Could You Outrun A Fart?

Could You Outrun A Fart?

Can you actually run away from a fart?
Are Silent Farts More Deadly?:
Why Do We Like Our Own Farts?:

Written by Rachel Salt, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown

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Further Reading / Sources:

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The Fastest Animal On Earth Is Not A Cheetah

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A novel multigene family may encode odorant receptors: a molecular basis for odor recognition.

What is the speed of smell?

Neural Processing at the Speed of Smell

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Insights into human colonic physiology obtained from the study of flatus composition.

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20 Responses

  1. javier tapia says:

    my farts smell like flowers compared to my dog’s.

  2. highestvotedcomment says:

    this isn’t science this fairy ba

  3. cRockBallin22 says:

    I farted while watching this

  4. Caramel Simatovic says:

    Who else felt or actually farted during the vid?

  5. jayyycee says:

    I’m weak lol

  6. Alboboyz904 says:

    Did anyone else fart during this

  7. joe jarden says:

    Why would anyone in their right mind want to outrun their Fart? I mean, if
    you did you wouldn’t be able to wallow in and enjoy the aroma. That’s the
    best part.

  8. Miniatureeverything2004 says:

    I read the tittle as “could you run out of farts” ?

  9. iShiver97 says:

    I want a video on 3d printed magnets and if we could design them to work
    with fast traveling trains etc… the whole the design in the 3d print can
    make it stick together without touching is still interesting while at the
    same time being impossible to pull apart.

  10. IISTRAPPED UP says:

    Who else farted during this vid? xD

  11. Whitey 4000 says:

    Next video: Why Girl Farts Smell So Awesome

  12. Luis Gerardo says:

    AsapSCIENCE running out of ideas?…….

  13. KE tommy777 says:

    OMG! I am learning about diffusion in science class! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! I
    feel smart that I know so much about Diffusion now! TANKS SKOOL!!!

  14. Flamingo Bill says:

    y’all running out of ideas or something?

  15. joey says:

    Please do a video on the effects of animal agriculture and the devostation
    it has on our environment. also please discuss the topic: Should humans be
    drinking cows breast milk.

  16. Tom Jacob says:

    You hurt my brain. Thumbs down

  17. Naod Amdetsyon says:

    I’ve done it ?

  18. DJ says:

    I would tell you a science joke but Na. The good ones Ar Gon

  19. AspiringOptimist says:

    This video lacks Mitch..

  20. Osiris Malkovich says:

    DNews just released a video on farts today. Did you guys plan that?