Cool Tip I Learned from Reddit

Cool Tip I Learned from Reddit

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27 Responses

  1. Antony D'Andrea says:

    Miss this tower, wish they would revert back to it from plaza

  2. Anthony Vargo says:

    them: take cover!!!
    you: Call an ambulance…but not for me!”

  3. Indominus Rexxx says:

    Shoulda made your Friend go up the zip when u clustered

  4. Victor Okida says:

    I miss this tower sooo much dude

  5. ARSvAl1111 says:

    We was using that trick even before warzone, in MW ground war lol

  6. Ryon Sloat says:

    No one gonna talk abt how loud his operator is lmao

  7. iam j says:

    Ngl, at first I thought the trick was _’how to die running in a straight line’_

  8. Mark Rosario says:

    Ah,the memories of this tower.used to camp this for kills on plunder just to unlock the grau and bruen and to make my guns gold 😂

    • GO_TO says:

      Wait wait bro I play warzone and I’m good at it because I’m a fast learner but I don’t know how to get better rarity’s on my guns I have a bull frog smg but I don’t quite know how to get it to gold do I have to buy it ?

    • s6onge says:

      @GO_TO you have to complete all your camos

    • OOGA CHAKA LORD says:

      @GO_TO what do you mean better rarity’s

    • Im Shftyz says:

      @GO_TO ok so you have to unlock all the regular skins that you get from getting a certain amount of kills in a certain way to unlock gold for that gun. So like 500 mounted kills and 200 long shot kills as an example. Getting the required kills for every kill type or skin class (camo, snakeskin, etc) will get you the gold skin. If you get all the gold guns in a weapon class, like all gold snipers or sub machine guns, then you’ll get the Platinum skin. And to get the holy grail that is Damascus, you have to get Gold/platinum for every weapon and class (includes explosive launchers and pistols but doesn’t require gold on weapons that were added after the game came out) I have Damascus and boy was it a grind… ZERO REGRETS

  9. Flossy_YT says:

    Wish I had these kind of players in my lobbies 😩

  10. Yvng Trevor says:

    And here is when people think your hacking when its simply a lock-on Jokr thats shoots straight up

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