Cool idea! Don’t throw away pieces of wood!

Cool idea! Don’t throw away pieces of wood!

Bro, I hope you like this idea!
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37 Responses

  1. HandCraft says:

    How do you like this idea? Put like it if you like it

  2. Juliet Phillips says:

    Vanya, that turned great! Nice, portable, round table.

  3. Vintage_human says:

    Everytime he uses the table saw *Insert interstellar smoke* meme here

  4. black cat says:

    Cool idea’, a man and his tools can do anything. Miracles take a little longer. A joiner of 30 years told me ‘Its wood while its growing timber when it isn’t’ We have woods don’t we? logical me thinks.

  5. Virginia Frank says:

    People who can work with wood amaze me. I’ve tried and failed many times. Therefore, I have the greatest respect and admiration for those who can.

  6. ImOnTheWrongVideo says:

    Huh, so this is the Harry Styles video he was shown a trailer for earlier? Why am I not surprised this is on trending? Lol.

  7. Exotic Criminal says:

    0:30 Am I the only one who wants to put their finger on the blade?

  8. George0988 says:

    Never wear gloves while operating a tablesaw

  9. ai do says:

    Do not copy how this guy is using the saw. I winced watching this video. Incredibly dangerous. Dudes going to lose fingers if he’s not more careful.

  10. Jesse T. says:

    Seriously, those are just piece of wood just lying around near a Home Depot or Lowe’s and that guy doesn’t have a plan already for that wood.

  11. Dave Starr says:

    I’m amazed you still have all your fingers.

  12. J Chacon says:

    That was so amazing, I had to subscribe. With that, you inadvertently taught me how to make my own wall panels for my she-shed instead of buying them. Thanks 😁👍

  13. Kevin Hanson says:

    Title: “Don’t throw away pieces of wood”
    Video: [goes to pile of 2 dozen perfectly straight 6ft 2×8 boards of spruce]

    Who “throws away” that kind of wood? No one!

    • Grant Koeller says:

      bottom line, he could have used any kind of wood….

    • kyla says:

      exactly what i was thinking

    • Chuck Palmer says:

      Grant Koeller No the title was misleading. He didn’t use one piece of scrap wood. That was all food fresh from the mill. He created a lot of scrap wood. He cut six strips for the edge and only used two. It was a neat design, but not a creative use of scrap wood.

  14. Jose Vega says:

    I was ready to click off once I saw you cut the circle in half but I’m glad I stayed 10/10

  15. mrbakerskatz says:

    Good Lard , You have a tough crowd here ! Good job !

  16. Tango Charlie says:

    “Remains of Spruce Boards” AKA: “Nicer raw material than I have ever owned.”

  17. dizzybynature says:

    “A table just for the beach? Where do you think we are gonna keep it?”
    dont worry i got a plan for that..

  18. But Cantusee says:

    Of course I had to be watching this with my wife. So thank you for adding another item to my “honey do” list. 😂😂🤔😒😜

  19. ReeseX says:

    Good piece of advice. I typical save leftover pieces for “Just in case” situations. Case in point, I used a leftover piece for Birch Plywood to make my first DIY Coat rack. All I needed was some pre-stain, stain finish and some Wardrobe hooks.

  20. Paul Gildan says:

    Bits of wood and of leather: OMG!, how I hate to discard them. If nothing else, even a small piece of wood can act as a useful leveling shim for one of my many tall, uneven stacks of books, and a small slip of leather makes a classy bookmarker. And for mercy’s sake, don’t let me start-up about books.

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