Correcting Medical Mistakes In My Videos

Correcting Medical Mistakes In My Videos

I pride myself on combatting medical misinformation wherever it pops up, and unfortunately, it appears to have popped up in my own videos! That’s right, over the course of the 500+ videos on my channel, I’ve been misinformed or mispoke a number of times. Today, I’m setting the record straight! I discuss popcorn lung and vaping, caffeine in Dayquil, methamphetamine in adderall, sneezing from bright light, OnlyJayus’ thoughts on inhaling alcohol to ease nausea, caffeine in 7up and Mountain Dew, Post Traumatic Growth with Gabbi Hanna, cabbage leaves curing mastitis in your breasts, pesticides on produce, trypophobia, the staff of House MD, and my failed knockout of iDubbbz at Creator Clash!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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34 Responses

  1. Leek says:

    Not everyone would go to the effort of correcting things they said that weren’t 100% accurate. Respect, keep it up doctor

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    I wish more Content creators would take this path in the future, acknowledging their mistakes in entirely separate videos. There’s no shame in doing so, we’re all human and we all make mistakes, mad respect for doing this, Dr. Mike.

    • Kep Tarareach says:

      Since when did u get verified

    • Minecraft viewer! says:

      Anyone can make a mistake, but in order to properly grow from it you need to acknowledge it and see how you can move forward. Dr Mike did a great job of this!

    • Gladius says:

      @Woolwoven No, you do when he’s wrong. For me, it was on that light induced sneezing. Since I’ve seen that condition in a few people, I was questioning why a doctor wouldn’t believe it. So it’s always good to have him come back and clear stuff up.

    • thats you says:

      The YouTube channel “Extra Credits” has been doing that for years

    • zemzem123 says:

      Why are you everywhere, like seriously

  3. Jackson Plant says:

    “Doctors make mistakes” should be written on every door of every hospital and every clinic in the country. Similarly, “Scientists make mistakes” should be written on the cover of every science textbook in every classroom in the country. And every media interview on any topic with an “expert” should display the notice, “Experts make mistakes.” That would be a tiny step forward.

    • Dustomatic says:

      @Pro lific if someone needs to be told that even trained professionals can sometimes be wrong, that particular person shouldn’t be making their own decisions about anything anyway.

    • Gareth Jones says:

      It would be an even bigger step if we added “but many times less often than politicians, you-tube influencers, and conspiracy theorists.”

    • Harshit Tewari says:

      @Pro lific I can see where your’e coming from but here I think there’s definitely more harm than good. People if insecure in the ability of a doctor turn to god (fair, but not really the best way to go ( being politically correct) or worse yet the internet and pharmas. To tell a stranger what’s bothering you and where and how requires a degree of trust in the the doctor and his abilities. Doctors need to admit mistakes, say as much, but to outwardly highlight that they can be wrong is blunderous messaging. Plus, politics is competitive, medicine genreally isn’t, thats why you can’t rlly apply the same analogy

    • Pro lific says:

      @Dustomatic Ignorant people will ignore instructions regardless, they’ll come up with conspiracy theories if possible just to avoid inconveniences. However there is no harm in letting people know that a professional CAN be wrong despite knowing more than a non-professional in general.

    • Dustomatic says:

      Stop trying to find reasons to ignore instructions you don’t feel like following.

  4. Clara -My New SAX Video Vlog says:

    Fun fact, the cabbage hack to help with inflammation caused by engorged breast is taught to us in nursing school, throughout the whole OBGYN semester. We are taught to recommend it to new mothers going home after giving birth if they experience pain/have swollen breasts. Refrigerated green cabbage leaves are known to soothe swollen, painful breasts. Do not use red cabbage as it can stain, and make a hole in the leaf for your nipple to avoid giving the it a weird taste for the baby (it makes it harder to breastfeed).

    • Ali Lee says:

      Actually, I suffered from mastitis last year and I didn’t have any cold compress near so I used a cold cabagge to reduce the heat of my breast and it worked, like in an hour my breast wasn’t febrile anymore. Of course I was on antibiotics but for the synthoms it helped a lot.

    • India Extra says:

      Funner fact: we are replying to a cpoy paste bot

    • Elsa S. says:

      YES! I just commented something like this! It really helped me and I tried everything!

  5. Cry Tenfold says:

    The fact that he’s even addressing a single – let alone multiple – mistakes in a whole video, is something most youtubers – and even few doctors – RARELY do. If they address something it’s often in the description, a comment, or tweet but making a whole video? Props Mikael, serious props

  6. Krystallion says:

    Thank you for addressing the “adderall is meth” statement. And acknowledging how we are judged for taking that medication. I fought for 2 years after being diagnosed to be put on a stimulant. They had no reason to NOT prescribe it other than it made them uncomfortable. I found out I could request a hard copy of my medical records including the notes and realized that my primary had dictated that I was malingering adhd and a high risk for substance abuse even though I had never been accessed for either of those factors. I confronted my doctor about it and had a legal letter sent to remove any inaccurate conclusions I had never been evaluated for.

  7. Toph says:

    I’m glad you brought up the vaping one. While I agree, vaping is not healthy, but it is a healthier option for ciggarettes and I as well as some of my friends have used it to completely quit nicotine addiction. So I’m glad you were able to admit you were wrong about “popcorn lung” but you were still correct in saying “you are putting chemicals in your body.” That is actually one of my biggest issues with it. It was introduced for current smokers as a helathier alternative(even if not completely healthy), and a way to ween oneself off nicotine. Yet, now it is a gateway to nicotine addiction in teens and thats upsetting becuase I have yet to meet a current vaper or smoker who wants kids to do it. We all want it gone, and we need to unite around that. Current smokers/vapers quit and live a better life and noone ever picks it up again until its gone completely.

  8. zebrakatie96 says:

    I literally jumped as I weren’t expecting the hair cut, I was like “who is this guy?” Mike we miss your hair too 😂😂

  9. T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    This guy has taken his mistakes like a champ. What a legend…

  10. TheCommenterAvenger says:

    Very considerate of you to correct your mistakes, as no human is perfect, but rather imperfect. People always will be, but there’s a force that designed us that way, and that’s what makes us who we really are.

    • ~Lynx~ says:

      @this is a comment by a person “your local god”

      I love that, haha!

    • Daniellia Simpson says:

      @HiEv Plus the last time I checked I’m not an ape💀

    • Daniellia Simpson says:

      @HiEv lol my ancestors aren’t monkeys 😂 but congrats ig
      No need to be rude about it tho

    • HiEv says:

      @Daniellia Simpson _”you come from monkeys 👀”_

      Humans _are_ apes, and all of us share a common ape ancestor with monkeys. Congratulations on catching up with 20th century science! 🎉

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