Coronavirus VII: Sports: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Coronavirus VII: Sports: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the sudden disappearance of sports due to coronavirus, how their absence is impacting people emotionally and financially, and the complications of bringing them back anytime soon.

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49 Responses

  1. Charlotte Io says:

    Good call sponsoring the marble races! I am looking forward to the season.

  2. Bria7n Oliver says:

    This video has so many good bits and then the marble league ending was just the cherry on top, this man is a hero

  3. Plucky Bellhop says:

    Has anyone else subconsciously thought John had brown hair all this time because the lighting was always darker before?

  4. SelfMadeHero04 says:

    Jelles marble runs is top tier when youre high, just sayin.

  5. MollieVX says:

    I love how 80% of the comments are about Jelle’s Marble Runs! That channel is amazing and deserves all the love!

  6. Hornswroggle says:

    And there it is again:
    One of those inspiring empowering moments that happen whenever John funnels HBOs money in an unexpected direction to weigh in on an awesome cause that can make a wild difference on peoples lives.

  7. Koolk says:

    Hbo be wondering why tf oliver needs $20,000 every week to operate from an empty white void

  8. Jeffrey Boles says:

    I cannot overstate this. Jelle’s Marble Runs is the best thing I have ever seen on the internet. The YouTube Channel, their Facebook and Reddit pages, it’s just wonderful! I’m hooked.

  9. ORYON says:

    When he was saying those dirty things to Adam Driver and knowing there is no audience…lol i almost lost it

  10. Deanya Schempp says:

    not even to mention that the people who earn the least money, based on serving fans, will not be returning to work. Whom are we looking to send back to work? Players and support staff who probably do not have trouble making ends meet financially in these times anyway. There’s tons of content, and hey, here’s an idea: create your own.

  11. NMChe56 says:

    Mike Gundy is willing to sacrifice black lives for profit.

  12. Ben Herr says:

    Hearing John Oliver reference my Midnight Wisps (and burn the Oceanics) was possibly the highlight of Quarantine

    • Paul Wagner says:

      I wish he would have talked about Momo or Cat’s Eyes, but that Oceanics burn was classic

    • Ben Luecken says:

      As an Oceanics fan, that hurt, but it’s cool to hear him mention them at all lol.

    • Matthew Rodrigues says:

      Sigh, my Speeders were so close last year, but Marbula One was a great boost. Next stop, ML2020 champs!

  13. Force Of Silver says:

    Fun fact: Jelles Marble Runs got more than 100k new subs in the last 24 hours 😀

  14. Artur E. says:

    I think from the start of the quarantine and the recording in an empty studio it seems like he realized that with no one around, he can tell us about his sexual desires without the risk of receiving a booing from the audience, giving him an opportunity to embrace it without restriction.
    That said, keep embracing your love towards Adam Driver, John Oliver. You deserve your liberty.

  15. The Traveler says:

    John Oliver is the only man alive who can see marble races and decide: “yeah, I’d like to spend HBO’s money on that.”


  16. ThisIsItAashi says:

    The quarantine content we’re all really here for: The Marble Races.

  17. Dylan Hamme says:

    The funniest part of the whole trailer is the marbles in the audience lmaoo

    • Michael Hayes says:

      Just wait till you watch and start getting obsessed over finding the hidden marble they hide somewhere at some point in the broadcast

    • Michael Corley says:

      wait until you see a fight break out in the stands…or security chasing down a streaker…

    • Matthew Rodrigues says:

      Since this will soon become your new obsession, I implore you to become a Savage Speeders fan. Our fan base is legit.

    • Eric Westbrook says:

      @Matthew Rodrigues I used to be a Rojo Rollers fan, but once they shafted the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, Red Number 3, for overcoming a genetic deficit to defy all odds and become the only back-to-back champion of all Marble Sports, I got disillusioned with teams. No loyalty, only small marbles lusting after the big money. Hope RN3 keeps stomping on them. Fly, Red Baron, fly! *caw*

    • M&M says:

      I feel like I just entered a weird universe of sentient marbles.

  18. Prince Does Magic says:

    When he said “a fight broke out in the stands” (talking about the marbles) I lost it

  19. Christine Chin says:

    “A Champion Slapper” has a whole different meaning in the UK.

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