Cop maces innocent bikers!

Cop maces innocent bikers!

MUST WATCH!!! This is how our law enforcement chooses to “protect and serve”. This is wrong, please like and share, throw down some comments if you have any and please subscribe today for more action! Thanks

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20 Responses

  1. Julian Bonilla says:

    I’m telling you judge I accidentally ran him over because I couldn’t see. I
    got mace in my eyes and just so happen to run over and kill a cop in the

  2. Bailey Ryan says:

    What an asshole

  3. carcamclips says:

    First, I was like, sure innocent? But what that officer did is highly
    irregular and assault! Not to mention completely moronic!
    They’re going to say he was just “clearing” the nozzle.

  4. Colt Mckinton says:

    Yes that was highly inappropriate and he should lose his job but why record
    just to say cops are bad. No a very small percentage are and they are filth
    but the ones that work their asses off and save lives to support their
    families are true Heroes but assholes like you flaunt this shit around like
    “hey fuck cops”

  5. Chronic Confidant says:

    I’m not a scientist or anything, but as he sprays into the air with the
    force of the vehicles passing, won’t it carry the “plume” of pepper spray
    towards the guys he had pulled over?

  6. Philip Banks says:

    cops are fucking thugs everyone knows this already except hardcore right

  7. Brysons Studios says:

    every clearly fake made to raise anti police hate

  8. wangdangdoodilydang says:


  9. Anthony Mendez says:

    I live in that city and I know where it happened

  10. Jim Beck says:

    car number 183, get his ass arrested immediately.

  11. Tim Cocksmouth says:

    What a dick I hope he gets fired

  12. WTFis69 says:

    What a scumbag. God forbid any bikers got hurt because this cop had a hard
    on for his power

  13. SEPT LUXURE says:

    Don’t fire that guy just let the same bikers spray him in the face with
    pepper spray film it and put it on YouTube

  14. Eric Biegel says:

    You’re supposed to get out of the lane closest to the shoulder when a cop
    pulls somebody over. That doesn’t mean he has to spray mace and cause an
    accident though…

  15. Inuril says:

    Well, it worked. He got the bikers to move into the other lane.

  16. Mel Shingleton Sr says:

    this idiot needs to go to jail!!!

  17. Forrest Acosta says:

    What a pointless video

  18. AJ Tomecek says:

    so you’re planning on showing us a video of cops doing something nice
    right? because I’ve met a lot more good cops than bad ones. also, I’ve met
    a lot more bad bikers than good ones. In addition, if you are not planning
    on playing devil’s advocate, then you my friend, are a really bad person.
    worse than the cop actually.

  19. scrotum cozies says:

    you guys clearly did not see or hear the fruit fly yelling police brutality
    and rubbing his 100 eyes

  20. Smol Peri says:

    Congrats on doing your part in making police look bad. I’m sure they really
    appreciate being prosecuted because of jerks like you.