Cotton Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Cincinnati Bearcats | Full Game Highlights

Cotton Bowl: Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Cincinnati Bearcats | Full Game Highlights

The Alabama Crimson Tide defeated the Cincinnati Bearcats 27-6 in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic on New Year’s Eve. Bryce Young threw 181 YDS for 3 TDs while Brian Robinson Jr. broke Alabama’s record for rush yards in a bowl game with 204 YDS in the victory.

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43 Responses

  1. Bily Bill says:

    Alabama talent level just ridiculous every year especially there WR corp everyone looks good cause there WR are just explosive man.

    • FGVFSS8409 says:

      Because every player on there roster is pretty much a 5 star recruit. 😂

    • JimothyJimbo says:

      And this is their worst receiving group in years. Shoot it’s only been a year or two since menchie and Williams were 4th,5th even 6th options. Hard to believe devonta, Ruggs, waddle, Jerry jeudy all on the same team lol. Just absurd.

    • Grant says:

      @FGVFSS8409 ok? Every team gets 5 stars but the way nick saban molds and coaches them makes them look like future NFL stars

    • Arthur Patton says:

      Cincinnati has a couple of good players definitely not in the same class as alabama.alabamas defenceman line took Cincinnati offensive line lunch money away like a senior bully does to a ist grader. There were few starters on Cincinnati that would start for alabama.

    • Maurice Boykin says:

      That’s what money and rich boosters will get you these kids don’t go to bama for the atmosphere . Again it’s going to be another boring bama championship contest we all know ok w the talent level at bama but just tired of them and until someone step up to beat them more of the same.

  2. So_O'neal says:

    Bearcats had some decent defensive stops , but their offense was in no man’s land facing those future 1st rounders on Bama’s Defense; Brain Robinson was like a man amongst boys out there.

    • Dɪᴀ says:

      @Flame Sports This is my sentiment too. Alabama wasnt totally invincible in this game, no matter what people say. Cincy was painfully conservative and it was to their detriment. On top of the bang-bang plays like not recovering the muffed kick by Bolden. A play like that going the other way, maybe we’re talking about a much closer game than what we had.

    • Flame Sports says:

      @Dɪᴀ Yes that muffed Punt was the play we needed. ND was playing us close the first quarter and Something similar happened where we recovered the ball and the rest was history… But they were totally super conservative with every offense possession. You can watch every game this season and watch a few passes from Ridder beyond 20 yards just in the First Quarter, and the fact that did not happen once in 60 minutes blows me..

    • ANTHONY CLARK says:

      @Bryan Robinson it’s the line they should have rolled him out a little bit more.

    • Chris Murray says:

      @Rageous you’re not going to throw much on a 3-3-5 d. Wait till the Georgia game when georgias d line is sucking wind to keep up with bama bryce throws for 3 Tds and 350yrds passing. Robinson runs for 90 and two tds 38-10 bama. They disrespected Bama again Georgia is a 2.5 point favor

    • Unreadable 1 says:

      @Jamey Cockrell and thats why people didn’t want them in the playoff, people gotta understand there is an extreme talent difference between power 5 schools and group of 5 schools group of 5 schools aren’t good enough to be in a CFP it’s harsh but the hard truth. Alabama will never not be good and those other teams like Michigan and Georgia all earned those spots.

  3. easyscore says:

    Well, The Bearcats know where they stand now

    • Shawn Kurtz says:

      @Apostle you mean the AAC or BIG12 because ypu know Cincy is moving to a P5 confrence in a year or so. Thus with P5 status they’ll be able to recieve better recruits. Considering Ohio State recruits nationally, leaving rons of highly rated ohio products. They’ll be back and they’ll be better.

    • Mark Jones says:

      @Apostle that’s stupid. Every single team in CFP history except LSU and Georgia have all lost a game by double digits. Should we ban them too?

    • Lit 1200 says:

      @Mark Jones exactly and if this statement is true then why did Michigan lose so badly too. There is nothing wrong with Cincy being there because who else could’ve came

    • Kolby Horton says:

      @Apostle 😂 would have been the same for any other team Alabama number one in the nation what are u talking bout lmao u act like bama are scrubs

    • Bryan Vlogs says:

      @Apostle not really bc Oklahoma state is getting owned by Norte dame and nobody beating bama even Georgia got owned by them

  4. duane speck says:

    That defensive line for bama is just amazing. Looked like a JV offensive line out there for cinci

  5. JimothyJimbo says:

    This game reminded me of when Bama teams from a few years ago would play teams like Georgia state. Run the ball, chew clock, let the defense handle things, win about 30-0 and move on to the next one.

    • smime says:

      @JimothyJimbo cincinatti is a top 3 team this year whereas Georgia state isn’t a top 60 don’t be stupid

    • ihateyall says:

      @Jon then what does that say about UGA who they beat even worse?

    • ihateyall says:

      @Hugh Owens Take your meds Alabama would do the same to #5 and #6. Lets be honest about the CFP. Only 5 of these games have been memorable.

    • TYBKOBY says:

      @ihateyall thanks for some actual common sense. There been like 3 or 4 semi’s tha were actually close. Don’t mean Cincy was bad team. For instance look at the other one this year UGA 34 – BIG10 Champ MICH 11 prolly would have been 34-3 if not for a late score in the 4thQ on 3rd stringers

    • Phil3 says:

      @Gaurav Agochiya ND would get stomped like they always do lol. But Osu and Bama are both different teams then last year. Both QBs went to the draft. OSU offense is elite just like Bama defense this year. OSU defense is trash and Bama offense is inconsistent. Cincinnati did not belong.

  6. Randy Jordan says:

    Congratulations to Cincinnati on their two field goals.

  7. KelleyDon Patterson says:

    Congrats crimson tide. So very good, Cincy Bearcats need to schedule tough teams in the next couple years they will be moving to the big 12. Good season congrats Bearcats

  8. Neally D says:

    For all the people who thought Cincy would beat Bama..come on out of hiding. We know you didn’t know any better lol. Roll Tide 🐘

    • Jeff Taulton says:

      Nobody thought Cincy would win. But they did lose by less than Ohio state last year, so maybe the “they dont belong” crowd could stfu already. Maybe…

    • Lit 1200 says:

      @Cameron Ferrell but in college football we’ve seen way worse which is why this loss wasn’t horrible

    • Cameron Ferrell says:

      @Lit 1200 Regardless of how bad they lost, Alabama controlled and dominated the game. Cincinnati throughout the whole game didn’t have any real chances of really making the game close

    • David Gregory says:

      @Cameron Ferrell did you watch what Georgia did that was a blowout game plus Georgia has more talent than what Cincinnati had I’m saying bama for being so superior to Cincinnati didn’t really blow them out of the game

    • David Gregory says:

      @Jeff Taulton I thought they would win looking back at Boise state and OU lol

  9. Motovation982 says:

    You could tell at coin toss Cincinnati was already beat from nerves, hopping around, looking around, sidelines bouncing around, meanwhile Bama players standing around chillin like they’re at a practice cause they been to the show so many times.

  10. maKesomeShaKe Kc says:

    Alabama defense has improved a lot the last half of the season ‼️

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