Could You Survive a Fallout?

Could You Survive a Fallout?

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Command and Control

Life After Doomsday

Nuclear War Survival Skills

U.S. Armed Forces Nuclear, Biological And Chemical Survival Manual


Atomic Weapons Tests

Stay Safe, Stay Strong

Atomic Bomb Blast Effects

Military Effects Studios on Operation Castle

Family Fallout Shelters–CivilDefenseHomePreparednessWorkshopFilmstrip2

Duck and Cover


Written, Directed, Hosted and Edited by Jake Roper

Cinematography and VFX by Eric Langlay

Assistant Camera: Stefan Colson
Sound Mixer: Jacob Varley
Sound Design: Jay Pellizzi
Production Coordinator: Lisa Solimeo

Music by Jake Chudnow and Audio Network

Special thanks to RED Digital Cinema, DJI & Litepanels.



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20 Responses

  1. John Ansell says:

    The quality of Jake’s production is really taking a step up! very

  2. teasel says:

    The budget for these keep getting higher and higher

  3. MrDami123 says:

    Duck and Cover Perk

  4. Slaugh says:

    That turtle ending was pretty depressing actually…

  5. Joshua Shaw says:

    Yet another excellent video, they never cease to amaze 🙂 Keep it up!!! I
    always look forward to watching your new ones 😀 <3

  6. JO3COUP3R says:

    Yes yes yes

  7. Damjan Joveski says:

    OMG, Vsauce 3 is getting better and better
    Videos are top quality, so premium
    GJ Man :D

  8. Ty Horn says:

    All of our Nuclear weapons detonated at once could not destroy the planet.
    There would be massive extinction, but the earth would survive.

  9. Darwin Mendoza says:

    Vsauce you are the best channel there is and the dark or depressing feel of
    this video makes me love it more

  10. Jtrain says:

    I liked the aesthetic of this. Showing the older clips was a nice touch!

  11. feador l says:

    oh hype train.

  12. XenonL07 says:

    War. War has Changed.

  13. Mixa says:

    Just hide in a fridge, works every time.

  14. Kevin Larsen says:

    So that’s what Megadeth is a reference too!

  15. cypherusuh says:

    this kind of video needs at least 10 million of view

  16. ‫אריאל אסתרקין‬‎ says:

    Am… What where you doing in 1:16?

  17. Edgars Klaužs says:

    It’s really sad that people use time and energy for something so useless.

  18. FacelessEnemy says:

    Best intro ever, felt like sitting at a cinema and you know you are about
    to watch a good movie.

  19. Hunter VanDerHeyden says:

    What does that sticks and stones quote mean?

  20. boro bara says:

    9:13 I was expecting him to say “have a nice day!”