Copying Body Parts using Seaweed Alginate

Copying Body Parts using Seaweed Alginate

Today we’re talking molding and casting techniques, and we’re making multiple casts of a thumbs up!

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55 Responses

  1. Raj Ender says:

    Must feel Weird to hold your hand in your hands

  2. Vallahd Sacretor says:

    I would say try to cast metal in Alginate, but if it retains water, it’ll vaporize and possibly cause a steam explosion

  3. RMA says:


  4. Vivion Plays says:

    Coat an ice cube in neverwet and let it dry

  5. Vivion Plays says:

    Try to make reusable ice cubes using some kind of food grade silicone!

  6. McDrakMan says:

    Can diamonds melt?

    • TheAttacker732 says:

      Not under standard conditions. Under standard pressure, carbon (including diamonds) sublimates from a solid to a gas at something like 6,600° F. However, if you get the pressure to 50+ atmospheres (~750 psi), then carbon can melt, albeit at even higher temperatures, closer to 8,500° F.

      So diamonds *can* melt in theoretical terms, but only under conditions that are beyond all but the best labs. In practical terms however, diamonds don’t melt, they evaporate or BURN first.

    • The Rains Down In Africa says:

      Yes literally anything can melt even wood

    • Astromations says:


  7. Jacob Keary says:

    The consistency you were trying to think of is pancake mix

  8. Xavier Cunningham says:

    Am I the only one who wants to cast a middle finger

  9. Angel Acuna says:

    Oh the people I could scare with a severed head

  10. Mr. pro101 says:

    Black one is better 👍👍

  11. G0D is hiring says:

    I’m gunna cast the bird

  12. Don Che says:

    Can i use my 3rd leg too?

  13. Charles Meadows says:

    Modern art

  14. John Brooks says:

    So this is how dildos are made?!?! 🤯

  15. Chin-chin Hiccup says:

    i cringed when he poured it over the camera

  16. It's Ye Boy Craddock says:

    Can you make a vid on how you make your intro cause I want to make mine like yours if you don’t mind

    • Nicholas Josey -The Diamond Block says:

      ask on your video editors forum and include a link to a video with the intro that you want

  17. Ryan says:


  18. Kayla Miller says:

    OMG AWESOME vids!!!!!!

    Edit: And can u make a volcano that explodes with a rainbow lava please?!

  19. Directionally Challenged says:

    now you mold the plaster fist in a food grade silicon mold and THEN YOU MAKE A GUMMY HAND!

  20. Glen Atchison says:

    I felt like I just watched a commercial…

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