Cooking Thanksgiving Food

Cooking Thanksgiving Food

Apple Crisp:
Fried ‘Chicken’:

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41 Responses

  1. Capricorn’s Are The Best says:

    I don’t even like stuffing, but Julian’s vegan stuffing looks so flipping good I might just need to make it for myself

  2. BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta's Smile] says:

    I love how this is food almost anyone can eat. Like instead of butter you can replace it with margarine. And it’s gluten free. The sausage and bacon bits aren’t actual pork and are vegan, so for people like me who can’t eat pork we can substitute it with their vegan options.

    • mozart says:

      BTS and NCT Trash [Yuta’s Smile] right?? i can’t have pork because of my religion, so it’s so great seeing recipes like these that i’ll be able to use. especially since i like in the u.s, almost everything has pork in it. it’s great to see stuff that doesn’t have pork in it

  3. Martino Martin says:

    I’m so impressed you cooked all the delicious treats in the kitchen for hours and still edited and uploaded all in the same day? Damn girl!

  4. Jordan Kate says:


  5. Emma and Rory's Kitten Adventures says:


  6. Abbie Mcphail says:

    The way julien looks around as if trying to find something he doesn’t have😂

  7. Emily Green says:

    Julien prepping those apples.

    *”are you ready?! get ready”*

  8. 😜Lor3nzo😜 says:

    I’m I the only one wondering who edited the video cause it’s different from the other ones in a good way

  9. Abbie Mcphail says:

    Julien need a cooking channel A.S.P and call it Aries Art

  10. choking says:

    You know whats worse than peeling apples?
    Peeling potatoes

  11. SuperJanGames says:

    *”Ladies, being alive, am I right?”* Yes. Yes, you are.

  12. Alexis Rosales says:

    It’s my birthday on thanksgiving like for one happy birthday

  13. unphxsed - says:

    waiting for a compilation of jenna desperately grinding salt

  14. Undecisive Angel says:

    “I love you so much, but this is not about you”

    “You wanna get the apples ready?”
    “Yeah,” he says picking up the bowl of apples before yelling at them “Get ready, Get ready!!!!!”

    My favorite parts less than halfway through

  15. alex15 crazy says:

    *Me, at my personalities* “No, I want full control”

  16. OhWirt says:

    Jenna please just do this calm video stuff from now on when it’s a holiday. I don’t think any of us want you making a video and then stressing the next day about having to make food. Do what makes you happy <33

  17. Ada Florescu says:

    I love cooking videos with you two

  18. Ada Florescu says:

    I love all the positivity in the comments section ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🦃

  19. Silvina Kae says:

    happy dinner to all the non-american family 😂💞

  20. SoniasWay says:

    “I didn’t save all my calories so that I can eat green beans on Thanksgiving”… Again so relatable.
    … BTW I try to make weird, relatable, useless videos as well. Just plugging 😬✌️

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