Cooking My Sisters Favorite Meal!

Cooking My Sisters Favorite Meal!

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65 Responses

  1. Ryland Adams says:

    Hope you enjoy today’s video:))

  2. Giselle Belle says:

    Ryland and Morgan’s vocabulary is something else

  3. Elia Sanchez says:

    You know how they say “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” that is Andrew’s laugh during this video.

  4. Wenefredo Jalong says:

    My anxieties are freaking out on the way ryland cut the ingredients lol

  5. Anna Kosiek says:

    Ryland: “hows the state of your mind after being alone for months?”

    Morgan: “uhh I mean the same as usual”
    I FELT THAT 😭😂

  6. Aliya Anderson says:

    Watching Rylan chop everything with a serrated bread knife gives me anxiety.

  7. Amy Wang says:

    Love how he casually says his dad isn’t Morgan’s dad 😂

  8. It’s free real estate I’m not lying it is says:

    Cole sprouse with Slaw

    Me learning how to pronounce large words

  9. Avery Brown says:

    Morgan: it gets worse
    Shane behind the camera: zooms in on her face

  10. Val says:

    yes that is MOLD and it’s most likely why ryland is having respiratory problems if not making it worse… get that cleaned!! 😷

  11. - A says:

    morgan: i don’t like red wine
    also morgan: * *practically chugs wine bottle* *

  12. Carolyn Schumacher says:

    I love how Ryland is like I’M DOMESTICATED! While cutting everything with a BREAD KNIFE! LOL he’ll get there….

  13. Daniel Browne says:

    It’s so weird with Shane not making any sound…or Andrew as a cameraman….

    • Kaleena Marie says:

      He’s actually not he’s sitting at 22:25

    • jessi CuRLz says:

      @Taurus 11342 just type in shane dawson in the search bar and youll see..

    • skyler frederick says:

      Taurus 11342 it’s soo stupid >:( ppl are always coming for him bc if his past and bc of who he’s friends with. It’s not fair but yeah it’s all on Twitter

    • Eva Heinemann says:

      ​@skyler frederick I’m a shane fan but i don’t think it’s that stupid tbh

    • Random Person says:

      skyler frederick it‘s not stupid. You can‘t be a good person and still blindly support Trisha, Tana, Jeffree, Jake Paul and so on. Plus he helped spread a false accusation about James Charles that almost made him kill himself and instead of apologizing he said he fucking deserved it. Shane is evil af

  14. Bianca Olivero says:

    This was awkward for me to not hear Shane say anything 😦

  15. postiii ii says:

    It’s crazy how Shane is silent behind the camera, they’re hilarious.

  16. Abhijit B Shetty says:

    Why isn’t shane talking? 🙁 and let’s admit it we all miss Andrews little laughs behind the camera

    • Chloe says:

      Tokkii this video is new because ryland mentioned that he’d show us his garden because of all the comments on Shane’s NEW video.

    • kittieconvoy says:

      I’m kinda glad he isn’t talking. A lot of the time he interrupts and takes over Ryland’s videos and I find it super irritating.

    • Alanna Head says:

      kittieconvoy agreed! i can actually enjoy this video

    • jessi CuRLz says:

      Because shane is toxic and is getting canceled currently

    • skyler frederick says:

      jessi CuRLz shane isn’t toxic? everything on Twitter was speculation. I seriously doubt he and Jeffree “tried to cancel james” like wtf that doesn’t even make sense and I’ve been watching shane for *years*, he doesn’t involve himself in petty youtube drama which is why he’s leaving the beauty community

  17. elisabethLR says:

    Ryland be out here cooking “mills”. And we’re there cooking “meals” 😂

  18. jonjonkiki1 kiki says:

    Morgan slamming that wine while Ryland goes on about his garden is a mood.

  19. Natural Zero says:

    Ryland using a bread knife to cut everything is killing me inside.

  20. Kaylee Sparks says:

    He ain’t lying he is being domesticated. The kitchen is starting to look like a real kitchen

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