Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD)
Here is a video where I show you how to get this really simple cool toned smokey eye! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo!

Products Used:
P. Louise Makeup Base
Colourpop Dream St. Eyeshadow Palette
Colourpop The Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette
Pat McGrath Permagel Eyeliner in Blitz Brown
Jouer Essential High Coverage Liquid Concealer in Creme Cafe
Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer
Sleek Makeup Lifeproof Foundation in LP04
Colourpop No Filter Foundation Stix in 190C
Thrive Causemetics Loose Setting Powder
Thrive Causemetics Rhea Bronzer
Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit in Unlocked
Beauty Bakerie Milk & Honey Palette
Morphe Continuous Setting Mist
Colourpop Lippie Pencil in Pitch
Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Point Zero

What I’m Wearing:
Tank & Top: Forever 21
Lightning Bolt Necklace: Xio_ByYlette (On IG)
Rad Necklace: Target
Nails: KL POLISH Scorpio
Brows: Anastasia Brow Wiz in Dark Brown





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Instagram: Kathleenlights
Twitter: Kathleenlights1


*What camera do you use?
Canon 80D
*What do you use to edit your videos?
Final Cut Pro
*Where did you get your vanity?
Danny actually built it for me

Hey! I’m Kathleen. An oddball Aquarius with a love for all things beauty! I keep it simple on this channel and give reviews and tutorials and sometimes I do fun challenges, but for the most part, I stay pretty old school. I upload on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays unless otherwise noted (usually on Twitter so be sure to follow me there). If I am doing a sponsored video, it will be on one of my off days so you get bonus content 🙂

I absolutely love getting ideas from you guys so please always tell me what kind of videos you want to see in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe and click the notification bell to stay up to date with my content.

FTC- This video is NOT sponsored.
(Morphe & Ofra codes are affiliate codes)

#kathleenlights #grunge #GRWM

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38 Responses

  1. Laura Tillmann says:

    Please do a “full face of my most nostalgic makeup” where you pick products with a memory/ story/meaning behind them and tell us about it as you apply. Love you Kathleen <3

  2. Judie with my LifeAsKikay says:

    Kathleeeeeennnn!!! You are so beautiful. I just wanted to say that. K, thanks have a good day!

  3. Alexa Gabriel says:

    My opinion is not going to apply to everyone, but I feel like I am so constantly overwhelmed by new launches. There used to be a time where there was a lull in the release of products, but now I can’t scroll through instagram without seeing like five new launches a day. I miss old YouTube! I am getting a bit sick of all the high end products. Tis’ the Season for all the new holiday launches I cannot afford, and will not be able to, and I feel like it gives me stress. I have 100pts until I reach VIB status at Sephora, but it seems to come down to that every year, at this exact time, and I can never justify spending $100 in one visit because I am a college student and I need to live. My point is that I feel like launches, collaborations, everything is constantly being shoved down my throat and I just want to believe that everyone is being honest when they tell you what you should buy, but they aren’t and I want YouTubers I trust to put out content that they believe in. Please use some older products because I would genuinely enjoy a break from all the new.

    • Taylor Durrett says:

      Alexa Gabriel yes I literally had to unfollow trendmood on Instagram because of how overwhelming the launches were

  4. Sheena says:

    This look is beautiful! You know what would be fun? If you or anyone on youtube did a “ghost from makeups past” type video where you revisit your favs from a particular year and reuse em to see if you still love em…would make for a fun December/Holiday themed video.

  5. Marilyn Alvarez says:

    Kathleen….it’s a well known fact that misery loves company and people are always so quick to judge others. This is YOUR channel and with so many subscribers, it is obvious that you are doing something right, we love your videos and just who you are so don’t stress muchacha, just be you.

  6. Jade W says:

    I definitely don’t care how ‘new’ the makeup you use is, good makeup is good makeup!! Old or new ☺️

  7. Nina Koestinger says:

    Maybe you could do a glass skin make up video? That would be so great!! love you x

  8. Judie with my LifeAsKikay says:

    I hear you about creators torn between talking about last months products and talking about brand new ones!! I mean, something new comes out once a week it seems, and it’s just impossible to keep up. Please keep doing “old school” videos, I am like you and I still enjoy watching those sort of videos. Not everyone can do a full production video every video. I actually just did a makeup tutorial using your MORPHE eyeshadow palette, that one is so old, I feel like everyone has forgotten about it, but I love it so much, I actually used that palette for my wedding day! Keep doing what you’re doing Kathleen, I’ve been here on your channel since the day you talked about your favourite MAC lipsticks, and I will be here till forever. I love you!

  9. Maria Cecilia Sendaydiego says:

    I love this tutorial! More zodiac and dream st tutorial please! ? I wanna know how I can maximize the usage of my palettes

  10. Jennifer Smith says:

    Staying with a pallet for a time. Sometimes we do the same look because lots don’t know what are good color combos. Then you have this expensive pallet where you hit pan on three colors and everything looks untouched

  11. Maja Filipovic says:

    Honestly I love seeing videos where people are still using old products, it shows they actually like them and use them! Also i think most of us can’t afford to go out and buy all the new makeup that is coming out constantly these days so the chances are a lot of us are still using the same “old” products too! I know I would still love to see Dream St. tutorials and wouldn’t mind at all if it’s old products. When recreating a look i usually try to find similar products anyway rather than getting the exact same ones. I think there are channels out there which purpose is solely reviewing new collections and products, however I think majority of us follows you for your personality and incredible makeup looks and in my opinion using “older” products just gives us more in depth information into how they perform and how to use them and also makes it more relatable ??

  12. Ms Megan says:

    Girl! I literally was driving down the road the other day with my daughters (9 & 5) when I stopped at a red light and saw a girl that was a little heavier but speed walking down the street. I rolled down my window and told her “GET IT GIRL”. She looked at me and smiled. I then told my girls who were giggling that in order to create a better world they need to be “girls” girls and congratulate other girls and women. Empower them to be better. I said see how she’s out there working her butt off trying to lose that weight… some people would probably laugh at her… the same people that most likely couldn’t get out there and do it themselves! #beagirlsgirls #beempowerment

  13. Luisa Brito says:

    I’ve been waiting for the 1 dollar makeup forever. Love you Kathleen! Keep the good work!!

  14. Nicole Molina says:

    im with you girl….old youtube is the best! i feel like everyone gets the same PR so they all put the same video up it gets boring…..tags hauls favorites GRWMs always catch my attention

  15. Giovanna Cervantes says:

    You saying “Happy people don’t do that” reminded me of legally blonde and “Endorphins make people happy, and happy people don’t kill people…. They just don’t.” ?

  16. Elizabeth Gregory says:

    Please use the old stuff, not everyone can afford to buy every palette out there. ?? thank you

  17. Rumena Begum says:

    Oh my my my too much beauty ????

  18. Mel Hassan says:

    Dude I’m SO SO SO down for all the dream st tutorials AND zodiac tutorials! I’m about to pick up the zodiac palette and I can’t wait to try all the fun looks with it!

  19. Maja says:

    Social media is crazy, it’s all so twisted. But even with people following all that fake shit, I can’t believe they actually LIKE it. I mean, all the luxury lifestyles and constantly happy moods and “fit” models with an eating disorder and body enhancements everywhere.. that’s what they WANT? I get it that it’s how it is these days, and it’s entertaining to watch shiny, pretty things (and people) – but don’t regular people still find regular people more relatable and inspiring?! By every logic that I have, seeing a girl like Allana workout would be more motivational than seeing idk Gigi Hadid workout. Yes, she’s gorgeous, but it’s good genes, constant worry about calories and her livehood depends on it. I don’t want to work out like my livelihood depends on it. I just want to do 10 minutes every few days and have a great ass, damnit it. ?
    Anyway, it’s sad that we praise celebrities, but forget to support women who are just like us.
    As far as your content goes, honestly, do whatever – I watch a 20min parfume video even though I don’t wear parfumes lol. You make everything interesting. & no pressure to film about new products all the time, I rarely buy makeup amyway. I want more looks with Zodiac and Dream street palettes for sure! ♥️

    • Maja says:

      And i forgot to add I admire how many looks you come up with! Like, I would neverrr and I’m a painter lol! So you would think i’d be creative like that but no. Unless I see it from you, I can’t do these looks. I don’t know if I ever told you cuz I always comment on you & your great personality, but you really are my favorite beauty guru! No one does make up like you, you’re def my cuppa tea! ?

  20. ABBADABBS says:

    I can say with all honesty that I buy most of your ColourPop Collabs. Dream street is one of my absolute favorite palettes. I love seeing you do make up looks with the products that have come out a while ago. They are all still new to me. I wish that I could purchase everything that comes out but I can’t so I buy what I know I will use and probably love. I always trust what you say about products so thanks for always being so honest and down to earth.?

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