Coronavirus: ‘Get prepared as soon as you can’, says Italian doctor

Coronavirus: ‘Get prepared as soon as you can’, says Italian doctor

“We are expecting a surge in the coming days and hope it will not reach the intensity of Lombardy… my suggestion is you get prepared as soon as you can.”

Sky News speaks to a doctor in a hospital in Turin, Italy.

The latest on #Coronavirus here:

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83 Responses

  1. sunrize601 says:

    This is how the DRs and nurses get sick. Too much stress and no sleep.

    • alison cassells says:

      but what else can we do, we just do what needs to be done, and think about things later. this is unprecedented. perhaps some workers laid off in the air industry can be employed by health to help out?

    • Ich Dien says:

      @alison cassells If there was a call for extra help, I would volunteer. I’m not a nurse, but after some basic training I could at least help out with minor tasks like taking temperatures, monitoring blood oxygen levels, changing catheter bags, wheeling people or supplies around, that sort of thing.

    • Elizabeth Dorchester says:

      If i could walk or move without pain i would help . Been trying to get help for nearly a year and just let down time after time . Maybe now i might get some assistance .

    • cesteres says:

      I’m sure they are well awere

    • B__FUN says:

      @alison cassells true

  2. Angela Hotston says:

    This poor doctor looks exhausted I feel so sorry for the medical staff crumbling under the mental, physical and emotional strain and they are putting their own lives at risk.

    • Joher Meah says:

      Aren’t mental and emotional strain the same thing…..?

    • shinyautumn says:

      @J H It is not their responsibility to put their own life at risk, they can quit.

    • 1 9 says:

      there payed extremly well and they all know the risks when they ho through training.

    • ugutierrez55 says:

      @Angela Hotston No. If these professionals don’t study on diseases then maybe they’re not so professional. The history of infectious diseases is real. Please do your own reading before just thinking up a thought with little knowledge to lean on.

  3. Sbeast says:

    Much respect to all the nurses and doctors who are doing such an amazing and important job!

  4. Seth Wozniak says:

    My whole heart falling to all the healthcare workers.

    • Lee Neale says:

      they are our heroes……our utter angels!!……..this is gunna get bad…..reallll bad!

    • timann80 says:

      @Lee Neale I care for the health and safety of others and I’m glad we are becoming aware of ways to deal with this. Can we stop fear mongering with the oversize panic button. Most will get through this. Its being treated as most won’t get through this. Not downplaying, just trying to offer some perspective. Be safe.

    • James Jennison says:

      Here in uk some people i know and in churches and spiritual learning classes have stopped so its just go to work wearing gloves and shopping for food supplies once to buy enough for months to stay away from crowds i think in uk in next few weeks will be LOCKDOWN TOWARDS END OF MARCH but to little to late its spreading into population in large numbers by then .

  5. James Roome says:

    The word hero gets overused these days but this guy is definitely one.

    • James Roome says:

      @Will Weld For Food Idiot.

    • KruciaL • says:

      Dude that’s my dog!😂

    • Indy Singh says:

      use ‘OLA RIDE’ First trip 50% off use code: YK963GQ (Cheaper than Uber!)

    • michael flegel says:

      Why is no one talking about the virus as a biological weapon? It could be released and other things like it into the atmosphere for purposes of a military nature. This is been known to be on a Battlefield for a hundred years. Heaven forbid somebody is using this on purpose.

    • J P says:

      Will Weld For Food I’m with u I’m an air conditioning technician we keep every building running without AC a building is no good 🤷‍♂️

  6. ArchAngel` says:

    Down to earth guy, praises his colleagues but most importantly nurses as a heroes of this pandemic. Such a class act.

  7. Gibbsfan says:

    Praise his heart.
    Praise all the heart of the men and women that are Doctors, RNs, CNAs, and other care occupations that I forgot to mention that are battling this virus.

    • Lottie Stanley says:

      Gibbsfan — Among ‘care’ people… all hospital personnel are involved… including ‘housekeeping’, pharmacy, laundry, engineering, cooks, etc.

    • Gibbsfan says:

      @Lottie Stanley good point. Theyre awesome too!

    • Lottie Stanley says:

      Gibbsfan — I was an RN … but couldn’t have done my job without all of the ‘support’ people at the hospital. Also, admitting and ward clerks, etc… Loved them all ☺️

    • Gibbsfan says:

      @Lottie Stanley I worked as a CNA in a rehabilitation center for alzheimers and dementia however, i couldn’t do again because i couldnt watch people suffering.
      In some way, i hope i did well for their residents.

    • Maxx B says:

      Also the staff the clean the hospitals, the porters and other ancillary staff that help the hospitals run smoothly.

  8. Hunter W says:

    Bless all responders, the country, docs, nurses, EVERYONE. Sending love and prayers🙏🌹

  9. Paul Cusentino says:

    Praying for this man and everyone involved and effected by this.

  10. MIchael C says:

    Prayers to all people.
    Biochemists know the truth.

  11. Huachuca City says:

    My area hospital is already understaffed and if this corona hits it’s going to b very bad for healthcare staff..pray n stay away from hospital..

  12. Nonn'sSpace says:

    South African doctors are going around saying “relax this is just like the flu” 😒 we now have 38 cases…

    • Johnny Treble says:

      SASE – if I didn’t care about Africans I would be talking now. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking foolish.

    • ted Zhang says:

      @Johnny Treble not such simple,,if the gov do nothing,it could be a catastrophe

    • T Collins says:

      @Lottie Stanley agreed.

    • T Collins says:

      @waddietwo correction, it’s a Chinese bioweapon. That part is important to state. China has plans for world domination and they do not care about taking some of their own people out to achieve their ends. This is the new form of warfare.

    • River Smith says:

      It is just the flu. it’s a mutated strain of one we have seen before. Problem is, it’s hitting everyone at once.

  13. A C says:

    This guy is spelling out exactly why we need to lock down early.

  14. MAKnCHEEZ says:

    As a comment on another video said:

    *Soldiers fight for one country*
    *Doctors fight for all of humanity*

    • MAKnCHEEZ says:

      Tim Tam lol that’s the UK but I’m not from the UK so I dunno

    • D James says:

      Weird quote. I’d say except in a case of a pandemic most of the time doctors, like soldiers, are protecting the citizens of the country they fight/work for.

    • stellai06 says:

      @D James If they travel abroad and somebody has a heart attack, for exempkr, they are expected to intervene.

    • Dakota says:

      @Jet This^^^.

      CheezIt’s, we’re waiting…

    • 1878 St says:

      @MAKnCHEEZ soldiers still fight for free word against isis an these terrorist twats who kill people over religion hahha religion biggest killer ever killed more people than any leader virus or disease religion what a joke

  15. B Kailua says:

    So sad to see Italy go through this, their disaster has shown the world why it is important not ignore this.

    • Benni B says:

      It’s already too late

    • Zairner Muller says:

      I don’t mean to be rude but it’s kind of their own fault, they went to fashion week, football matches, tourism like nothing was happening, going to church, etc.
      The same thing was happening here in Spain due to La liga matches and Champions league, I can’t believe how people value Football more than their lives, smh. Those events are truly massive specially here in Madrid

    • Axial FX says:

      @Zairner Muller ikr people still go to football and big gatherings even though this is going on!

    • Cherry , says:

      Its nor just Italy. Itz 106 other countries

    • Howard Bell says:

      What are they going to do with all those beautiful Lamborghini and Ferrari cars??? 🤔 I’m mostly sad about that. I want a nice sports car.

  16. Death Wish says:

    So basically 10% could die without ICU. And we got 4,000 ICU beds in the UK. How many are free atm? 🤷‍♂️

    • ds1868 says:

      Virtually all are used up. If there is a problem with covid19 then we are in serious trouble.

    • Tommy Tucker says:

      Also we have a shortage of ventilators.

    • Augustus Maximus says:

      UK, perhaps, need to “drip feed” its population to the virus. Not let everyone mingle right now, letting Covid-19 grow exponentially. It’s going to hit the fan if nobody is tested, if NHS workers are not protected properly and if everyone turns up at hospital in the same short space of time.

    • Augustus Maximus says:

      Soo much easier said than done, the government are not clear, everyones outside running in groups of 1000’s right now as if nothing is going on?!?!

  17. andrea agliaudi says:

    Marco Vergano, una persona straordinaria dal punto di vista umano e professionale!

  18. WhippyWhip says:

    a great interview, many of the aggressive horrible journalists should learn from this presenter

  19. LostInPA says:

    It’s time for the Army to setup emergency hospitals.

  20. MesserPavolo says:

    Can’t believe he said “nurses are the real heroes…”, deeply touched!

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