Coronavirus kills 6 in Washington state

Coronavirus kills 6 in Washington state

Six people have died in Washington state as more than 100 cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported across the US. CNN’s Nick Watt reports. #CNN #News

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89 Responses

  1. lange71 krakapoi says:

    the spreading of this virus is almost perfect … we have a intelligent virus to battle

  2. private party says:

    When the tempature rises and mosquito season starts up will it be transferable through them?

  3. kiko kiko says:

    China: built two giant hospitals in 8 days..
    USA: yo! we found a motel

    • Somos Espana Bullz says:

      Yes that was insanely shit to get a motel, does it come with complimentary meth heads and hookers?

    • Vicky Luo says:

      @Sebastian Thor Well, no testing no virus , so many US people died from flu since Sep 2019, check the timeline and coronavirus genome sequence, that’s US citizens should be worried about.

    • Randy Yeh says:

      Michael Zhang I am from China too, but I don’t think you are right on that.

    • TechEnthusiast says:

      Have you seen the insides of those “hospitals”? There’s hundreds packed side by side, no doctors, no medicine, just patrolling military. They don’t even have a bathroom inside. Watch the leaked videos.

    • John Lyons says:

      China erected two morgues not hospitals nobody leaves alive. Dumb sheep. STFU

  4. Henry Savoy says:

    If weed doesn’t kill coronavirus Atleast you can still die happily.

  5. Russpng says:

    Pence “Let’s be clear – the risk is low” – that’s the scariest comment I’ve heard so far. Might be better to start calling it “high risk”?

    • chief0129 says:

      150,000 chinese will die from regular flu in 2020. 50,000 Americans+ will die from regular flu in 2020.
      Who benefits from pandemic panic?
      Who makes billions off big pharma? Who supplies big pharma worldwide with drugs? CHINA CHINA CHINA.
      seeing more clear now?

    • Michael Whitted says:

      @Gregory Webster Where do you live? I’m from Muncie.

    • mvvagner says:

      the risk is low (as of this second). a couple weeks from now…well

    • William H Music 2020 says:

      @Das Boot That’s totally acceptable as long as you’re not SLAMMING HOG😳

    • Reign says:

      @Michael Whitted Like him being a “homophobe” or “jesus freak” has fucking anything to do with the situation. You fucking Libtards and your out of context raging bullshit flying out of yalls mouths is fucking unreal. For the party of love and tolerance yall sure are a bunch of bigoted hateful pieces of shit

  6. Fedup247 says:

    The class warfare has just got worse with this virus.

    • C. Ö. says:

      It could also be an opportunity. When millions of people (like in china) come to the overfilled and contaminated hospitals while people are dropping dead waiting to get treatment, everyone will rush into the hospitals, hospitals will maybe go bankrupt cuz no one will pay their unpayable bills, maybe government then changes the law to make healt care free (not rly free, but at least will be payed trough taxes).

    • Calub says:

      DUMBMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT!! Is dumberica really the best you can come up with? And living off of welfare isn’t making any millionaires sweat

    • John Lyons says:

      @Jess Grma you are pathetic, without a clue. STFU nobody cares.


      @Matthew Gautier I do understand. Dumbmericans need to have material things that somehow ro them, puts them above others. That IS the Dumbmerican way and the reason your rich keep getting more rich.

    • Randy Porter says:

      @DUMBMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT!! Go back to school, kiddo.

  7. Kevin Anderson says:

    They gunna wait until 50% of people in nyc get infected to do something

  8. Brother Mutant73 says:

    He started by saying the death toll was 105!! Scared the hell out of me until I heard him correct it to 6.

  9. stackticz says:

    “Avoid large events or assemblies” while theres like 4-12 thousand kids in elementary, middle, and high schools yet schools are not shut down

    • Victoria Lopez says:

      Thats what im saying

    • skylx08 says:

      In south Korea they’re already talking virtual graduation ceremonies. They should consider livestreaming classes here. Kids already know how to gather online. Have them go to school that if necessary.

    • stackticz says:

      Brandon Bodwell only 1 in my whole borough (brooklyn) got shut down even though there were 2 cases in manhattan where everyone uses trains that go everywhere

    • YSK Pierre says:

      Zachary McDonald the government should pay for those people that teach. Idiots let flights from other countries come in they gotta ban flights literally or else this dumb virus is going to hurt and kill a lot of people.

  10. Dustin Lynne says:

    How many will have it and never know? To a healthy person, it’s basically like a common cold. 5/6 deaths came from a nursing home

    • Brandon Bodwell says:

      4 out of 6

    • IN TJ says:

      Finally someone who knows what they are talking about. Old people are at risk. Im confused how young kids and babies are not at risk too. I dont normally believe news cos they lie all the time, i assume kids would die too.

    • PoodleParti says:

      9 deaths now. That are reported.

    • ZIGged says:

      IN TJ Its very simple really. As kids, your immune system is at full power as soon as you’re out of the womb(as long as you are healthy). It slowly decreases over time.

  11. iVince905 says:

    The amount of people who contracted the disease but won’t go to a hospital because they can’t afford the bill…

  12. TheBethyb00p says:

    Can we hear from EXPERTS instead of pence’s all is well,

  13. romeo bardales says:

    It’s just like an episode of The Walking Dead.

  14. tkdpower says:

    Feel like I’m watching the movie “Outbreak” that came out 25 years ago in 1995.

    • codent says:

      @chief0129 the profits from pharma are in US and Europe, that’s where those big companies are located. manufacturing happens in China

    • chief0129 says:

      The product is made in china. Who’s economy is tanking? China needed a boost.
      Well here it is. China now reopened for business just in time to supply big pharma worldwide with test and antibiotics.

    • codent says:

      @chief0129 Corona virus was (and is) a huge hit for China’s economy. I know many conspiracy theories sound kind of cool and fun, but adults are a little more mature and think things through. For the Chinese, the costs of this thing is much bigger than any benefit they might get in pharmaceutical manufacture. (edit) Sorry if that was a little harsh.

    • TheBritishReactor2 says:

      @chief0129 Exactly, it’s a money making scam and 99% of the populace fall for it. 1. Create a PROBLEM 2. Manufacture a REACTION 3. Provide a SOLUTION.Mate, if you have any spare cash now’s the time to buy stocks.

    • skylx08 says:

      I read Stephen King’s The Stand every spring during allergy season just for funsies. All of this seems to be going the same way ppl in the novel responded to Capt. Tripps.

  15. Travis Cutler says:

    CNN: and now a message from our sponsors the insurance industry, Medicare for all is a bad idea……..

  16. VRF111 says:

    This is not a flu. Not even the same family as influenza. This virus is in the same family as SARS and MERS. Do your research people.

    • Natural Remedies says:

      Bonita Young where can I get this information?

    • ZIGged says:

      VRF111 actually less. People write off the flu as if it is nothing. If people get the Coronavirus, they will be shitting themselves and go to the hospital for help sooner. This is because you know, they dont wanna pay for healthcare if they have a flu 😒

    • ZIGged says:

      Josh Edmonds not everything is the same… but yes, i agree, they are VERY similar.

    • Logan Sells says:

      @Josh Edmonds funny you should mention that. Google Coronavirus, HIV, Ebola. When you read through pages and pages of research, the Chinese and American and Iranian scientists are saying that this has the characteristics SARS, and MERS, which are coronaviruses, and HIV, and Ebola. As a matter of fact, the most successful treatment for COVID-19, is AIDS medication. They are also trying to use Ebola medication. If you go to the query I mentioned above, you will see that these scientists are saying that this virus has more the characteristics of HIV, and Ebola, than the first outbreak of SARS. Reminding you of course, that this is certainly the SARS Coronavirus. But in the second outbreak, it is acting less like a SARS virus, and more like HIV or Ebola.

      My question is, if they say that this is a hybrid of the original SARS coronavirus, how did it mutate to get characteristics of that of HIV, and ebola. This is far off I know, but it sounds more like these were spliced together, not mutated. They do have an infectious disease lab in Wuhan. It’s not a stretch to think that they were splicing these dangerous viruses together, then trying to work on a vaccine and a treatment, before releasing this as an act of War at a later time. Far-fetched oh, I know. But I don’t think that it’s that far of a stretch in an average person’s imagination.

    • cisma system says:

      @Miles Sullivan 😆 Everybody is kung flu fighting

  17. Elijah Harris says:

    They’re taking this way to lightly There are way too many people congested in one area in New York. Watch the effects there. Catastrophic

    • Travel The World says:

      Definitely, that’s what I am afraid of. This is a serious issue. They think it will insight terror if they say it’s a pandemic which it is now smh. Sad world.

  18. Nedews says:

    hey everybody. WHEN you get infected i hope you recover. WHEN, not if.

  19. Ts s says:

    The fact that they charge Americans for the test is pathetic!

    • John Lyons says:

      @IN TJ there’s that word free again. Lol, NOTHING IS FREE. FUCKTARD.

    • IN TJ says:

      Common flu may have breathing difficulties as a symptom, but they dont last for more than a day. Breathing difficulties for people who have coronavirus means they dont recover as quickly or at all. Depending on the persons health and age. Your reply is so dumb because any person can wait a day or two if they feel sick to determine if its coronavirus.

    • Travel The World says:

      @Tingle Matthews He’s not the President yet. How can he pay for something without the necessary power?

    • Travel The World says:

      @John Lyons yes shit costs money but dumbass if they don’t have the money and they have the virus so they don’t get checked out that equals more people infected.

    • IN TJ says:

      @John Lyons i never said anything should be free, u idiot. You cant read? What is your problem.

  20. Flat Top says:

    “Thoughts and prayers” – pence

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