Coronavirus special: Are we doing enough?

Coronavirus special: Are we doing enough?

In a Channel 4 News special on the coronavirus, we’re with health staff working on the front-line of the Covid-19 crisis – as well as the scientists, economists and virology experts who can answer the question… Coronavirus: Are We Doing Enough? (Subscribe:


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74 Responses

  1. Invesigator 2 says:

    Never trust a country that respects a landlord’s right more than a tenant’s right i.e. England.

  2. Bubble wrap says:

    Let’s all meet back here April 1st and pool our thoughts.

  3. Donna Lemmo says:

    So the Uk is making their people..lab rats..horror movie come alive.

  4. Hien Nguyen says:

    To achieve herd immunity, first invest in crematorium machines or prepare a very big hole like Iran is doing.

  5. cobeone says:

    You know what they say, “what kills us makes us stronger”. Wait that doesn’t sound right!?

    • MsOnTopOfTheWorld says:

      Oh god…you made me laugh! Maybe we should just laugh ourselves to death… better than by some respiratory-attacking virus!

  6. Neil Hemingway says:

    Government seems happy to ‘cull’ the OAP’s to save pension payouts and the infirm to save costs and benefits! Why else would it be happy to let the population carry on as normal?

    • Sedei Caan says:

      Its seems like they need to be able to pay the Brexit bill at the cost of OAPs lives.

    • Audio Addict says:

      Maybe it is just a touch of an overreaction to lock a country down because of what is essentially an exotic flu bug.

    • mhffc says:

      Some people are just idiots…Spain and Italy have lost far more. Is it OUR Governments fault…Get real…

    • mike heap says:

      Why have they not stopped visitors to OAP homes where occupants are semi isolated. A visitor bringing the virus into a home would potentially kill 40% of the occupants. This should have been actioned immediately. Its euthanasia.

    • mhffc says:

      @mike heap You going to tell people they can’t visit their families, good luck with that..

  7. Glade Runner says:

    This clown acts like people can’t self isolate for a year.


    • Sheree Pfeiffer says:

      we don’t need to be that radical if we all just ramp up our hygiene and keep the kids home til next year or whenever . Jeremy Hunt said they are the best little spreaders. and then my Dad walked in and said they are the best little spreaders. ironic.

    • mhffc says:

      And where does all the food come from if you self isolate for a year…Some people…..

    • ukchristian28 JA says:

      @Alf Garnett Is the character of Alf Garnett actually an heroic figure to you?

    • Ken Shabby says:

      @freethinker BIt’s not just the virus but the reason it was released and what it’s being used to mask. Do you not understand that the ponzi scheme that is currency creation is finally at the point of collapse? Convenient timing. We’ll see the end of cash money as they digitalise and control everything via the micro chip. Also it seems that it was manmade and genetically targets certain races ( Iranians mmm wonder why) Perfect distraction whilst American and Israeli aggression takes place across the globe. Wake up because I’d also bet that the morons spouting bullshit about not as bad as flu are (unlike myself) are not over 55 with existing chest problems. I thought idiots like you had been slapped down, obviously not yet.

    • Ken Shabby says:

      @Gioia Pharo Correct Gioia, but there are still morons posting that it’s not as bad as the flu, whilst missing what it’s really the beginning of.

  8. mimithefifi says:

    “we’re going for herd immunity” So basically the gov is like “we can’t do anything so it’s all up to yourselves. You live if you have good immune system. And if you die sorry but none of our business”

    • Ken Shabby says:

      @Rogon Yantud Some of us have to work to pay the extortionate rents charged by buy to rent filth.

    • Red Boah Sutherland says:

      @mhffc except its YouTube not social media. And before you start with the it IS social media… it is not.

    • Dirk Diggler says:

      Colin Corbin no it also reference to amount infected and then recovered

    • mhffc says:

      @Red Boah Sutherland Of course it’s social media you fool. The very fact you replied to my comment proves it. It’s a means of interacting with other people via the internet..Can’t believe you didn’t know that.

    • Tiramisu Mochi says:

      Cynthia Baker the U.K. obviously lol

  9. mimithefifi says:

    Can we petition this “doctor” to go, get the virus and see if he gets immunity for it

  10. Noel Mull says:

    Wrong title: “are we doing enough” correct title : “are we doing anything apart from washing our hands” you couldn’t make this stuff up. Not in your wildest dreams

  11. Christina A. Friedli says:

    Sir, we have no vaccine ans about the immunity: we eben don‘t know if we get immunity after covid-19!

    • Misty Moor says:

      Absolutely right, we do not understand how this virus behaves

    • Tim Tam says:

      Exactly, I read that it leaves you with damaged lung capacity afterwards!

    • Sheree Pfeiffer says:

      Israel reckons they have a breadthrough. Normally 1 yr but they are going to push it through faster. So the kids all miss a year of school. so long as it is equal around the world it won’t hurt much. baha.

  12. Maciano Van der Laan says:

    Message: The government will not protect you

    Protect yourself so you can protect your family.

    We’re on our own.

    • mr jinks says:

      Hysteria scaremongering at its best.common flu related illness kills tens of hundreds sometimes thousands of people in the UK every year yet no one batters an eyelid. Then sars swine flu Baird flu Ebola the list goes on. Yet the media spread panic throughout the country. And it’s lapped up.

    • Audio Addict says:

      replying to myself now! :/
      Though, I feel the need to qualify what I said there.
      My comment was meant to point out that people are behaving like children, demanding some government action because they’ve been scared by something they don’t understand.

    • CT says:

      Stfu man, I believe you have very very limited medical knowledge

    • Bitey _ says:

      @Angela Ortenzi-MacColl Your math is off.

      Estimated 80% will be infected, with a mortality rate of 3.4% (according to WHO from 3rd march) that is 1,849,600 dead.
      Could be much worse if NHS is overwhelmed as 20% of infected population could require medical assistance.

    • Bitey _ says:

      @Kakugen Yes I am aware of it.

  13. Proselytizing Orthodox Pentecostal Trans Rabbit says:

    _”Joining me now is professor of epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, John Edmunds… and some guy off twitter…”_

  14. Darshil Shah says:

    What are we doing
    Short answer: nothing

  15. Seb 8969 says:

    The UK is treating this like a war, the sacrifice of the few to save the most.
    Cold blooded.

    • mhffc says:

      Must be doing it right, Spain and Italy have lost thousands more…

    • Ramsay Bolton says:

      I mean usually that’s what happens in a lot of situations dude. I mean I guess if you had a much more homogeneous society like Japan then you would understand.

      You had in crisis were older people that sre in professions that needed in a situation volunteered to possibly even sacrifice themselves because they didn’t want their youth to be at risk.

    • waterborne says:

      Cold blooded but if you do save more in the long term it is morally right. The question is which is the right approach – nobody knows. Stop start might lead to a time when people are no longer willing to adhere to the stop policy which would be horrendous. A controlled process will most likely deal with the psychology but might not be able to keep control of the spread which could be horrendous too.

  16. Jason Titley says:

    Heard immunity ? Wtf there insane, let’s see how brave they are when they have the virus.

  17. Debra Walker says:

    When everyone gets sick…who is going to look after them?

  18. Sarah Lyle says:

    We’ve been abandoned by our government for the case of a science experiment and economic value…

  19. Nisa Westwood says:

    This is crazy for uk to do this to their people. 😱😰😰😰😰😱

  20. Dawzura says:

    “Some of you will die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.” – BoJo

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