Coronavirus expert says he has second thoughts about flying

Coronavirus expert says he has second thoughts about flying

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, answers questions about the coronavirus pandemic during a CNN/Facebook coronavirus town hall and says that he would take a second thought at flying on an airplane.
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86 Responses

  1. Andrew Koh says:

    Dr Fauci. Please take good care yourself. Drink lots of water and have enough rest. The country needs you totally 🤗

    • Zeek Banistor says:

      No..nooo what we really need is a senile old crank like Joe Biden! VOTE BERNIE

    • parrotprodigy productions says:

      @Ken Wagner No, he was being muzzled by Trump and he had to react carefully. When he was finally “unleashed” by Trump, he felt confident to speak the truth. He merely bided his time.

    • David Butler says:

      Dave Schultz Stupid troll the idiot Potus defunded the CDC then got rid of the reaction team to world health epidemics. Remember the Ebola out break under Obama? Most people don’t because it was handle with intelligence, science, and containment. May the virus reach you and all other trolls like yourself:).

    • Jay P says:

      I have a good feeling he is doing the right things to stay healthy already and then some.

    • Your God says:

      Don’t fear the reaper…

  2. Stella Elkhenizy says:

    79. Wow he looks good for his age. Of course inside health is more important than looks

  3. Yolo Swaggins says:

    I had second thoughts about watching another corona vid, yet here we are.

  4. Don't Hate. CREATE says:

    Dang he looks great for 79 years old

  5. TappatopShotta says:

    This guy is the Bernie of Doctors

  6. Nathaniel Anderson says:

    I’m not going to fly, unless they let me wear the oxygen mask.

  7. la mulata linda Martinez says:

    “Insurance doesn’t cover something?” I live in Europe it’s ALL FREE. The insanity of your healthcare system makes this crisis a disaster. Your country is a dinosaur.

    • Hippy Guppy says:

      blue dog to be fair, it is that military that helped save the world from speaking German. WW 2 is not even 100 years old.

    • Margaret Lavender says:

      phục êwê. Thank you. I do have all food delivered – including the now invisible toilet rolls 3 weeks ago! I’m going to do another shop online this weekend and get in more tinned and freezer stuff. And when it arrives I’ll say “Leave it on the doorstep”, then as I’ve done for past 3 weeks, will wipe absolutely everything with disinfectant wipes, from tins, cartons, to plastic wrapped things as cheese etc. I’ve already done 3 weeks ago these toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, and Kleenex boxes. I use Dettol Spray ‘kills 99.9%’ – they ALL say that! We use a bleach called Domestos in uk. We don’t have your Clorox but it sounds the same as Domestos Bleach. And Dettol are the medical side of things. I do prefer to stick to named brands especially in this era now. You know they are definitely reliable. No way would I now shop at the “Pound £1 Shop” with it’s mainly unknown brands!
      But AntiVIRUS wipes and hand gel? Hardly any such thing. If you read all hand sanitisers are sold out, doesn’t matter to me as they won’t work, as Dr John said. They’re ALL Antibacterial, not Antivirus. And NONE put their alcohol content in their ingredients, if they have it, which they don’t. Where Dr John got his 70% alcohol gel which he showed us, I don’t know. Oh yes, a supermarket called Asda. No Asda, Lidl, Morrisons, Co-op in my town anyway. None of the cheaper supermarkets. Only that Pound £1 Shop. I shop at Waitrose, and they too are stripped – bare shelves of all sanitisers, both wipes and gels, and kitchen sprays, even sold out of ordinary soap, let alone toilet rolls, kitchen towels and Kleenex. One young couple even told me they had to buy packets of disposable semi-cloth type to use as their toilet paper!

    • Les Blenkhorn says:

      Well said.

    • Hippy Guppy says:

      How hard is it to be a citizen of the EU? And let’s not forget your rampant racism. Black Football players in stadiums get heckled all the time, and you even have to put your picture on the resume.The US is far from perfect, but let’s not forget Europe has raped this world since the fifteenth century with their colonization. Hell Americans are nothing but European pilgrims who ran from those countries because they were prosecuted.

    • skien dhiu says:

      @Big Red corporation s fucked the little guy every time you wise up dip shit

  8. catalinacurio says:

    I’ve cancelled my flight to visit family, it’s breaking my heart, but I’d never potentially put them in danger if I were to carry the virus.

  9. Ken Danzan says:

    did this dude say hes 79..

  10. Quartarsforthepoor says:

    I would much rather he lead the Coronavirus task force…but here we are

  11. Living A Life Of Abundance says:

    I didn’t know being an introvert will start to pay off

  12. First Last says:

    3:19 if this guy has some trouble with his insurance, we’re all doomed 🤣

  13. Royko Farm says:

    79 years old 🙈 now i believe him when he said he served 6 US President. Thats alot of dedication for his country

    • syn707 says:

      Jeremy Lee Just the thought of these HUGE (snicker…😂) has me shaking in my shoes. We need to pass a law removing all viruses from people who possess them!

    • James McClellan says:

      @Jeremy Lee You are an idiot. It’s not possible for any virus to spread that fast. Those that do tend to kill so fast that they burn out their hosts before they can spread too far. And even of the most deadly of engineered viruses don’t spread as fast as if Obama was president still, which is just dumb stupidity at asinine finest.

      Look, viruses don’t care about politics, sex, age or religion. No manner of hope or praying, or being well meaning or indifferent will hasten or slow it down. If everyone including our government follows medical and scientific logic, we can decrease the amount of vulnerable people who are exposed to it long enough for them to come up with a vaccine, which by the way could take years. If it takes more than two years, it will kill everyone it should. We’re talking millions of people. No amount of Republican Selfish vileness is going to stop it. No amount of Democratic Liberal dogoodery is going to stop it. In the end around 70 to 150 million people in this country, could be infected with a corrected exposure number of around a 10 percent death rate, 10 million people minimum are going to die, in this country if we don’t learn to get along. And as long as Trump is lying to his own peeps? We are fucking doomed to lose those people.

      That could be your mother, your uncle or sister or brother or you. Walk outside and count every 6 people. The 6th is dead. Everytime you see 6 different people the 6th is dead.

      This isn’t a game of Trolls are Us. A lot of people are going to die if we don’t get our shit together.

    • Aramis3737 says:

      Wait a minute. He’s no hero.

      Maybe in the past, but not now. when asked what people should do to prepare, his advice was to stock up on medications. When dr. Gupta said how can they do that when insurance won’t allow it, his response was yes somebody should really look into that. So the answer to all the questions is I don’t know and I don’t have the answers. What the hell is he doing on television wasting our time? Does he get paid for these interviews? why did the senators have to scold him for standing by silently when Donald Trump tells lies. He’s been just standing around fully participatingIn this mess. Then he goes on TV like he has answers but he doesn’t. He’s sending us in circles like the rest of them.

      If you want answers you have to go over to *Dr. John Campbell on YouTube*.

      I’ve got to stop wasting my time like this, everytime I’m curious to see if these morons are going to come up with something useful they don’t and it irritates me again and again.

    • Jeremy Lee says:

      @syn707 Yes, there needs to be a vaccine to cure Democrats of STUPID.

    • Glenn van Nijevelt says:

      Bobby Booshay Nope. Sarah Wong is right. If DT could demote two Purple Heart récipient what not this guy? If he could? 🙄

  14. Magnus Nygaard says:

    3:40 Yeah, or maybe you shouldn’t let for-profit companies handle healthcare…

  15. michael stuchiner says:

    I would have never guessed Dr. Fauci was 79 years old, he looks much younger.

  16. Suomy Nona says:

    Queue “The Stable Genius” to tweet and contradict everything Fauci said. He really “gets it” and his uncle was a bigly genius.

    • DB Stevens says:

      Your TDS is really kicking up today huh? Let me ask you, if you are worried about something that’s killed 5000 people more or less worldwide in 3 months what are you going to do over the flu that’s already infected 34 million and killed 20,000 in the US just this flu season, and which kills at least 291,000 per year, or, on average 24,250 per month worldwide? If you are worried about COVID-19 you should be terrified at the onset of every flu season since it’s vastly more likely to actually infect and kill you versus COVID-19 which only managed to result in diagnosed infection in about 7 out of every 100,000 Chinese in a nation of almost 1.4 billion people.

  17. Brian McLendon says:

    You can’t get extra medication without being accused of being a drug addict whether or not insurance will pay for it.

    • Jean Sindhikara says:

      Check with your doctor or your insurance company. My insurance company (BC/BS) has offered refills before the refill date and 3 month supplies. (I’m sure that there are restrictions on some addictive medications, at least I hope so.)

  18. Steven William Bayless Parks says:

    He’s grown hoarse, working over- time for our benefit.

  19. Marcella Logwood says:

    I love this doctor but I think he needs a cough drop, he’s starting to sound like Bernie Sanders

  20. L A says:

    Why don’t we just all stay home for two weeks everyone

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