Coronavirus: Virus cases rise rapidly in Europe and US – BBC News

Coronavirus: Virus cases rise rapidly in Europe and US – BBC News

The number of cases in Europe continues to rise, with more than 10,000 in Italy
A UK health minister, Nadine Dorries, is among 382 cases in Britain
There are now more than 1,000 confirmed cases in the US

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that according to experts, 60-70% of the German population could become infected with the coronavirus.

She said that since there’s no cure yet, governments need to focus on slowing its spread.

“When the virus is out there, the population has no immunity and no therapy exists, then 60 to 70% of the population will be infected,” she was quoted by the Reuters news agency as telling reporters in Berlin.

“The process has to be focused on not overburdening the health system by slowing the virus’s spread. It’s about winning time.”

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103 Responses

  1. Kevin Wellwrought says:

    All European countries must follow the example of Italy and stop sacrificing people for economic reasons.

    • M R says:

      @李晓峰 恩,沒錯。對不起。祝你們健康快樂。

    • R WG says:

      kniVes Population density by country : Koea rank 2, 517/km2; Italy rank 22, 200/km2; China rank 26, 145/km2. Italy’s density is closer to China’s than to Korea’s. But hey don’t let fact get in the way of your irrational geo-political bias. It’s a bl&0dy disease, does not respond to stupid preconceived biases very well!! Ignore facts at our own peril! This is the time to set aside prejudices and arrogance and deal with a problem that’s way larger than each nation state in an honest manner!!!

    • Goran Radosavljevic says:

      Don’t be fooled by media.
      Covid19 virus didn’t came from China! This evolved virus is all arround us, this virus evolved because the global warming. The virus first attack people with very weak immune systems, after this year there will be record in sun radiation and the viruses will be more powerful. We destroyed the Earth, now the Earth is destroying us. This is only the begining

    • Ria Noah says:


  2. Serving Him says:

    Funny if you lye to the government you get penalized, but who penalized the government for lying. Did you hear what she said, we need to OBEY

    • Altruistic Egalitarian says:

      @Anthony Berardi there’s nothing of complication embedded in that which has being written clearly.

    • Anthony Berardi says:

      @Altruistic Egalitarian it’s not what embedded, it’s the length and effort of the embededisticism. 🤔🙄😉😆

    • Altruistic Egalitarian says:

      @Anthony Berardi are you saying the length impedes one’s level of understanding?

    • Altruistic Egalitarian says:

      @Anthony Berardi I have perused the dictionary to its entirety but yet to find the meaning of your word “embededisticism”. There’s no such word. Can you please enlighten me on the meaning?

    • arni soberano says:

      I aggre there government wanted to controlling people. That’s why they make a weapon that’s Corona virus. I believe the Corona virus was not from an exotic food. We think about it if this virus came from exotic food how many year the people there eating exotic food but we can’t heard that there dying because of exotic food they eat. Now we think again this virus from where. It’s a weapon that they spread there country to control people and always to obey. . Can you imagine people of China cannot allowed to use application like Facebook or etc. Why because they dont want that people know there black secret. . And now its happen. . I’m sad because all country was effective specially our country Philippines. . What happened to us we are poor and we can able to supply our needs. Specially the people of Philippines who leaves in street no houses .its broke my heart 😭😭😭😭

  3. Kate says:

    Anyone going on a cruise 🚢 right now must be mad. I would rather lose money than expose myself to this virus.

  4. The Doctor says:

    China makes everyone wear masks to stop the spread and coming out of it, where’s ours

  5. Schauncy North says:

    Here in md went from 2 people to 130+ just over a week

  6. Alex Hernandez says:

    Of course the numbers are going to rise. They have more test kits now

    • S***** says:

      What’s your point? Lol that’s implied. Everyone knows.

    • 一國兩制 says:

      Bern VENTER

      Without test kit, they will say death of suspicious of viral pneumonia.
      With test kit, they can confirm nCov19 death

    • Grammy Rose Thompson says:

      @adam schofield Depends I suppose on how contagious it truly is and what the numbers of deaths with be when it eventually does “peak and hide”. In the meantime, we are experiencing a disruption in many areas anyway. I guess, being one of those in the ” high risk”category, I appreciate that you feel “sorry” . Thoughtful of you. However, I do believe the media hype is insane!!! You may be right, idk. We wont know until it does peak, but I may be dead by then, so carry on for me,, yeah?

    • Dario Ammendola says:

      I have 2 friends with sever symptoms from weeks and all they get is (do not come to hospital sorry we can not test you, 😤😷 I love my English friends and I believe that if you are very unwell!!!!!you should be TESTED GOOD D………..!!!!

  7. asrtgvc hhgf says:

    Take example from Italy, as you did during the Renaissance…

    • Red John says:

      @asrtgvc hhgf Renaissance means revival… enlightenment means first time learning

    • Mirko Nikolić says:

      @Red John lol the western philosophy is way more important than the eastern just like how the the first world countries are European a part China Japan and South Korea but only because they have accepted the western traditions

    • Red John says:

      @Mirko Nikolić lol…u are living in a dream..which Western philosophy?? Which Western tradition?? Genocide and loot?? First world countries??u mean the countries built on looting Asian and Africans and genocide of indiand and native Americans?? Good for u

    • asrtgvc hhgf says:

      @Red John i know what rinascimento and illuminismo are, i just translated only the first and i used for the second a term (illuminism) less used but existent in english

    • Dario Ammendola says:


  8. Idalia Adamczewska says:

    POLAND: 26 confirmed cases, 0 deaths – schools are already closed from today as government can see how fast and inevitably this strange virus is sprading. Well done Poland. Lesson learned from Italy and China. UK: 373 confirmed cases, 6 deaths – schools still open. What are you waiting for ? Oh yes, for more deaths, obviously. To The English Government: The sooner you start acting, The better. It is better to be safe than sorry. After all, it is all about people lifes.

    • Matthew Schiebout says:

      people don’t die on day one! Deaths to come in a week or two for Poland.

    • ihave red-dit says:

      overpopularionb is the reason they do this

    • Futt Bucker says:

      Saudi Arabia closed the holy mosques. No more pilgrimage. School shut as soon as they had 10 cases. It’s either that or they’ll face a catastrophe they can’t contain.

    • Daniel Alveo says:

      S C
      Give them help to pay for that too. The UK is a rich country. The doctors and the nurses are your people in the frontline, keep them help don’t think about pounds right now.

  9. Dino's Shed says:

    Meanwhile in Australia, we’re going racing this week as Formula1 is in town. Something like 300,000 people all crammed into the one venue, what could possibly be a worse idea than this?

  10. Joey Joe says:

    Why the hell did she attend a reception after showing symptoms???? She the health minister, for heaven’s sake!

    • Birchtree22 says:

      Vermont got it’s first coronavirus case through a Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center employee who had traveled to Italy and had been advised by DHMC to self isolate for 14 days. Instead, said _medical_ _center_ _employee_ went to an event (~150 people) across the river in Vermont. Arrrrrrrgh!!!

      I hope that this person is now an ex- employee of DHMC.

    • Bots Nots says:

      @Jon Snow why?

  11. J. C says:

    Airborne virus comes to town.
    Western World: You don’t need a mask! Continue to shame those that wears one.

    • jbeany22 says:

      The flimsy masks people are wearing are crap and will not prevent any virus. The 3M N-95 masks DO help, but they should be used by people with low immunity and doctors and nurses. If someone wears the N-95 mask who has the virus and coughs, it’s still going to spread if it comes off your face even a tiny bit. So yes, limiting close social interaction and consistently and correctly washing your hands will keep you healthier. But the flimsy masks are crap and will do nothing.

    • Lily Bai says:

      J.C Exactly! People wear masks to protect themselves that is a basic right.

    • Bonnie Koo says:

      Matthew Claude Yes, sadly you are wrong. It’s proven fact. Why not the western people aware of it. That is the mistery.

    • Bruce Liu says:

      @Kay M How do you know you’re healthy. This virus can be infectious during Incubation period.

  12. Jacko999 says:

    Italy’s health system is now overwhelmed and we are only a couple of weeks behind them in numbers(it doubles every 4 days)!

    Helpful information here=

    EVERYONE should have enough facemasks and wear them because.(unfortunately many western governments have really dropped the ball on this one informing the public that masks are either harmful or useless. This is incorrect and a failure on their lack of preparation )

    1- Some people can shed the virus whilst asymptomatic and/or presymptomatic as well as symptomatic.

    2-there is evidence that wearing masks diminishes the chances of catching viruses.
    Link- 18:30

    Continuously updated pandemic data

    One of the best resources for real information I have found .

    Vitamin d daily can help reduce severity of and the chance of catching viruses
    Link- 2:00

    Elderberry syrup in 3 double blind studies shows reduced symptoms of viruses by up to 50% and up to 4 less days being sick.


    Excellent Covid-19 and other health information YouTube channel ,yesterday’s video
    Medcram channel Link-
    Very disturbing but factual video on Covid-19 Link-

     If facemasks were indeed useless like we are being misinformed healthcare workers wouldn’t need them either!
    Our government should hold their hands up and admit that they failed to obtain enough masks for everyone.
    Going forward they should support a massive mask making initiative so that we can all wear them and not infect others when pre-symptomatic, a-symptomatic,or postsymptomatic meanwhile slowing down our chances of being infected and hopefully not overwhelming our health service all at once!

    • shenghui hou says:

      @Gregory Diaz Ordinary medical masks are not used to prevent doctors from drooling. He has a waterproof layer on the outside. When the doctor performs the operation, the patient may have contaminated blood spattered on the doctor’s face. Masks need to have the ability to block pressurized liquids. It is used to protect doctors and nurses. It’s better for you to wear a mask than not to wear it at all. If you can choose to wear an N95 mask. It has good filtering effect and enough tightness. Using a mask correctly can protect you from infection.

    • JustMarquize _ says:

      Masks don’t work mate they can’t catch the bigger aerosols

    • Jacko999 says:

      @JustMarquize _ reference to above and I quote-
      “2-there is evidence that wearing masks diminishes the chances of catching viruses.
      Link- 18:30

    • Jade Wu says:


    • Jacko999 says:

      @shenghui hou I agree completely, meanwhile official advise from my government is sing happy birthday twice while washing your hands for goodness sake!

  13. Cavaviva says:

    Should have stopped travel at the start!

    • Hawaiian gunner says:

      @BuddyXXX you are absolutely correct more action needs to be taken. But the Constitution needs to be preserved and not violated for any reason. For me that means no police no military coming in my home. I will do my part as a good American not to spread the disease and stay in my house. That means the government stays out. If not there will be a Civil War in this country I promise. A lot of Americans that will not stand for their homes being invaded.

    • BuddyXXX says:

      @Hawaiian gunner they are actually making sure you’re not leaving home while they’re on the streets. Italy’s example. They have been dealing with this for a while now and they’re ahead.

    • MajorLongDong says:

      Italy is in the state it is because it did just that. The closed the borders and blocked flights then never tested properly thinking they had contained it, but behind the scenes it was spreading.

    • نادر الی راحمان says:

      You wouldn’t state that if you were working in the travel industry. How would you get your salary then?

  14. George Smith says:

    the economy can rise again, dead people cannot.

  15. im trying to break out the matrix says:

    Wow there still worried about money and business at a time like this?.. 🤔🤔🤔

  16. Dawn Piper says:

    Today at work I sanitised everything customers come in and was coughing not covering thier mouths and spouting off how thier not bothered it’s only a cold where was these people educated selfish to the extreme

  17. Maxwell Oakes says:

    One month vacation for everyone, just don’t go anywhere!

    • D. D. says:

      In the worst case yes.
      That’s what I thought yesterday.
      Thatswhy I’m not having fears.
      I’m not over 80.

    • Jennifer McGoldrick says:

      @People can not afford to not go anywhere for a month. And some of us live in extremely densely populated areas like NYC. The government needs to provide support and testing sites. I was in a crowded government building twice in the last seven days and I caught a nasty cold. I tried to reschedule my 2nd appointment with the government agency because I woke up ill and didn’t want to spread whatever I have – they refused to reschedule so I went and waited around for three hours in a packed room AND after three hours they rescheduled for the end of the month! So I spread my cold for no reason other than an unresponsive government agency! They don’t know I just have a cold – they don’t care though and have no measures put in place.

    • Diego Gaspar says:

      Jennifer McGoldrick Bernie Sanders

    • Jennifer McGoldrick says:

      @Diego Gaspar oh, I know – I’m a Bernie organizer and volunteer 👊🏽

    • lawrence shadow says:

      Right.. My wifes a chef at a sorority house. Every single college girl in the house (100+) went on all their spring break vacations this week. In europe and all over the world… So; expect the UofM to be fucked thanks to all these brilliant college girls.

  18. John L says:

    Western people in denial: “It’s just a flu, bro. It’s just a flu, bro. It’s just a flu…”

    • Veelow Low says:

      @Sopiah Rose I’ll stay home if it comes to it. I work and have to pay bills too. But there’s something called emergency savings. I’ll dip into that. My family and health is more important than money.

    • MajorLongDong says:

      @Elena Schiff The risk isn’t what it does to the body as influenza still kills older people with under lying health problems, it is how infectious it is, and there is no vaccine with the worry it will overload health service in whatever country it is in, which is the issue.

    • Sopiah Rose says:

      @Veelow Low well like i said some people are broke or poor they dont have emergency savings like me and my family😞i care about my familys health over money to,but they dont care if they get even my dad he still goes to work even when theres a deadly virus😢atleast your family knows what there doing.

    • Youre Gonna Need a Bigger Boat says:

      H1N1 was a flu.
      Big deal, we got over with it.
      Bird flu.
      Big deal, we got over with it.
      Mad cows.
      Big deal, we got over with it.
      This is dirty government doing for getting a lot of money from cures.
      Let couple months or years pass by to decrease the human population pretending they were making the cures but they have the cure from the start before they even do this just to get pile of money from pharmaceutical.
      Theyre not called maf”ia pharmaceutical for no reasons.

    • Sopiah Rose says:

      @Michele Foster your wrong the difference is the deathrate you forgot to add that in.

  19. Shakahara says:

    People forget the government doesn’t look after you they just keep the wheels rolling

  20. pdxbound81 says:

    If the world went on lockdown for 2 weeks last month we wouldn’t be dealing with this today.

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