Coronavirus outbreak: President Donald Trump confirms 1st death in U.S., talks virus response

Coronavirus outbreak: President Donald Trump confirms 1st death in U.S., talks virus response

Editor’s note: The CDC and Washington State officials confirmed the first death of coronavirus in the United States is a male in his 50s. President Trump stated during an earlier news conference the death was a female.

U.S. President Donald Trump spoke on Saturday about the country’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 virus and confirmed a person in Washington state had died from the illness. He added there were four others “very ill,” and 15 have either fully recovered on on their way to recovery. In total, he said there were 22 cases in the country and “additional cases in the United States are likely.”

Vice President Mike Pence said that they were increasing travel restrictions on Iran amid ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 virus, preventing foreign nationals from coming to the U.S. who has visited Iran in the past 14 days. He said they also are advising Americans not to travel to specific regions of Italy and South Korea.

Trump called on people not to “incite panic” over COVID-19 virus concerns, saying the U.S. was prepared for any circumstance.

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100 Responses

  1. jaded pistol says:

    6:40 Is when they talk about coronavirus. Yw.

    • Jeffree Lux says:

      jaded pistol bless you!!!!!!

    • Jason Gooden says:

      Thanks, F the formalities, just get to the business

    • Mr Mustache says:

      Thx so much

    • Lane May says:

      @Scott riseborough Oh please use your head! How about you go back and check the record for the last say 50 yrs. You will find that every 2yrs we have had a new disease Sars, Ebola, Swine flu, Mers , H5N1, Influenza and on and on. Please go do a study and this is the result , every election season someone is playing on the population with fear tactics and IM DAMN TIRED of it and You should be to! Trump knows it and he is NOT going to be rattled by it and you should take your Q from him, he does have tons of information we don’t!

    • T W says:

      Christine DeMey you need some help bud

  2. stinkel stinkel says:

    There will be no vaccine quickly!!
    Every expert has said it would take a year to 18 months to even get a vaccine produced ,and that is if the virus doesn’t mutate.

  3. Travis M says:

    Ok but… whens the last time influenza killed a physician, even one studying the virus. A physician is trained to identify life threatening illnesses, thats a fishy death.

    • Alicia Gutierrez says:

      @Sean Alcorn Clorox Bleach and Lysol

    • Sean Alcorn says:

      Alicia Gutierrez – It did NOT originate in China. I suggest you practice what you preach.

    • Sean Alcorn says:

      Alicia Gutierrez – and don’t forget your Sky Fairies

    • Alicia Gutierrez says:

      @Sean Alcorn don’t publicize you beliefs. Because the answer is Mexico. And to be honest I don’t give a flying f. As long as it doesn’t involve me or my family.

    • Alicia Gutierrez says:

      @Sean Alcorn I made my suggestion bleach bleach bleach Lysol Lysol Lysol. You don’t like it then don’t opinionate. Do your part and disinfect.

  4. Innis Mor says:

    COVID-19 score – 1
    Pence score – 0

  5. Triple DarkNess says:

    It just blows me how we’re watching everything fall apart while they still tell us everything is okay.

  6. Rosalie Paul says:

    This has a high probability of exponential growth, think about that.

  7. Tomas Corvidea says:

    What’s going to happen when the coronavirus hits the homeless population on the West coast?

  8. Lexi Cat says:

    Hold on! It’s the roaring 20’s again

  9. Marie Mai says:

    Who is paying for people’s treatment and testing when they do not have health insurance? They will avoid any medical attention out of fear of bankruptcy and spread the virus faster than anywhere else in the world.

    • Exo Apocalypse says:

      Hmm yes the Chinese government have free healthcare I wonder how that went

    • Cat NotmyLastname says:

      @Exo Apocalypse The last time I was in China, their health care was atrocious, but not because it was free for citizens.

    • Empire Co says:

      @Arthur you are just saying some random nonsense. “Healthcare isn’t free” yes it isn’t but much much better than losing 70k on a surgery. Now tell me would you rather pay extra 5% (that’s healthcare) of your salary every month or would you rather save those 5% and give $70k on a surgery? Every person with common sense knows what to choose something you really lack

    • Lalisa is my religion says:

      As a medical student myself I find it hideous that emergencies and infectious diseases situations are paid by the person. Ideally I would want everyone to have free medical care, but we all know that medicine is very expensive for the governments. However, regarding those situations that I’ve mentioned, I believe they should be an obligatory expense for any government that actually cares for their citizens. Just see this problem now, one may actually not go to the doctor because of the expenses they will have and go on to spread the virus.
      Being an European, I am glad and proud that many countries on this side of the Atlantic provide their citizens with free medical care. It is such a relief for people to know they can go to the doctor without going bankrupt. And yes, we also pay it in a way, through taxes, but I can assure you that no one is complaining about it when they go to the hospital and get everything done at zero cost. And the rich people who want a more personalized and fast care always have the option to pay in the private system.
      I am sure the American government could find some money for its medical system, but their priorities seem to be different.

    • Komori Aimi says:

      Better get Bernie elected. Many lives depend on it. Not only because of Coronavirus but all kinds of injury and diseases.

  10. C4Mburg3rs Workshop says:

    the president: “we have the most aggressive testing in the world”

    proceeds to test barely 500 people…

    • theartisthasarrived says:

      @Infinity Reaper Dude chill.

    • Jason Gooden says:

      We tested much more than that in Ontario Canada and our country has 10 times less people.

    • xy you says:

      ​@Infinity Reaper Chicoms?You are a poor man.Your words are full of discrimination.
      chinese bioweapon? The only country in the world that refuses to join 《Convention against the development of biological weapons(BTWC)》- US
      Coronavirus in group A / B / C / D / E all exists in the US
      There are only groups C and E in China, and the older A and B are missing
      Japanese media suspect that in the US, part of the flu deaths are caused by the coronavirus
      You tell me what I should believe?

    • evie hillegeist says:

      better than china

    • Your High School Sweetheart says:

      C4Mburg3rs Workshop ok but that’s a lot

  11. Andy Lane says:

    I am so confused, I saw another briefing saying it was a man who died.

  12. coooolibri says:

    we have all under control he says 2 or 3 days ago.

  13. Cory Lynn says:

    Starting at 9:38, he seems to be hinting at Canada.

  14. Melanie Lamb says:

    I feel we all need to be mindful of cash transactions (grocery stores, fast food etc). It has been stated the virus can survive on metal under the right ambient influence for 9 days. Meaning it will survive longer on substances containing a more porous composition. I also feel one should wear gloves when pumping gas, or touching anything the public touches. (Grocery carts, doors, etc)
    Prayers going up for all 🙏

    • Broz Gilson says:

      The chances of this jump are very low

    • Manufacturing Partners says:

      @Selah Avoid crowds? No more trains stay home. No more buses. No more going into city. No more stores. So basically stop society from moving. STFU

    • le93ndary reviews2020 says:

      So dont buy chinese products???. ^_^

    • Ivory Fyall says:


    • Rui G says:

      Ohhh noo😱god forbid we catch this over hyped cold

  15. Amy Jager says:

    Hoax…his favorite word & a damaging word.

  16. chris lucas says:

    We had a tremendous rally, we spread the disease.

  17. Steven Orcutt says:

    Listen to the part about how many masks we have 🤪
    If it was under control why would he even bring that up?!!

  18. R.A C says:

    What happen to We got this under Control 🤦🏻‍♀️😷🤒

    • Rui G says:

      I don’t see anyone or know anyone who’s got this bogus virus so I thinks it pretty in control 🤷‍♂️

  19. Impy says:

    *Someone coughs*

    USA Hospitals: That’ll be $5,000,000 to survive

    • Jacob Orozco says:

      @Numan Khan Well that’s you I’m broke.

    • MIke J says:


    • Maggie Zhu says:

      Impy : I heard it very clearly.

    • DesertStateInEu says:

      Impy The US debt per capita $58 000, the UK $127 000, France $73 000, Germany $62 000, Denmark $90 000, Sweden $95 000, Norway $117 000, Finland $88 000, Belgium $113 000, Netherlands $264 000. On top of this the European countries have skyscraper high taxes sky high gas prices, insufficient military budgets. Not to mention the US leads by far in disease survival rates.
      Can somebody explain this to me? Why is this? Could it be that all the free stuff Europe hands out is unaffordable? I live in the EU btw.

    • deran faith says:

      @DesertStateInEu the u.s debt per GDP is higher than all those countries, and sits above 100% of their GDP. Their debt is literally stronger than their gdp lmfao.

  20. Ese Güerito says:

    Decades from now, they’re gonna call this the “Roaring 20’s” because of all the loud growling coughing.

    • BrIan CurtiSmith says:

      Decades from now? Aren’t you the cockeyed rose-colored optimist! Our pathetic excuse for a species is about to be scratched off the planet like the pandemic flea that it is…GAIA baby! No more fine-trimmed lawn or a vast tracts of land or a landing strip on your wifeys’ dried out and shriveled up vagdesert or your 201K or your sidelay or your future…all DonGoneCOVID-19 over! Outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee outenzee so there

    • no further west says:

      @BrIan CurtiSmith honest ques – do you think the earth is flat?

    • no says:

      @BrIan CurtiSmith this dude gone insane lmao

    • Will says:

      The Coughing 20’s.

    • GreenRanger says:

      roaring 20’s 2: electric boogaloo

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