Cotton Bowl: Tulane Green Wave vs. USC Trojans | Full Game Highlights

Cotton Bowl: Tulane Green Wave vs. USC Trojans | Full Game Highlights

Watch these highlights from the Tulane Green Wave’s win vs. the USC Trojans in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic. Tyjae Spears ran for 205 YDS & 4 TD’s in the Green Wave’s win.

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38 Responses

  1. Zach Ledesma says:

    I turned the game off at 45-30 thinking it was over. I turned it back on 5 minutes later and it was 46-45. Insane.

    • Tre_ 4 says:

      you dont have a team​@Sub if you are against antifa and BLM

    • JAKEDOWN999 says:

      @Branded McGowan this was much better than that trash. It waant just one big lead they came from double digits down like 3 times kept going toe to toe to keep it just close enough then everything that needed to happen happened. Vikings were and are a better team than the Colts.

    • JAKEDOWN999 says:

      U missed a real one. Tulane was in it the whole way you should have seen it coming.

    • Branded McGowan says:

      Minnesota vs Indianapolis: am I a “choke” to you?

    • Robyn Briscoe says:

      Lincoln Riley doesn’t care about defense! Look like a OU game when he was at Oklahoma! Great offensive mind not a head coach

  2. v2_ says:

    Badass to see a team like this pop up. Congrats to Tulane on a helluva year.

    • Grand Wonder says:

      That ref tried to cheat for USC by calling a clear TD an incomplete pass! Such disgusting tactics employed by these shady refs who are always looking to cheat for those major blue blood teams! I’m so happy for Tulane in beating this vaulted USC team, none of the media talking-heads give them a chance! Any time a major underdog like this wins it makes me happy! Go Green Waves all the way! — even though I’m not even a fan of the school!

    • Gooch says:

      Agreed, hope to see them in the top 25 again next bowl season.

  3. Orlando Ricalde says:

    Graduated from Tulane in 79- most amazing win by my alma mater in my lifetime. Proud of all you’ve been through and accomplished.

    • forrest gump V says:

      Happy for you and TULANE UNIVERSITY. I;m a local watching your team’s AMAZING season. 😍💜💙💚💛

    • Dale Schmitz says:

      Cincy grad, hated losing to you but you were obviously the better team and after the USC game, one of the top tier teams in the country. Way to represent, love the school and the program.

    • Jesus Jesus says:

      @Samuel Kliebert ⚜️🐆
      Wasn’t sure what year it was. During demolition they gave me a pickup load of bleacher boards. It was the best sappy pine I’ve ever known.

    • RobdaVegasMailman says:

      The Roch Hontas years. Not that I’m old enough to remember them, or anything like that. 😎

    • Samuel Kliebert ⚜️🐆 says:

      @Jesus Jesus yes was demolished in 1980

  4. KristyAnn McKechnie says:

    The 2022 season was legit. The team was strong every game and always managed to make a win happen! So proud of the team and coaches!

  5. Karen Romig says:

    Students, Alumni, Grad students, even staff- we have seen TU FOOTBALL do it all – over the years!!! But, we have never witnessed what brought many of us to tears today at the COTTON BOWL with this win! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL: Team, Head & Asst. Coaches, fans who were there to witness one of the BEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAMES IN HISTORY!!! Your commitment, hard work, determination and selflessness is what you should be most proud of! We cannot wait until next year to see what else you may bring to all of us, to future students and players; and what your new challenges may be!
    SINCERE THANKS! I am sooo glad that was in that number!

  6. Trevor Carroll says:

    They beat Kansas St, Cincinnati, UCF, & now USC. This team is legit. Cant wait for the playoff expansion so the little guys get a real shot

    • Joe Blow says:

      @cajunrandy214 * meaningless merely means relevance to a national title, not to individual players or spectators.

    • BryceTV says:

      Yeah , We need a Playoff Expansion Badly, for stuff like this

    • cajunrandy214 says:

      @Joe Blow the draft has been around a long time- my point remains

    • Joe Blow says:

      @cajunrandy214 I agree, but times have changed because draft players understand what’s at risk. I hate that players opt out, but frankly, I don’t blame them. You work your entire life for the big pay day and then blow your knee out in a game that didn’t affect anything. But for players not going pro, they will obviously play in a bowl because it is bragging rights at the local tavern for the rest of their lives.

    • cajunrandy214 says:

      @Joe Blow so in the past before playoffs and even if they didnt have higher ranked teams than orange sugar or cotton to be a nat champ game it was not considered meaningless by any means

  7. Denton Young says:

    Games like this are what make college football special.

  8. Dietpepsivanilla says:

    Great comeback not only from this game, but from last year with only two wins! Mega respect!!

  9. T Weston says:

    Congratulations 🎊 Tulane! I’m so proud of you guys for having such an awesome season and shutting up all of the doubters! And you guys did it on a nationwide stage 👏. Louisiana Proud 👏 What a great game!! 👍🏽 🎊🎈🎉✨️🏈

  10. Grant Fudge says:

    One of the best games I’ve seen in person. Energetic atmosphere with great fans on both sides, not to mention a terrific game from start to finish. Congrats to Tulane

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