Coronavirus outbreak: Donald Trump speaks on virus response, enforces new travel restrictions | FULL

Coronavirus outbreak: Donald Trump speaks on virus response, enforces new travel restrictions | FULL

U.S. President Donald Trump and members of the coronavirus task force held a press briefing on the COVID-19 outbreak on Saturday, just one day after he declared a national emergency due to the virus.

Vice President Mike Pence confirmed that the U.S. government is imposing wider travel restrictions from Europe, which will suspend all travel from the U.K. and Ireland. The travel ban, which will take effect March 16, will still allow U.S. citizens to return from Europe.

Trump also confirmed that he had taken a COVID-19 test, which he said will take up to two days for results.

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83 Responses

  1. Itzgacha cookie says:

    Ima stay in meh home ;-;

  2. MEXCAN FUN says:

    The only 2 friends I have in the USA one is sick now.

  3. Ka S says:

    What was that he said about the Director of the Fed??? That was … really … threatening … ?

  4. 6 Max Grinder says:

    Damn, there are some sick people in the comment section.

    • Christian Slater says:

      David Ryan, conversely, then there are men like you who’s death effects nothing and is noticed or missed by no one. Trippy sides of the same coin huh? 💀

    • David Ryan says:

      Christian Slater You included. Triptastic!💀

    • justice kelvin says:

      @Christian Slater This is Trump’s last chance to save his next presidency before starting another expensive and evil war to unite the citizens for winning his next presidency.

    • Christian Slater says:

      David Ryan, that’s your retort? Essentially grunting our a troglodyte “you too.” Just literally piggyback like a succubus hack to my ingenious and clever burn? Even then you needed to edit it? Wow, you ARE an intellectual stillbirth.

      To get slammed/burned and have no self respect or originality but to reuse that very burn as your retort. Ya got kinda leveled and exposed there didn’t ya kiddo? I’ll back off bud, I didn’t know you were so. . .

    • Christian Slater says:

      justice kelvin, cool bro. Thanks for the heads up!! Oh hey, since you might know too, what’s the best way to fold a tin foil hat to keep the most mind control waves? Thanks again bud!

  5. Karen Cai says:

    The testing are FREE. How about the treatment after testing positive?

    • Meorme says:

      @Trolly Polly Me I have a clingy friend that is skeptical, even though we saw someone get sick and taken away by ambulance. they insist on hanging out and going out to eat, we live near LAX. being careful is not paranoid or crazy.

    • knight Raider says:

      “This kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” This quote, from the Gospel of Matthew 17:21

    • Christian Slater says:

      gail995, she’s blinking quickly durning the whole video you little hack CCP shill.

    • Christian Slater says:

      Max Go, you’re a CCP shill. Now go build another account and do what your Triad pimp Xi orders you to do you little Han lapdog.

    • JW says:

      We have surphistic hospitals and doctors. You are able to be treated by specialists, clinics with your medical insurance. No insurance? Stay home for 14 days.

  6. Charley W says:

    Something is not right

  7. Amanda Gleaves says:

    Don’t touch the podium stand! He actually sounds ill…

  8. Frank Wong says:

    They don’t tell you they shove a stick up your nose for covid-19 testing!😰

  9. Kang Family says:

    This super tiny virus can tip the world into recession.

  10. bbmblais says:

    Dont test cant tell lol

  11. Kang Family says:

    Coronavirus on world tour 2020 for sale – WHO.

    • James Gilliam says:

      Do that come with a lemon or lime.

    • Jeanine Jackson says:

      I don’t believe the majority of people have anything to worry about!!! The elderly & those with pre-existing health problems are the most people who will suffer or die!

    • Jeanine Jackson says:

      President Trump please, people don’t need to be in a fear frenzy of this virus! Some will become so scared they will have heart attacks & taking up medical care leaving severe virus sufferers no place to go!

    • ZIGged says:

      Jeanine Jackson work on your communication ma’am

    • Christian Slater says:

      ZIGged, I know right?!! 😄 She’s kind of a spaz.

  12. xxdragan1969 says:

    “Our Fed Reserve”..sums it all up

  13. Lisa Domagala says:

    I love when he said “Just wait a minuet and relax ! “ to the press.

  14. Jen Combs says:

    He looks sick. Look at his eyes. He’s not wearing a tie.

    • billy Red says:

      Because he’s working flat out for you, you dope.

    • Sheep Tru says:

      @billy Red

      Trump among all those in ALL state offices ( public SERVANTS)
      , are Judas Iscariots ! They have sold the people out for millions!

      But where they are going no amount of money will relieve their torment !

    • The Main Source says:

      thats cuz he knows hes lying and was briefed on martial law and crashing the dollar and war with iran coming but we r under a world wide martial law over a flu .

    • Wendy Lu says:

      He always looks sick, he is acting decent for a change, so that is nice.

    • Beauty Young says:

      It’s PR lol the publicist tell him what to wear. He used eye drop. So yeah…so make him look stress and dont care about his look

  15. Jeffro4kag says:

    The press sounds like a bunch of jackels

    • Katie Hettinger says:

      It’s always like this, it’s just that there haven’t been many press briefings in the last three years.

    • P Tourne says:

      Slap everyone of them

    • Helen G. Pitts says:

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  16. Helen Hines says:

    It’s possible he’s sick. More possible that he’s extremely stressed. Whether you love him or hate him, he’s not in an enviable position right now.

    • Westbay Willie says:

      He really is 1 tough old booger.

    • eddyvideostar says:

      @Chuck B. To Chuck B: Your whole comment has iterated that everything is perfect. Is this the way you usually write your prose of depth? *Matthew 6:7.* The idea is to fill your writings or prayers with substance and purpose, not with the same words over again hoping to be heard and answered. As if, the more you speak … the more success: subtly stimulating Satans’s side of the supernatural scene.

    • eddyvideostar says:

      @Jutta Brink To Jutta Brink: If this is true, I yearn for the masses, those who are *fully compliant* yet, be possibly disadvantaged by the fruits of their initial successful diligence. ———————————— If it weighs upon them — then the *whole world in a sad place.* If these “green-light” ones are risky, just imagine those who have no test status, who do not care!

    • Muuri soras says:

      @Lizz Ward I agree with you …he will eventually tell us he fought the virus alone…I hate this baffoon!

    • Wheezy says:

      Helen Hines I hate him….hell ya, boy do I hate him.

  17. T Ham1957 says:

    Stock market? Why are you talking about that?! People are dying! Prick!

    • Charles Charlemagne says:

      Because its an actual issue that effects people’s lives? Stop looking for things to get offended about

  18. Kevin Merendino says:

    “Folks, Just stay home and youtube.”

  19. Jay Nguyen says:

    When he said “defeat the…virus!” I can tell there’s something behind that sentence in the way that he said it. Hmmm…

  20. John Jarou says:

    “and i’ll be going back to the oval office……” how nice for him.

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