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59 Responses

  1. Andrés Perea says:

    So this what happens when you divide by 0

  2. Sal De'Friez says:

    wtf… Is there some kind of context I missed for this to make sense?

  3. Tartar Sauce says:

    It sounds like a fourth grade handbell concert near the end

  4. Ben Tevlin says:

    This is the apex of post modernism. Our society has finally peaked. Time for us to regress back to nature, humanity can go no further.

  5. Abe Loncoln says:

    I can think of worse ways to spend three and a half minutes. * shrug *

  6. Trasha Samson says:

    Maybe Jack has a cough fetish

  7. the point says:

    Let’s not forget the fact that this guyis getting married

  8. Jane Dodge says:

    This is so finna woke!

  9. Joshua Pikal Music says:

    Jack you done screwed yourself over this time cause you can’t improve from this.. like you just voluntarily peaked

  10. Cheddar Kittens says:

    this made me deeply uncomfortable

  11. TheHOZ95 says:

    Oscar bait much?

  12. Betr4ys says:

    10/10 -IGN

  13. Birry says:

    *The world inside your phone*

  14. The Avrage Gamer says:

    I feel as if this id to advertise you’re New merch

  15. fruitloops says:

    *how long did this take*

  16. fruitloops says:


  17. Isagail says:

    A group of Jacks is called a cough.

  18. UnluckySouls says:

    That’s one damn weird cough
    Sounds like your about to throw up a hairball

  19. RiGuy says:

    Im pretty sure this was just a ploy to show everyone all of the different variations of the Finna Woke shirt…

  20. Elizabeth L. says:

    I wish Jenna would do this but instead of coughing she says “STOP BEING NASTY!”

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