and smart people and others are just being assholes and despise everything that is anywhere related to Linux.

    • Amber Lyons says:

      Daniela07 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Jaime Williams says:

      Oh god please no

  11. George Looney says:

    Why are the episodes split into fragments?

  12. 加藤みずっち says:

    Do more Drive thru folk song or rap
    I’ll start with a taco, soft like a cloud
    I want mine crunchy i’d like to eat it loud

  13. MermaidLuvly says:

    That guy that said he had a Dr’s appointment: he kinda looks like the supporting actor from “King of Queens”-Patton oswalt

  14. SKT says:

    did gmm fire there set dresser? wheres the thanksgiving set?

  15. Crill Kellogg says:

    What has this become? I can barely get through this without falling asleep, and all Rhett cares about is being cool!😱😭

  16. Azreena American says:

    I’m gonna stop scrolling through the comments now bcs y’all are a bunch of negative nancys

  17. Mythical Forest Creature says:

    Oh boooo hooooo. I don’t like chaaaaaaaaange!! These extra (totally free) episodes are tooooo much GMM for me! And you’re not being environmentallyyyyyyyyy friendlyyyyyyyy!! Wahhhh I’m unsuuuuuuuuuuubbbbing!!

  18. Grenier Lawn Care says:

    I’ve been subbed here since 10k, been a R&L fan since the Facebook song, listen to your greatest hits all the time (BBQ SONG!), had you even respond to my comments once or twice…and to see how far you have come just blows me away. I’m going to miss you when you make it to Television 🙁 We love you Rhett and Link! Don’t forget us when you become more famous!

  19. hannah says:

    i wish they did experiments with just the two of them, unprepared and unscripted i don’t really like this ):

  20. A M says:

    The juice is loose-Rhett2017

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