Corey Feldman – Go 4 It ( ft. Doc Ice ) – Live on Today Show 2016

Corey Feldman – Go 4 It ( ft. Doc Ice ) – Live on Today Show 2016

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20 Responses

  1. ScreenFunFacts says:

    South Park’s memberries brought me here. They were like: “Member the
    Goonies? Member Lost Boys? Member Gremlins? Member Stand by me.” Goddamn

  2. Dave2807 says:

    Wish I could’ve seen my face when I was watching this

  3. Heather Crisler says:

    The first 5 seconds of the “performance” HAS to be a joke.

  4. KMFCM says:


  5. Greg Raines says:

    We lost the wrong Corey.

  6. Remy Carreiro says:

    So this is what happens when you get raped repeatedly as a child and never
    get the therapy you need to mature and evolve? Weirdest part, you
    apparently dance just like the man who probably raped you a shitload of

  7. Informed American says:

    Dear earth destroying asteroid,
    We are ready. Come quick.

  8. musikfanat says:

    How do I press charges?

  9. joe mama says:

    oh….and the dancing?? fuuuuck, what the fuck? I thought LOURDE was bad
    but this was a fucking disaster.

  10. Tommy Danger says:

    when you take drugs and party with micheal jackson you might end up in a
    video like this..

  11. Olyella Mcsticky says:

    Skrillex .5

  12. Jason Gratkowski says:

    I just threw out my Goonies, Lost Boys, Stand by Me Blu-Rays.

  13. Ditching says:

    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug

  14. Yensid Buckingham (Yensid The Jester) says:

    I feel like he touched me in my no no zone

  15. Charlene Williams says:

    omg, this can’t be real, a joke????? you got me.

  16. theFLICKpick says:

    This is love, this is life…. Thank you for your service Corey.

  17. jay wire says:

    first time i’ve seen a video with more dislikes that likes..

  18. Gaston Reyes says:

    was he at that hot topic party?

  19. yesim tes says:

    So when does the new goonies come out?

  20. OzzieBloke says:

    I had 4 minutes between consults free. I watched this video.
    I can honestly say, this ranks as some of the worst ways to spend 4 minutes
    of your life, and I’ve had my arm up the arse of a thousand cows.