Coronavirus: Drastic measures in US & Europe as cases soar – BBC News

Coronavirus: Drastic measures in US & Europe as cases soar – BBC News

The UK is facing its biggest public health crisis in a generation and up to ten thousand people could already have the coronavirus. That’s what the prime minister and the government’s scientific experts announced as they set out how Britain should tackle the growing threat from the virus.

A number of countries across Europe introduced more severe measures to try to slow the spread of the virus – among them Ireland, France and Spain. And a state of emergency was declared in New York in the United States. Around the world there’s been turmoil on stock markets, with huge sell-offs prompted by general fears of the impact the pandemic is having on the global economy and a decision by President Trump to announce restrictions on travel betwen continental Europe and the US.

Laura Kuenssberg, Hugh Pym, Fergus Walsh, Lucy Manning, Nick Bryant, Faisal Islam, Ed Thomas, Mark Lowen, Damian Grammaticas, Dan Roan and Sophie Hutchinson report for for News at Ten presented by Sophie Raworth.
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54 Responses

  1. Jane Louise says:

    Stay at home ? Okay no problem warzone for a week I got a cough boss 😜

  2. Hot Mess says:

    “I must level with you, we’re gonna let’er spread”

  3. EO 9981 says:

    Love the journalist asking fearful questions about Corona, while standing in a large group, bumping into each other, and yelling and splattering.

  4. Fresh 'N Rebel says:

    In all county’s they say; Stay at home for 2 weeks.. only in the UK stay at home for 1 week.

    • Violet Mo says:

      I am surprised how ignorant people are towards the virus. You can’t afford to stay home for 2 weeks but you can afford losing your life forever…what logic that is? Don’t ever try your luck.

    • John Titor says:

      @Demarcus Cornwall no you are the idiot, where the fk is your government? the evil dictatorship china get people to stay home and pay them wages for past 2 months, why cant your government do the same, isnt that what we elected them for? to protect and serve?

    • Gray Filtered says:

      I’m glad that the whole world can witness their stupidity .

    • elton tonge says:

      Yh. Also, not one mention about this in any briefing at work advising guidance on symptoms, isolation, etc. No, cant too strap for staff to worry about the ones they have getting sick. It’s almost laughable. Definitely stupid!

    • Young Majestic says:

      @Demarcus Cornwall god damn you don’t have to rage just to answer a question 0 to 100 real quick I think the virus already hit you

  5. Da Samurai says:

    Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

  6. Kowasi says:

    Perfect… ‘Get ready to lose your loved ones. Decisive action is three months away.’

  7. Paul Marsh says:

    Now there’s a thing “BRING IN THE CLOWNS “ Boris Johnson has abandoned the people of the uk he’s going to let this virus spread “you should listen to the whispers before you hear the screams?

  8. George Wahl says:

    In times of darkness, still the mind of fear, open the heart and let the light of compassion burn especially bright.

  9. Yuri Russo says:

    Brits don’t underrate this outbreak keep yourself and your loved ones safe, stay at home. Greetings from Italy (in lockdown)

    • Kent Horvath says:

      not sure if those in the UK & rest of Europe are getting update but the US has closed schools in Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, San Francisco, Houston thus far. university students are packing and heading home for the semester from Florida to Maine.

      anticipating more closings.

    • Cardinal Sin says:

      im in spain and they are now buttoning up and gibraltar will be closed from monday. everyone got shopping today, but not in a panic. it was just very busy. like christmas.

    • Yuri Russo says:

      Jaime Martos I’m not sure you know/understand what you’re talking about anyway I hope you have time enough to read and understand something useful to figure out what it’s going on around you. Good luck.

    • Elaine Blackhurst says:

      Yuri Russo what a crazy reply an Italian in lockdown tells it like it is to us and you question him what a world indeed ✈️🇬🇧🇮🇹😥✈️💕

    • Rajat Bishnoi says:

      Isn’t it good to stop the pandemic ,by drastic measures so that it rapidly doesn’t spread to whole population(including vulnerable ones before they can be vaccinated) . Prayers from India (here small and large scale lockdowns have begun).

  10. Emil Klingberg says:

    7 days,.. a virus that has a record of incubations lasting up to 27 days, symptomatic stage lasting up to 3 weeks, and showing virus in people who have recovered from symptoms

    • Serenity TV says:

      This comment right here!! This is a fact. Pay attention and take extra special care of yourselves and your families.

  11. SoYou Know says:

    7 days? Everywhere else at least 2 weeks and 24 hours after no symptoms are present.

  12. Puzuzu says:

    Stiff upper lip everyone.
    Don’t fall into the self-obsessed trap of seeking attention. No one cares if you have to miss a party or feel unloved. Think of others instead of yourselves.

    • Mike Hunt says:

      I didn’t think it would annoy me so much but hearing that old lady basically say the government can’t stop me. By saying this is what keeps me going. Seriously annoying.

  13. Cal P. says:

    “If we don’t actually do anything about it, we can’t be held responsible if our plans don’t work” – Politicians everywhere missing the point.

  14. E.L.F 유채린 says:

    Yeah, let’s just trust people I’m sure everyone with symptoms will stay home…

    What Britain is doing is really irresponsible, schools and Universities are one of the places where the virus could spread the most.

  15. sam banks says:

    So Stay At Home Until You Get Kicked Out For Not Paying RENT!

  16. JE Hoyes says:

    31:04 Odd how their diagram highlights the kidneys but they’ve removed the label that said “kidney failure”.

  17. Ryan Fraser says:

    Not everyone sick is going to stay at home just cause government told them to

    • tramvaj12 says:

      @Nikki van Zanen Actually if you stop bills and provide food you do not need much more to stay at home. Just pause economy games for couple months. I do not see how not getting new phone, computer, bank payments and other can be leathel in couple of months

    • Carol Kline says:

      Well I sure I had it weeks ago .My some has just got over it .We had all the symptoms .Its difficult to tell if one has it .Mild symptoms. I had it for 9 days. I have asthma my chest kept being tight. My son had it over 7 days he had dry cough sweats loss of appetite. Cant go to GP .

    • S A says:

      Ryan Fraser: WHY NOT!! If individuals are not prepared to self-isolate then perhaps removal to isolation hospitals as in China. For goodness sake people, get a grip and show some self control.

    • Nikki van Zanen says:

      @tramvaj12 truth, but at least where I live they don’t do that. You still need to pay rent . And all of my work just gets cancelled, but at the same time they want to reschedule. Now rescheduling one job is okay, but if you work the whole week you can’t just suddenly do everything in the month after corona is gone. Especially since this isn’t going to be a one week thing. So I don’t have any income now, and later on I’ll have a murder schedule. I wouldn’t mind quarantine and closing down everything for a while, if they could fix those issues. Mostly rent, I don’t want to lose my home.

    • Mike’s ASMR Addiction says:

      that’s right but they will of course blame the government at the end of the day

  18. Shen Ku says:

    Ironic that all the journalists are shouting and spitting in people’s faces!

  19. Starseed says:

    “…lose loved ones, before their time.” No one goes before their time.

    • Elaine Blackhurst says:

      Starseed He’s just saying destiny can be cruel for goodness sake in other words it’s called compassion stop trolling at such a serious time
      This pandemic is the greatest enemy we’ve faced possibly in our lives as we have no vaccine and it will take months to get one. The rogue Chinese started all this their to blame 🇬🇧😥🇮🇹❤️🇺🇸🌺

  20. Shiva Vereen says:

    7 days isn’t enough time. Quarantine actually means 40 days.

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