Cooking birthday presents for my wife!

Cooking birthday presents for my wife!

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I opened a second channel for smaller videos or cooking vlogs, and I just uploaded my cooking panel on the history of Japanese knives and cooking tips if anyone is interested:

I tried looking up products for preserving flowers that are similar to the ones I used, but unfortunately I couldn’t find any. All the results I got were like drying flowers, using glycerin, or using silica gel. But the way I preserve and dye flowers using a single liquid is really convenient. If anyone knows a product similar to the one I used then please let me know!

►EQUIPMENT I use on my channel that you can buy online (Amazon affiliates links)

Chef Knife: Sekimagoroku Gyuto (
Chef & Utility Knife: Zwilling twin fin (

―Sharpening Stone―
KING Japanese Sharpening Stone 1000/6000 (

Panasonic GH5 (

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60 Responses

  1. JunsKitchen says:

    Hi guys! Thank you so much for your support on patreon like always! I opened a second channel for smaller videos or cooking vlogs, and I just uploaded my cooking panel on the history of Japanese knives and cooking tips if anyone is interested:

    • Khairul Nizam Zainal says:

      JunsKitchen amazing and congratulations

    • Mari says:

      KazeAce the cherry blossoms near meguro river are also astonishing! you definitely should try to visit tokyo in the spring! also kyoto!

    • Erin Lynn says:

      yoavh the cat that appears most in this video is Nagi, the other one when he’s making the stuff is Haku, they also have a black and white one named Poki.

    • Ghaida H says:

      الورد المحمدي فتح قناة جديدة حق فيديوهات بسيطة و الرابط موجود بالرسالة

    • Crystal says:

      JunsKitchen i just watched one of your older videos and this video and i have to say that your english is very different. I can hear how good you’ve gotten over the years 🙂

  2. Cat Cake72 says:

    Where can I find myself a Jun??

  3. The Tarot Empress says:

    Asian men 🙂

    • NDE108 says:

      The comments of Reddit, YouTube and other social media don’t want to promote any positive image of Asian men.

    • Paizley says:

      windwakergirl7 I think maybe they are just saying most Asian men are nice/ make them happy because they are nice. (I don’t know if most Asian men are but maybe they’ve seen most Asian men are nice I dunno)

    • Losshe says:

      Paizley I’m Asian and I can confirm that Jun is one of a kind. Most Asian men or most any men aren’t like Jun

    • Happy Hour says:

      its true. iam not. i would prolly ask my gal to massage my feet with the oil she buys.

    • Wen Hong Chi says:

      NDE108 Pull your head out of your ass man. Truth is not ever Asian acts like him.

  4. Martini says:

    The beginning of the video was so beautiful with your cat and the cherry blossom. And then you made this BEAUTIFUL and thoughtful gift for your wife?! That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen 💞 congrats on 2 million, you deserve it 😊

    • truther123 says:

      I did not realise they got married. He only gave her a promise ring I thought. Did not ask to be engaged yet even? When did I miss these cute videos!

    • MsCherade9 says:

      truther123 They’ve been married a long time now…

    • Kate M says:

      truther123 They got married a while ago. Rachel was in the Air Force and they got married to be able to be close to each other.

    • truther123 says:

      Kate M thank you! So beautiful! Im like rarra for them as a military couple my husband was in the navy. I got sick this year and missed a bunch of content lol

    • truther123 says:

      MsCherade9 ellipsis….. i got a tumor. Missed content.

  5. Awangku Ammar says:

    The intro is like an anime scene in real life …. 😍😍😍

  6. Haoto - Anime on Piano says:

    13# trending in Japan!

  7. ᗦ一ノ瀬かなた says:


  8. flareontoast says:

    I am one minute in and I cannot get over Nagi covered in sakura aaah

  9. Kevin in Shanghai says:

    His videos really give me chill, so relaxing!

  10. MsLilylove333 says:

    omg so pretty <3
    you can really see the difference between western and easter masculinity, I think a lot of dudes here in north america would be scared of making something like this in fear of being too "feminine" despite the fact that the gift is literally for his wife.
    Thank you Jun for being a real man and making something lovely and thoughtful for your partner 🙂

    • NDE108 says:

      Really? Nothing feminine about this, it’s thoughtful and creative.

    • Callimo says:

      BloodFeather lol no, wrong.

    • Callimo says:

      BloodFeather Nope and even so, the women divorce these guys because they’re not taking care of their needs or are abusive, definitely not because they’re like Jun.

    • mahima jain says:

      MsLilylove333 by/.

    • reicirith says:

      That’s also because of the work culture in Japan. Married women with kids tend to be stay at home moms because the workplace culture in Japan does not leave time for taking care of children or family life. That in turn makes them entirely reliant on the husband for money… which makes divorce much harder. Not to mention the cultural taboo of being a single mom is MUCH more prominent.

  11. ISSACかっこいいから聞いて下さい says:


  12. ぺらぺらの紙 says:


  13. Beulah O says:

    You are so creative, gifted and thoughtful! Rachel is blessed to have you as her husband.

  14. jkishhabi_#HTD4Life says:

    I want the liquids that dye and preserve flowers. Anyone know if we have an equivalent product that I can purchase in the US?

  15. Vetiver says:

    Dude, you’re a lady killer. I feel bad for the guys who buy their girls a giftcard or something after the ladies were to watch this first 🤣.

  16. Captain Falcon says:

    Your cats are an absolute treasure, as are you. Rachel is very fortunate to have someone who goes through the effort of doing things like this for her.

  17. Mary Shuk says:

    These presents are so beautiful! Nagi in the cherry blossoms, so cute!

  18. Sonia Wysocka says:

    The aesthetic 😪❤️❤️❤️

  19. Moe Rahman says:

    Wholesomeness from a wholesome man. I want to learn from you Jun. I want my conviction to be pure and wholesome like yours.

  20. Shiron says:

    I see Flowers + Cats , I press Like.

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